Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 94

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 3: Blessing Community Life, paragraph 16 - 28

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16  The physical world became the stage where Satan could carry out his activities and the spiritual world became the stage where God could carry out His activities. These two worlds have always been at cross-purposes. There is no doubt that this has remained as a source of bitter pain in the eras of providential restoration, and we cannot leave the situation as it is.

The realm of the mind must have God at the center, and the body must be disciplined to be the same. As we develop this in our daily lives, the foundation for unity will be established. Then, when a man and a woman who have oneness in mind and body, unite together, they become the point of oneness in the family. Then three families that have this point of oneness must become one centered on their trinity. After this, if there are 12 families, they should all become one. Through this, they can go beyond the tribal stage and stand on the national stage. In order to establish a unified origin, a new tradition must be formed.

17  In a similar manner to the 36 Couples in our church, which are centered on me, if your last name is Kim, for example, then you should form 36 couples revolving around the first blessed family in the Kim tribe. If you cannot form 36 couples, you should become the ancestor of at least 12 families. You should do this by forming a trinity based on your sons and daughters. Through forming this new clan that has your family at its center, you can become the ancestor of your tribe, which is the formation of 12 clans. You must have 12 disciples for the formation of those 12 clans and, with those disciples at the center, you must have 70 followers and then 120 followers. This is your immediate, direct tribe.

18  It is through my special authority that I can bestow the Blessing upon you, and through my special authority that you can receive the Blessing. This Blessing is a conditional Blessing. In order to receive it in reality, you have to establish the internal standard representing that position as an internal and external family. In other words, your family should stand in the position of Cain’s family in front of my family, which is the Abel family. There is no other way.

This means that, although your family has not reached that standard, it can do so with my family at the center. For this to happen, you need to stand in the position of the Abel family as my family does, and then find and raise a family that can be in the Cain position to yours. As you raise that family, you will restore your tribe. That is what I mean when I tell you to become a tribal messiah.

By restoring your tribe, your family becomes the ancestor of the Cain type family as well as that of the firstborn son’s family, while my family becomes the Abel type family. Therefore, you have to restore the trinity on the family level and establish a four-position foundation centering on my family. This is the formula. To go to heaven, you must raise three spiritual children, have them completely unite with your family, and attend the True Parents’ family. That is how you can enter heaven.

19  Regardless of who you are, young men and women who want to receive the Blessing from the Unification Church must find three spiritual children and realize a family. You cannot do much just by restoring your own family. We cannot restore the world with families alone. Therefore, we have to form clans. In order to restore a tribe, you need to receive the marriage Blessing representing the family in place of Adam’s three sons.

That is why, after having received the marriage Blessing, you need to form a trinity on the family level. The three families of your trinity then complete the four-position foundation by centering on me and my family. Your family’s trinity should become one by completely uniting with my family. Without doing this, you cannot enter heaven. When this is completed, the trinity on a tribal level will be realized, which goes beyond the individual four-position foundation. Families will be formed and, as a result, clans will be formed.

20  You have to establish the principled order. You must graduate from the positions of servant and adopted child. When your level of loyalty toward God reaches an apex through your relationship with God based on heart, and when your family and the other families in the trinity are completely loyal, God will recognize such blessed families as the sons and daughters who can represent heaven. God will then regard such sons and daughters as husband and wife. This is the path of restoration.

When you cannot love your family, you cannot walk this path wholeheartedly. If we consider this path as the new tradition, the origin of our culture and the seed of our life, and pass it down forever to our nation and the world, the heavenly nation will be established. This is the philosophy of Unification Thought. When this happens, you will become the ancestors who will establish this tradition in the world.

The blessed families must become such ancestors. You have to become the tribal messiah for your tribe. This is something everyone must do. Do not think of any other things or do any other actions than this. This is what the Unification Church members have to do. No one who has received the Blessing should object to this.

Trinities and community life

True Parents said the world cannot be unified unless we unite as trinities. They emphasized that the three families in each trinity should live together as one family for three years, experience the heart of brothers and sisters in one family, and train themselves to love one another. True Parents added that the tradition of community life wherein trinities go beyond their tribe to unite the nation and world is the direct route to heaven.

21  You must form a trinity. Three families must live together in one house. Until now, since we were all fallen people, we lived separately. However, after passing through the era of restoration, what was separated will be reconciled. Therefore, the era when you were only concerned for your own family centering on yourself has passed. From now on you should not live centered on your own family but live together with two other families. Centering on these three families, at least 12 families should become one.

Your lifestyle should be that when you have visitors you should always treat them with a sincere heart. For example, if I were to come and ask for a meal, you should be ready to prepare it at any time. This is the kind of public mind you need to have.

22  Originally, a trinity of three families should live together for more than three years. Within the trinity you should be able to take turns and live with the children of the other families, treating them the same way you treat your own children. If you think of this as bothersome, you are a failure. Living this way, you do not have to worry if one of the husbands in the trinity dies. In that case, the other two families would shoulder the responsibility together.

How far away are we from the Will of God? We must set the standard by which Satan can recognize that we have loved Cain just as profoundly as we have loved Abel. Only then will Satan fall away. When you are raising the babies of one of the families in your trinity, you should take care of them with twice and even three times the devotion you would give to your own child. How can you unite the world if you cannot unite even your trinity? Three nations have to become one. You must love the world even more than you love Jesus. Your brothers and sisters are your trinity. If these three families can become one, they can represent you. If you forget the trinity and only think of your own family, you will perish. Please represent me not in name only, but with responsibility and heart.

23  You are indemnifying the three vertical eras horizontally. That is why I have bundled you all into trinities. The trinity has to go through formation, growth and completion. That is the value of the formation, growth and completion stages, and why you cannot reach perfection by yourself. Three families have to become one. A single family alone cannot accomplish that. Your family cannot stand alone. That is why I formed trinities of three families.

If there is something good to have, you should not say “Me first!” In order to stand in the perfected position, you have to go through the realm of the benefits of two stages—formation and growth. If you reach completion, it means that you are standing on the foundation of having gone through the formation and growth stages. If you have something good, you should share more than two-thirds of it with others. You should all treat each other like that. Therefore, in the future, you have to live together. The trinity should live together and be able to say that regarding everything from A to Z, “without a doubt, even Satan cannot accuse us.” Only then can you separate from Satan.

24  What do you have to do in order to realize a trinity? You did not live in one house, so you must restore that through indemnity by living together in one house. Therefore, I am planning to build apartments where Japanese, Koreans, Americans and Germans live together. This will train them in life. Likewise, in Korea, the trinity families should live together in one house, moving out only after living together. Whether you eat rice or porridge, the three families should eat and live together.

You should never receive financial support from above; rather, you should get support horizontally from one another. You have to be financially independent. When the three siblings unite and the six people in the trinity become one, you can do anything. You can even turn heaven and earth upside down. It has been said that when two or three people pray together, God will be with them. When the trinity becomes one, there is nothing you cannot do. This is something the Unification Church can be proud of. From now, I will give direct orders so that starting from the 36 blessed couples, three families will live together in one house. The three families must live together as brothers and sisters and then go out into the world. It is the principle that no family can leave that place unless the three become one. That is why we have to establish restored families that can be closer than secular brothers and sisters. If we ourselves cannot unite, then we cannot unite the world.

25  You enter heaven as a family. From now on, three families should become one, in a four-position foundation centering on True Parents. You should become one, achieving integration making use of the heavenly rules I teach you. Black, white and yellow people have to train for three years in order to become one as a trinity of faith. Therefore, you cannot lead by an individualistic lifestyle. If the surrounding 12 families or 36 families identify themselves as one group, the family that can gain the recognition of that whole group is the one that can be said to be free and liberated.

26  When Adam and Eve can unite, then Cain and Abel can also unite and make a new start. When that happens, we will have the beginning of a new ideal, centered on Korea and Japan in the East. Then the integration of East and West can be realized. Furthermore, True Parents will return to the nation of Korea. This is the era of God’s return to His nation. In other words, Heavenly Father and the perfected True Parents are returning to their nation for the first time.

Both ideologically and in heart, it is possible to have a unified world community. Japanese, Koreans, Germans and Americans should all be trained to live as one family. Satan is the false leader of a past which is entangled with different things, such as national sentiments and the details of the tribes, nations and cultures. All of these have to completely digest the authority of Satan and create an environment of oneness. In order to do that, we are entering an era of living together as communities.

The blessed family does not consist of two people only. It should come to consist of eight people. Families from four nations should train together for the sake of True Parents. If four people find partners and form couples, it will make a community of eight people. Koreans, Japanese, Americans and Germans should live together like twins or quadruplets that are born in the same family.

From now on, let us train ourselves in this lifestyle. Japanese people should not live in their own way, nor should Koreans live in their own way. By remodeling our living environment according to the principled tradition, the future world will follow suit and your descendants will be able to enter directly into the completed realm of heaven.

27  Between four and 12 nations must connect with Korea as the center. If we can connect just 12 nations, then we can form 12 clans. This will lead to a mass migration in the future. Koreans will go abroad and foreigners will come to Korea. Therefore you need to learn Korean. However, not everyone can do that, and therefore you should go abroad and build elementary schools in order to teach Korean. Henceforth, families who have received the Blessing should build elementary schools. You should go out to teach Korean in the churches in every nation. Blessed families should live together practicing the traditional standard of faith, and they should build elementary schools where their children can be nurtured.

28  If we think of the world as one big tree, your family is like one of its tiny branches. Your family is a branch of a big 1,000-year-old tree. If you form a pure community in which to offer yourselves with all your heart for the sake of that branch, which is the foundation of the community’s love, new buds will appear, which will grow naturally into an ideal realm, enjoying the protection of heavenly fortune.

Your family does not exist for itself alone. The man and woman representing that family also should live as citizens of the world and cosmos. Each one of those dozens of branches are filled with love. Every one of them participates in love. Therefore, the family that is completely united in true love can be connected to the cosmos. Thus, people who think only of their own family do not last long. People who only think of their own country do not last long either.

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