Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 98

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 1: Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation
Section 2. The Seonghwa Youth Association, Paragraph 11
Section 3: The Students’ Association and Collegiate Association, paragraph 5

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11  Passing through 5,000 years of history, the Korean people have walked a path of suffering. The people of this nation have walked with sadness, sorrow and injustice, without being able to appeal to anyone. What will become of these people? They are like orphans. We must hold their hands and cry with them. Only by doing that can we help the people of this nation survive. No matter what mistakes they may have made, they are our brothers and sisters, created by God with the same blood, bones and flesh.

There need to appear those young people who think beyond their individual circumstances, young people who can weep with these people with empathy and a true parental heart, one with the historical lineage of True Parents. Such young people are needed. When young people apply all of their burning passion to fulfill their own desires or make a successful career, that passion will conclude within the limits of their individual lives. 

12  The original ideal for human beings is to cross over limitless barriers and embrace God in joy. We have to pour forth passion to achieve the original ideal. If God’s providence engages with such groups of people as they follow a course of history, what kind of people would God want to see as a result of that providence? It would be the group of people who can shed tears to achieve God’s Will, who can weep as they become entwined in one purpose, one heart and one action, who volunteer with tears to become the first offerings. God is looking for such a group of people.

13  Evil stands face-to-face against us and Satan opposes us as we search for the conscientious standard. Therefore, we need to form a relationship with heaven at the place where our hearts and heaven’s heart bond, where human affection and heaven’s affection unite, the place where our thinking and heaven’s thinking are indistinguishable, where our lives and heaven’s life become one, and where our love and heaven’s love interweave. If the hearts, lives, ideas and loves of heaven and human beings are united, this relationship can never be cut.

Even fallen people have a hard time cutting off relationships from each other. They cry their eyes out trying to hold on to their relationships. But who can cut off a relationship that became one through heaven’s affection? Even all the powers of evil in the world cannot cut off the flow of heart that is connected to God, the origin of our mind and soul. Until humankind finds such a heavenly standard, history will be tormented and humanity will moan.

Is there a brave person who can prevent this from happening in this world? I eagerly look forward to finding such a brave person among young men and women, a person to take on this responsibility, a person who will pioneer this mission and walk the path of this mission wholeheartedly, exploding with love over the capital city of Satan. God hopes to see many such dauntless, elite soldiers of heaven.

14  Our hearts compel us to move forward to the place of ultimate truth. In the end, our hearts determine everything about us. People who hold on to their heart and carefully search it can hear the words they are given, understand the visions they are shown, and analyze the reality of life. If there are young men and women who search for a new teaching, while feeling the responsibilities that have been given them, while suppressing an anxious heart and restless mind, and if there exists a movement with a heart that can hear their cries, you too, through that heart, will be able to grasp everything in history and everything you have ever felt. People who feel this and awaken will say, “This is the teaching heaven has been searching for! This is the truth the world has been searching for! This is what God can establish proudly in front of heaven and earth!” Those who have these moments and cry out despite themselves are the owners of history, of the providence and of the heavenly laws.

In the present age, you are following a path of life on which you should fulfill your duties and leave behind achievements in the world of relationships and connections. When that comes to pass, you can be proud of yourself, awakened to the fact that, “I am the victor who represents the original, innate human nature!” At such a moment, this world and this universe will become yours and God too will become your God.

15  Through us arises the starting point of happiness for heaven, earth and humankind. Someone has to take responsibility for this work. If you see some people who cannot walk properly for the tears in their eyes, who throw themselves down and appeal to God on their knees, begging to shoulder this responsibility, then bow down before them and repent deeply. If you encounter people who shed blood and sweat for heaven and the Will with thankful hearts, without thinking of themselves even though they are in a miserable and wretched situation, you must follow these people even at the risk of your life.

Such believers, such conscientious people, must arise among the people of Korea. If this does not happen, the Korean people will perish. Imagine a group of people who declare, “I am the stepping-stone of God’s eternal and unchanging truth. Even though I am hungry, in ragged clothes and uneducated, other than me, there is no one who can hold Your hand with a sincere heart and devotion. Other than me, there is no one who can adjust Your clothes. Other than me, there is no one who can fix Your shoes. Other than by me, it cannot be done.” On the day such a group of people comes together, they can conquer Satan’s world without a fight. We ourselves are the important factor. 

Section 3. The Students’ Association and Collegiate Association

Student and Alumni Associations

Seonghwa graduates led the Unification Church activities in the early days. Organized on October 23, 1955, the middle-school and high-school departments of the Seonghwa Students’ Association played a pivotal role in church work. The Korean Seonghwa Alumni Association has full members (graduates of the Seonghwa Student Association) and associate members (who did not graduate). They held their inaugural general assembly, attended by graduates of the 1st through 7th classes of the Seonghwa Association, on November 8 to 15, 1963. Thereafter, the general assembly was held annually.

1  Why did I attach the name Seonghwa to our young people? We need hot-blooded youth, whose pure blood is enflamed in resonance with God’s feelings, so I gave the name Seonghwa. Seonghwa means to harmonize by achieving a common purpose. Because they are harmonized, they are many, but still one. They are the yeast in the loaf. In the family, perhaps there is a grandfather, grandmother, father and mother, but there ought to be happy children as well. Only then can the home be filled with laughter. In this regard, Seonghwa youth bear great responsibility. From now on, you Seonghwa students need faith to become the standard-bearers who will liberate God. If there is a person whose faith surpasses that with which God has fought for 6,000 years, God will entrust His work to that person, even if that person cannot accomplish the Will.

2  Seong (成) in Seonghwa means the completion of the ideal of creation. In other words, it means the completion of the entire cosmos. Originally, the age for establishing the standard of completion was at 16, the age at which the human ancestors fell. Accordingly, God hopes for the Seonghwa youth to accomplish everything while they are still teenagers. Young adulthood is the time to position yourself perfectly for the future. I established my lifetime goal and standard of hope, and resolved to achieve it, during adolescence. You too, as people who have inherited the tradition of God, need to take the direct route.

3  The descendants of the Fall are living in the realm of lamentation. You need to have faith that you will prepare a foundation of goodness within the realm of such lamentation and then go out and fight. To create a greater goodness, you need to have faith, stamp out the bad environment, and fight on. When you actively create goodness, the good environment will absorb the evil environment. In other words, a second creation will take place. No matter the environment that comes next, no matter the waves that rage, if there are enough people whose faith prevails, this country will not perish. I too continue fighting with this faith. To re-create, you need to maintain the subject partner position. Because it is not pursuing the goal of recreation, the Seonghwa Students Association is not progressing enough. If you weaken on the way of advancement, you will succumb in the end.

After establishing the goal of re-creation, you have to keep marching forward. First, I must re-create myself. I, who create goodness and speak on behalf of goodness, must re-create myself. I am the person who can both establish goodness and break it. I am the parent standing at the fork in the road. To satisfy our yearning for that which is better, I stand in the position of object partner in front of God. Let us become people who protect goodness and hate the evil of this world.

4  The Unification Church has walked forward, but the path on the world stage has yet to be trod. Parents are heading toward the world stage. On my way, I do not yield to anyone and I am not defeated by anyone. My courage to deal with any problem that comes my way is as strong as anyone’s, and I have never lost a fight. Unless you go forward with such a heart, you cannot win on the world level. Now, even though we have been victorious on the national level, we have a long way to go to achieve victory on the world level. You need to reflect on how you have spent the days of your youth.

We are living within the realm of the Will of God and the ideal of unity but we must know how to criticize our own position for the sake of making progress into the victorious world where Parents and God are heading. Do not be small-minded and feel sorry for yourself when you are criticized. Instead, be of high caliber and develop through it. From now, be the princes and princesses of heaven, whom the heavenly world approves. Prepare well in your youthful days to realize God’s glorious kingdom.

5  Until we have escaped from Satan’s iron clutches, we need to march forward upholding the Will of God. Knowing that God is truly our Father and we are truly His sons and daughters, we bear the responsibility to alleviate His bitter sorrow. By resolving God’s sorrow, we liberate God. When an obstacle offends God in even the smallest way as He rules over all nations as a free God, we are responsible to eliminate it. Then we can attend God as the dignified Absolute Being who can rule over all nations in the heavenly kingdom of freedom and peace.

If there are Seonghwa students or young people who have such faith, they are truly great. In the future, the world will advance in a new direction through such young people. If you truly become like this, however wretched your appearance may be, it is not ugly. Infinite hope dwells with you, and your appearance is the basis for God’s hope and happiness.

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