Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 92

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 2: Blessed Family Traditions, Paragraph 11 - 18

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11  The wife needs to think of her husband as the representative of God. Also, she has to become like a daughter to her husband. Due to the Fall, God lost the mother, the wife and the daughter, all three. Therefore, the man, as her husband, has to restore God’s lost daughter. Thus, it will be a problem if the wife does not trust her husband more than she trusts her father. She has to meet the standard to discover more value in him than in everything she has known before. Without restoring such a heart she cannot recover that which Satan destroyed, the original standard of the ideal spouse. At the same time, the husband has to have the heart that he is a son to his wife. He has to have the heartfelt feeling that she is both his mother and daughter. Husband and wife need to say from the heart, “I cannot live a single day without you. I absolutely need you, day and night.” As husband and wife, you must achieve this depth of oneness.

12  In the fallen world, people insist that they are right and that defending themselves is their highest priority. But now is the era of the teaching that tells us we exist to protect the other before ourselves. The direction is opposite to what it was before. The husband says, “If you are not happy as my wife, it is my responsibility,” and the wife says, “If you are not happy as my husband, it is my responsibility.” The flowers of love bloom when we assume responsibility. The flowers of love do not bloom when each insists on their own right. When two people are living for the sake of each other to the degree of risking their own lives, the flowers will bloom. When the flowers bloom, both the angelic world and God will seek the light and fragrance of that love.

13  The husband has to be the person whom his wife thinks is greater than God. The wife needs to think, "I could not see God Himself, but I see God through my husband. I did not know pure love, but I came to know what pure love is through my husband. I came to know what an elder brothers love is. I came to understand a brothers love. My husband is the very man who taught me all the realms of love.” The husband has to be the living embodiment of that quality of love which can induce in his wife the heart of an ideal mother, bride and elder sister. He also has to receive the same kind of education, to the point that he feels as if he cannot breathe without this education.

These lessons have to become his way of life such that when he goes out anywhere in society he sees the elders in the society as his grandfather and grandmother, his father and mother, and his elder brother and sister. When this kind of heart and this kind of family become universal, the world will be the kingdom of heaven. The person who lives in such a way can go everywhere without any opposition. Wherever he or she is, God will be there. He or she will never be alone and will never perish.

14  Have you loved humanity as God has? When you see children, you have to think of them as your sons and daughters. When you see a child the same age as your younger brother or sister, you have to think, "This is my little brother” or “This is my little sister.” When it comes to your husbands and wives, you should hug each other, care for each other and be concerned for each other even more than anyone you have truly cared for up until now.

The birth of sons and daughters enables a couple that has become one to stand in the place of God in profoundly experiencing the realm of the heart of re-creation. While the parents hug each other, they gaze at their newborn son or daughter. This is a cosmic event and the object of cosmic love. When a blessed husband and wife give birth to a child, they deeply experience, through their child, the very same heart that God experiences. They feel just the same way when they hold or nurse the baby. This is one way that you are the partners of God’s true love.

You are told to go such and such a way, and if you take that way, becoming truly good parents, you too can be just like Mother and I. If children are brought up in this manner, when they get married, everything shall be brought to perfection.

15  After you enter the Unification Church, a record will be kept of what you do. How did you live as a blessed family? What percentage of True Fathers words did you practice? For how many hours did you engage in activities? These will be recorded. The card shows what and how long you invested, or with what kind of grace your couple lived in the Unification Church. In this way it becomes a basis for evaluation. Nothing that takes place lacks meaning, so it is inexcusable to take it easy. This is so not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world. There is a name list in the spiritual world of all blessed families of the Unification Church. If we input a name, that record comes up. If the record as it was written down on earth is different from what is recorded in spirit world, it is a serious problem. Lying is inexcusable. Life on earth is important. So I tell you, do not live a life of accruing debts; rather, live a life of clearing up debts. It is not good to incur debts.

16  If you take a wrong step after your marriage, you will lose the path eternally. If you treat your blessed marriage as if it were a secular matter, you will create eternal pain. There may be blessed families who are now captured in a place from which they cannot return, crying out for True Parents, shedding tears through the night, thinking of the golden days, the precious time of happiness. They may say that they would do anything to get back on the path. There are women who say, “Even if the whole world tramples on me on the way, I want to get back to that path,” and there are men who say, “I will do anything, even going to the most miserable place in the world, if it means I can get back to that path.” However, they have already deviated.

True Parents consider such blessed families to be the most serious problem they have to confront. True Parents’ heart is to find the way to forgive them, but there is no way. To do it, I would have to remake the Principle of Restoration. But doing that would bring a new condition of bitter sorrow that would be very difficult to restore.

17  Where do blessed families have to go? Those who focus on their own family will fade away. The purpose of my marriage is not to save my family. Blessed families have to go the way that fulfills the mission to restore the nation and the cosmos. As soon as we wake up, we have to vow to fulfill that work. Whenever we shed tears, we do so in order to take responsibility for the work. Our accomplishments in this work are gifts that, as parents, we must leave for future history. This is our life philosophy related to the family.

There has to be such a tradition. If blessed families cannot go this way, it is a matter of eternal regret. They feel ashamed when they see heaven and earth. They feel ashamed when they see me. They have to be ashamed of themselves and shed tears of repentance without limit. Other than to beg God for pity, they cannot come before God.

18  You, blessed families, have to go the way of divine sons and daughters focusing on heaven and earth. In the secular world, people assert the dutiful way of saints, but we have to stand in a position even higher than that. It is through the Blessing that one can inherit the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters. Horizontally we have to be filial sons and daughters, patriots and saints, and then become divine sons and daughters. This is the ideal of creation that Adam could have achieved. We have to become filial sons and daughters, patriots and saints, and fulfill the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters.

Because, until now, in front of heaven there were no filial sons and daughters, no patriots, no saints and no divine sons and daughters, all we had was the belief that if we just went the right way that would give us the ideal basis to establish a nation. Once we become filial sons and daughters in front of heaven, we can actually bring the nation in front of heaven. When we are patriots in front of heaven, we can actually bring the world in front of heaven. When we are saints in front of heaven, we can actually bring heaven and earth in front of heaven. Your families have a value greater than that of heaven and earth.

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