Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 91

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 2: Blessed Family Traditions, Traditions and responsibilities 
Section 2: Blessed Family Traditions, Paragraph 10

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Section 2. Blessed Family Traditions

Traditions and responsibilities

True Parents instructed that blessed parents, spouses and children need to unite to inherit True Parents’ tradition and that before they think of and live for their own family, they need to think of and live for their tribe, people, nation and world. True Parents pointed out in particular that the age of the settlement of blessed families is the age of mother-child responsibility. This means that for a blessed family to unite with True Parents’ family, the mother and children need to unite, and the Cain and Abel siblings need to unite.

1  The fact that you are blessed in the Unification Church means that your lineage was changed and you were anointed. But this does not mean that you have fully accomplished the standard. You received this anointing conditionally. This means that you received the lineage, life and love conditionally and you must take them seriously. As long as your conditional lineage continues to expand, Satan cannot take it away. Upon your maturity, you will be connected with true love so that there will be no relationship with Satan, and Satan cannot take anything away. When your love, life and lineage mature, Satan will no longer be able to take them away.

Please grasp the value of the Blessing. It should be so precious that you would not exchange it even if you were offered everything. If, on the other hand, you disregard this conditional anointing, anyone can take it away. That is why you must nurture it and help it to grow. How precious the Blessing is!

2  The family is the place where parents, spouses and children are united. If any of these three are missing, the family cannot be realized. The family develops into a tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and the kingdom of heaven on earth. Where there is unity between absolute parents, absolute spouses and absolute siblings, God can dwell. The family base is the base of operations which can connect to a tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. This is where God’s ideal will be realized. Without True Parents, true children cannot exist, and if you do not become true children, you cannot create a true family. An ideal husband and wife, by creating sons and daughters, can realize the ideal family. The connection of three generations is the foundation for realizing an ideal family. Without it, an ideal family cannot appear.

3  When God’s sons and daughters are blessed and become perfect, God’s love can also become perfect. Therefore, God can exist eternally as the Parent on the foundation of perfected love. People cannot find love by themselves alone. The absolute embodiment of true love for a man is a woman. Without a woman, a man cannot find the love of God, who is the substance of absolute truth. He cannot perfect true love without her. If you had not married, you would not have known the realms of love. You would not have known the value of parents, the value of sons and daughters, or the value of a spouse. The husband is the only person who can bring his wife into oneness based on love, and the wife is the only person who can bring her husband into oneness based on love.

4  The responsibility of a blessed couple begins on the day of their Blessing. Their responsibility is not just that a husband and wife live in unity as a family, but that on the foundation of their unity they form a tribe and nation. The families of ten blessed people can form one tribe through this new worldview. Before forming the new nation, we must first form new tribes. These tribes must not be created through conflict-based division, but through unity-based multiplication. Therefore, those ten people who received the Blessing must have the same purpose.

We are a small number of families who have been restored from Satan’s world, so we are in a position to be easily attacked by Satan. Therefore, we always have to be united and bound together in order to defeat the overwhelming forces seeking to invade. In order to defeat those forces, we have to achieve complete oneness among us. If we are united in this way, we will easily overcome Satan’s invasion, no matter how strong it is. When we are united substantially, we will form a new tribe free from Satan’s invasion. Through a united tribe, a new people will arise, and through a united people, a new nation can arise. 

5  You did not receive the Blessing for your family’s private gain. Your family can reach the place of Sabbath rest only when you first live for the sake of your tribe and only then live for the sake of your family. In the same way, the tribe can reach the place of Sabbath rest when it lives for the sake of the nation, and the nation can reach the place of Sabbath rest when it lives for the sake of the world.

In this respect, the Blessing is not just for yourself. Each of you needs to have faith that the Blessing represents the whole. When a husband and wife unite and build their family based on this faith, their family can move toward the world level. If there is only one blessed family that meets that standard, that family has to take absolute responsibility. The greater the number of families that can move forward, the faster the providence of restoration can progress.

Now, even though there may be many families who are going this way, do not depend on them. Make sure you fulfill your responsibility. The family desired by the nation and the world is the self-reliant family. The descendants of such an awakened family will live for the sake of the nation and the world. The husband will become a historic husband, and the wife of this family will become a historic wife. Moreover, their descendants will become the tribe that is needed for the restoration of the world in the course of God’s providence. If you become the family who can build such a tribe, you will be crowned as the ancestors of the new age.

6  Blessed couples cannot live merely at their own discretion. They have to live for God’s public purpose or the nation’s public purpose. Whether your spouse is or is not attractive is not the issue. The issue is the direction in which you are going. In other words, the issue is how to pave the way of righteousness that your descendants will follow. When I see you asking for love from your spouse, I feel it is wrong. I cannot approve such love. Before you ask your spouse to love you, you need to ask him or her to love the nation and the world. After you do that, you can ask for love from your spouse. This is the way for blessed husbands and wives to live. We have to encourage our spouse to love the nation, the world and heaven, before loving us.

7  Blessed members have to love their tribe and people, and their nation and world more than they love their own family. Furthermore, they have to love their relatives and other blessed families more than their own family. The family in which each member is connected in this way will stand out from other families and be recognized. In that family in which man and woman are united and in harmony with each other, we will have a model for loving the nation, world and heaven. Husband and wife need to be united in that way.

Blessed husbands and wives must avoid saying things like “You should love only me” or “You belong to me,” which are habitually uttered by worldly husbands and wives. Instead, they should take time each day to offer conditions of devotion, imploring heaven to help their spouses have the kind of heart that can love others more than their own family. Couples have the responsibility to support and encourage one another not to give up, as well as to receive guidance from each other.

8  Our Unificationist families must avoid becoming stuck in our current position. We must develop and give birth to descendants who can embrace and ensure the fortune of the nation and world. We marry in order to find among our children exceptional people who can help form a new people and a new nation. People in the world marry for their own sake, but in the Unification Church we marry for the sake of the nation and the world. Our families are called by God to save many families in the course of providential history. Our role is to restore all the world’s people through paying indemnity, and to model the love that opens the way for spirit persons in the spirit world and our descendants in the future. We must have the mind-set that our position is to live as saviors to the world.

9  Now the age of the settlement of the children’s families has to come. First, the age of the settlement of the children’s families is the age of the mother’s responsibility. The mother has to take responsibility as the Messiah. Second, it is the age of the children’s responsibility, the age when Cain and Abel have to unite. Cain and Abel as brothers have to unite completely. There have been many sacrifices in history resulting from the separation of Cain and Abel, but from now on children must not fight each other anymore. In any village to which we care to go, there are Cains and there are Abels. The person who sacrifices him or herself, and makes compromises for the sake of the whole village, becomes the Abel and the owner. Because we already know this, we cannot fight. The age of the children’s responsibility is the age when Cain and Abel have to unite.

Third, the mother, Cain and Abel have to unite. The age of the mother’s and children’s responsibility has to settle in the family and, after uniting with each other, the mother and children have to restore the husband, the father. Restoration of the father will be impossible if the mother and children are not united. The mother is responsible to see that she and the children, both Cain and Abel, are absolutely united. This is still not the end, because finally, we will enter the age to unite with the True Parents’ family. At that point we reach the age when the Blessing can expand to the entire world.

Blessed family life

True Parents said that blessed families have to love humanity on behalf of God and True Parents. They added that blessed families should be examples of how to think of and love one’s spouse as the representative of God. They also emphasized that the kingdom of heaven will be realized when this lifestyle of heart becomes universal. The marriage Blessing empowers us to inherit the dutiful way of divine sons and daughters, so True Parents have asked blessed families to follow this way.

10  The family God is looking for is one whose standard is not limited to living just for their own family. The family God can be proud of ought to live on the world level. Because the way to make the family who can represent the nation, the world and heaven is the way of the Blessing, you must receive the Blessing through the family of the Heavenly Parent. When families go the principled way of offering sincere devotion after receiving the Blessing, their sons and daughters will be born with the heavenly fortune of the Unification Church. Even if the father and mother have no special abilities, the children will still be born with heavenly fortune.

How much heavenly fortune can we leave our descendants? It will be decided by how much sincere devotion we as their parents have offered. How much were we loyal to our nation, the world and heaven? How seriously did we offer sincere devotion? That is what determines the fortune of our descendants. When we take action with a selfish mind, heaven will never side with us. When we act in order to satisfy selfish desires, God will never side with us. When we stand for the sake of the world, nation and people, then God will be with us. Therefore, blessed families have to practice higher and wider love.

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