Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 100

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 1: Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation
Section 3: The Students’ Association and Collegiate Association, paragraph 16 - 28

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16  In the future, we are going to make CARP our core organization. Accordingly, we will deploy its members who have made the absolute resolution to carry out their work. I believe that if we strengthen our activities in this way, our church will grow and CARP will grow remarkably in a short time. Since I am now thinking of advancing in this direction, you need to know the overall plan and make resolutions in new fields. We need to organize CARP worldwide and host international meetings, not only in Korea but also in other countries including Japan and the United States. I plan to train key members of CARP as global personnel who will work as core members in every country.

17  We have now reached the stage at which people who were curious about me, arguing my pros and cons and criticizing me in various ways, are now praising us and attending the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS). When people at universities studying philosophy or researching religion or ideologies begin to promote us, people studying natural science or social science naturally will follow them.

Soon CARP will develop. We will connect with professors who take interest in our church. I also formed and deployed the CARP mobile team to build connections with them. That is why I am saying that our American state and city leaders should form active relationships with these professors through ICUS, as if the professors were their grandfather or grandmother, father, mother or uncle. As a result, those people will recommend students with whom we can organize CARP as a formal campus club.

18 Full-time CARP members must be able to launch a whirlwind of activities on university campuses. Young, studious men and women, their passion filled with vitality, must explode to excavate deep valleys of love based on the values of heavenly law. By so doing, they will pave the way that can reach the world. Heaven is worried about the power of communism, the collapse of churches and the corruption of youth. We need to take hold of the young men and women who are walking down the path of corruption. We need to take hold of the Christian churches whose faith is breaking down. And we need to stand against the power of communism, which is trying to burrow into the crumbling edifice of Christian theology.

19  I have high hopes for the work of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles on university campuses. We must connect revivals and Victory Over Communism campaigns with CARP. The question is how CARP can work together on college campuses with organizations such as the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) or Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), rather than smaller interdenominational organizations that are limited to one campus.

I also plan to focus CARP activities to connect with the college students who join our church through our revivals. In the future, CARP activities will not be limited to the confines of college campuses. If you are a university student, it means you graduated from middle school and high school, so you must have an alma mater, and there is also the school where you are currently registered. You are not the only one in that school; you have comrades and friends and classmates studying the same subjects. You need to develop a means by which you can connect personally with your fellow alumni, school friends and classmates.

20  Government authorities of the Republic of Korea have officially authorized the term “Victory Over Communism” that we use for our anti-communist activities. This is analogous to Jacob being named Israel after his victory wrestling with the angel at the ford of the Jabbok River. In this regard, I believe that the victory through which we can accomplish the Will already has been proclaimed.

On this foundation of the vertical standard of victory having already been achieved, we need an organization that can bring victory horizontally. Christianity alone cannot do this. We need to restore the world through the principle of unity. To do this, we need to base ourselves on an academic and philosophical foundation. If we examine these activities in detail, our anti-communism movement is the philosophical work connected with academic circles, our external witnessing activity is the work connected with the church, and CARP is the work carried out in connection with students.

21  I am saying that through our Victory Over Communism campaign, we need to anticipate and block the route of the people who uphold communist ideology and are trying to infiltrate universities. From this perspective, we need to understand the importance of the work that CARP must do. The ultimate victory or defeat of the Unification Principle will be decided based on worldwide academia. Therefore, to present the Unification Principle to the world, we first need to introduce it to professors who are authorities in philosophy or theology. We will spread the Unification Principle by getting these professors to present it to academia around the world. Before this can occur, we have to build our foundation both internally and externally.

22  Communists carry out their work through laborers, farmers and labor unions. They also manipulate students and professors. Until now, this is the method by which communism has been corroding the world. After rallying professors and students on university campuses and instigating laborers and farmers, they stir up chaos using crowds of demonstrators. As a defense against that, CARP needs to educate professors. For this purpose, I founded the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) long ago, and since then it has continually carried out its work. PWPA and CARP need to unite and march forward.

23  The Japanese and American CARP chapters are fighting communists on the front line. In Korea we could fight communists, but since they work underground we do not know who they are. We can work only through educational materials, unable to engage in life-and-death confrontations out in the open. However, in Japan we have openly engaged in life-and-death confrontations and posted the news of our victories. In the United States, CARP began this work in 1979, and by late 1980 it had blocked all kinds of communist trends that already were sweeping across American campuses. We achieved the same victory we won in Japan. There was even an instance where five CARP members went to the place where hundreds of communist students were demonstrating and completely subjugated them. The American chapter of CARP has achieved the same result as that achieved in Japan. That is why communist leaders on American campuses are telling students not to associate with CARP members.

24  In Japan, Christian organizations like YMCA and YWCA carry out little or no activity. Therefore, it took us a long time to get over the hurdles to create an organization to educate people. Do you know how discouraged we were in carrying out this work, when the school authorities and the teachers opposed us? Everyone was deceived by the communists’ words. You do not know the extent of those discouraging circumstances. I have heard reports and have seen firsthand how miserable that is. We need to create a circle of political influence and subjugate the communist base in the social sector.

I fought for Japan. My fight for Japan began at the important Japanese universities. You do not know how much the Japanese communists fear me. They are saying, “If the Unification Church and CARP did not exist, Japan would certainly have been communized and Bolshevized. But because of the Unification Church we are really struggling.” That was the result of our activities.

25  We need to ignite the spirit of young Americans. I called our members to restore morality on university campuses through the activities of CARP and to carry out door-to-door witnessing through home church. We need to influence the young people of American families to become young people like you. On campuses we need to educate the students to become like you.

Then, after we have created the environment in which the United States does not oppose me but supports me, we can deal with communism. I need to pass on the tradition of anti-communism work, which I have carried out until now in Korea, to Japan, the United States and even the Soviet Union. We must understand the campus activities that CARP must conduct and the traditions of home church activities that must be established in the United States. Using these, we must solve the problem of communism and the corruption of young people. Based on the family foundation, we need to educate thoroughly with the Divine Principle.

26  You need to become the young people who follow the providence of heaven without hesitation, committing silently to this path, just as I did. If this atmosphere spreads to university campuses through you and becomes a trend, it will be a beacon of hope on Korea’s university campuses. The Japanese CARP chapters are ahead of the Korean chapters. And now the American chapters are on the move.

We will bring the young people of CARP together in Berlin to demonstrate against the Berlin Wall. We will bring together many young people to tear down the Wall with their own hands. If you do not have the courage to do that, you are not the young people who can safeguard the Republic of Korea, and you are not CARP members of the Unification family who can safeguard the world. We have to advance boldly and strongly toward that goal.

27  If we cannot move the professors and students on university campuses, the Republic of Korea will have no way to survive, nor will the countries of Western Europe. We are holding a CARP world assembly in Berlin, where the communist powers and the citizens are opposing us. After holding three such assemblies, we are going to destroy the Berlin Wall. We are carrying out a movement that motivates university students to expose the problems of communism in order to expel it. If we sit still and do nothing, there is not even a slight chance that this will happen. Someone needs to shed blood and sweat. Someone needs to carry out this work even after being hit by a bullet and shedding blood. Otherwise, South Korea and North Korea cannot be unified.

28  We need to gather and educate leftists on university campuses. When you look at today’s world, many communist governments have disappeared, but democratic governments are also toppling. In fact, the force of communism motivated a counteractive force within democracy, which activated a degree of self-awareness.

The belief that the democratic world will flourish because communism is collapsing is mistaken. On the contrary, after communism disappears, the breakdown of the democratic world will take place more rapidly. The left-wing structure is falling into a state of chaos, and the democratic world is also falling into a state of chaos, so the time has come when we need to educate both sides.

That being the case, if we were to ask ourselves if university professors are able to provide this education, the answer would be “no.” They have no instructive materials to teach how to defend against chaos. We are the ones who must provide this defensive education. That is why I believe this is not the time to curtail the activities of the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles on college campuses.

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