Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 93

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 3: Blessing Community Life, The trinity of families
Section 3: Blessing Community Life, paragraph 15

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Section 3. Blessing Community Life

The trinity of families

True Parents organized blessed families into trinities and asked them to love their trinity more than they love their own brothers and sisters. They said that community life begins based on the trinity. The trinity is the model through which God’s ideal of creation is realized. The three couples represent the restored families of Cain, Abel and Seth—Adam’s family in the Garden of Eden.

1  In our church, I made the trinity system with three couples. I made it this way in order to attend the Lord in the future. We have to make a model with a couple representing Adam and Eve, and three couples representing Adam’s sons and their wives. If the three couples do not unite, this model will be destroyed again. In particular, it is important for the three men to become one. Whether they live or die, they must become one in heart spiritually and be a team that works together physically. They are not to establish simply a temporary foundation, but rather one that transcends time. If they do not accomplish this, they will be ashamed to stand in front of the Returning Lord. The three couples in the trinity must unite, becoming a principled foothold that can represent the Will of God. In other words, if they can become a trinity determined not to change even if heaven were to change, then they will have made a foundation for God’s Will to be realized. To provide such a foundation, I organized you into trinities.

2  The formation of the trinities in our church is the course we take today to restore the number three in Adam’s family. Therefore, unless you become one with each other in a trinity, you cannot stand before heaven. When the trinity becomes one, we can fulfill God’s Will to restore what was lost in Adam’s family. Continuing with that, at the time of Jacob, 2,000 years after Adam, God found and raised up 12 brothers to move the providential will forward. Likewise, based on the number 3, only after you have found 12 disciples and united with them can you attend the Parents and, furthermore, can you enter the tribal realm representing a clan. This is the absolute standard that indemnifies the 2,000 year history from Adam’s family to Jacob’s family. That is why Moses and Jesus also had to walk this path.

3  In order to attend the True Parents, you must become a true couple and build a true family. Only on that foundation can you attend True Parents. You trust and follow me, but you also must become a person whom other people can trust and follow. As you become such a person, you have to form the type of family that Jesus sought to create.

When you follow True Parents, all human beings become your brothers and sisters. I organized the trinities in order to accomplish this. That is why from now on, when you go out witnessing, you should not do it alone. You are representing True Parents, and you should not let your brothers and sisters witness without you. Instead, you should work together with them. The family is established when you and the brothers and sisters in your trinity are united with True Parents. To take this to the national level, there should be 12 such families. You can only set the condition to represent the nation if the number of families is greater than ten.

4  You cannot walk the path of faith alone. You need comrades in faith. Three people or more should unite. That’s why you need a trinity. God, who is the subject partner of the human character, also desires the standard of three. When we make mistakes, God cannot directly educate us vertically as individuals. But when three people are united, if one person makes a mistake but the other two do not, God can point out that one person’s mistake.

The same goes for prayer in the mountains; you can receive God’s grace faster if three or more people are praying together. After the prayer, you should discuss matters among yourselves. But if you discuss with people outside your trinity, Satan can invade.

If three people can truly come to lean on each other, people around them will see those beautiful relationships and wish they too could have such relationships. When this happens, God’s Will can multiply naturally. If three people are united, then even if God does not help you, a new bud will sprout. When you relate with members, be careful not to hurt them and not to say things that will hinder their life of faith.

5  From your current place, you have to identify who is the enemy. Once you have done this, you next need to identify whether it is day or night where you are. In other words, you must know whether it is a place where God’s grace resides or not. You should not move forward until you prepare the stage where God can help. Therefore, do not move forward alone but rather move forward together with your comrades. In order to do that, you have to know whether your environment is day or night. Without doing that, you cannot express your own abilities.

You need comrades. That is why the law of the trinity exists in the world. Therefore, you have to make a trinity and move forward together. God does not like you to move forward alone. This is because there is a greater possibility of failing when you move forward alone. You should plan joint operations to take you forward.

6  The ideal world of the future will be maintained through trinities of families. The purpose of creation is to realize the four-position foundation. Since human beings first need to perfect the four-position foundation, everyone first is to establish a family. Human beings resemble God, and society should resemble human beings whose center is God. I have been establishing the Unification Church in countries throughout the world. I know the whole world should become this way, and although I have not been able to inform everyone, the world will change through this principle. The ideal world resembles the form of a human being. That world transcends nation and people.

7  It is only when you feel the value of this God-given trinity that you will understand God’s ideal and will feel it enough that you can live your life in God’s position here on earth. The purpose of forming trinities is to create a unity of action, lifestyle and thought. Actions rooted in faith are systematic and principled.

Tribal restoration

Blessed family trinities need to live together in one house and experience sibling love. Furthermore, by modeling themselves after the trinity formed by the three sons in the family of unfallen Adam, they need to lay down the foundation on which each of them can restore their own tribe and thus walk the path of tribal messiahs. True Parents explained that blessed families can enter the kingdom of heaven once they perfect their trinity on the family level, and go on to establish the four-position foundation with True Parents’ family at the center.

8  Blessed families should form trinities. When a child is born into a family, the four-position foundation is realized. Within the trinity families, if there is a family without a child, you should be willing to send your own child to that family as an offering child. If, later on, that family gives birth to a child of their own, you can bring your child back.

9  A family is the smallest unit that represents the whole, so a family’s mistake is in some respects the mistake of the whole. Thus, while an individual’s mistake may be pardoned, a family’s mistake is more serious. Your heart should be bursting to transform your individual joy into the joy of the whole. You can be part of a bigger purpose when you let go of your own individualistic situation, subjectivity and hope, and you focus on setting up a situation, subjectivity and hope for the whole. The family exists to save the whole. In this sense your family is like a power station. You should reconcile yourself with the whole through your family. That is why all the families of the trinity should live in one house. It is time to reorganize the families.

10  In the Unification Church, we use the word “family.” Revolving around trinities, you are all brothers and sisters. I have taken responsibility to deeply love people who are in the position of servants, brothers and sisters, and children. By doing that, I have gone through the era of the servant, the era of subjugating Cain, and have risen to the era of the Son.

You should be able to live this way and attend True Parents. This is what I am worried about now. From now on, your lifestyle must change. The purpose of creation is to establish the law of filial piety before the universe, move forward, and attend the True Parents. This is the principle of the creation of heaven and earth.

11  The blessed family trinities must become completely one. They should help each other economically. Trinity families should not be concerned about their own individual and family problems. Rather, each family should comfort and assist the other families in the trinity, so that they can all move forward together as one. Through this, when the families in the trinity attain the standard where they can transcend economic problems, unite together in spirit, eat and live together, they will do new works. An enemy may attack them, but if the three families in the trinity stand together completely united, they can repel the attack. Therefore, let us strengthen a system centered on the trinity. This is an important condition in establishing the standard for families and preparing the new beginning for this era. The trinity must live for the sake of 12 families. These 12 families must stand before God in a public position and devote themselves to contributing something.

The trinity families should become the center of this, representing the east, west, south and north. They must become absolute in the view of the public, taking a form that can represent the year’s four seasons and 12 months. Your family should motivate you to reach that standard, and then in turn you should raise up your family. When your three families motivate and raise each other up, then these three families, as a trinity, can raise up 36 families. This is the principle of development in the Unification Church. We must create this family-centered system.

12  When your trinity carries out group activities, have a clear concept of subject partner and object partner. In other words, always think about the relationship between subject and object partners when you stand before God. You should always be aware of whether your position is that of the subject partner or the object partner. This awareness is necessary in order for the object partner to be an absolute object partner, and the subject partner to be an absolute subject partner. Without this, you cannot accomplish any group activities.

Once three families have formed a trinity, one family should stand in the subject partner position, and the other two families in the object partner position. These families should become one centering on the family in the subject partner position, and should rally other heavenly families. When there is a relationship of subject and object partners, there should be give and receive action. When there is 100 percent giving and receiving, God can dwell there. If not, God cannot dwell there.

13  It is important that we have a subject partner and object partners among ourselves. The relationship between subject and object partners is a vertical one. The relationship between public and private matters is horizontal. The relationship between the subject partner and object partners, between Cain and Abel in other words, is the problem.

Then, who will become the subject partner? The person with the most earnest heart becomes the subject partner. The subject partner is the one who, when one among the three in the trinity is facing death or a most difficult situation, helps take care of them with a warm heart. The subject partner is the one who works more from heart than intellect, more from spirituality than theory. Therefore, in the future, when you choose the subject partner in your trinity, you should choose the person who has worked very hard and shed the most blood, sweat and tears for the sake of the Will and the public standard. In the secular world, people vote for someone who is smart, knowledgeable and efficient, but heavenly law is not like that. It is the broad-minded and warmhearted person who becomes the subject partner.

All issues are concluded here. The question is whether we invite God or Satan into the relationship between the subject and object partners, and the relationship between public and private affairs.

14  We have still not been able to stand in the position of true parents in the family. We have to find this position of true parents in the family, but it cannot be found so easily. Because we fell out of it, in order to find our way back, we need to build a bridge of brotherhood.

Even if we have to sacrifice everything, we must set the standard of having paid indemnity and accomplished the condition of historical liberation in order to find the true parents or become true parents. If you do not do this, God cannot pardon you. You have to attend True Parents, so you must establish a foundation of siblings which enables you to attend the True Parents.

This is the meaning of the trinity. Only when the trinity of brothers unites and attends Heavenly Parent, and the larger group of 12 brothers become one, can they be recognized as a family belonging to the heavenly nation. That family can take on a form that represents the church, race and nation and, based on that, prepare the standard to attend True Parents. After that, you must set a foundation of churches and prepare to attend the True Parents on a worldwide level.

15  The blessed families should form a four-position foundation centering on my family. The family established by doing this is the family that Adam was originally supposed to realize. If this is not realized, I cannot take on the will of Jesus and make a start as a tribal messiah. Centering on God, if the families that form a trinity face four directions, 12 families will be realized. Centering on Jesus, three disciples should have received the Blessing and realized the four-position foundation. Then they would have numbered eight people and stood in the place of Adams or Noah’s eight family members. But Jesus could not fulfill this. If you do not receive the marriage Blessing, you cannot become children of God.

If my family and your trinity families become one centered on God, we can cut off all the conditions for Satan to accuse us, and we can move toward the world in the position of tribal messiahs. We should realize the four-position foundation in this way, and the eight members must become one.

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