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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 1: The Pure Love Movement, The pure love movement
Section 1: The Pure Love Movement, Paragraph 21

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The pure love movement

The pure love movement leads young people toward true love and the understanding of the order of true love. The movement is focused on adolescents and teaches about the removal of the fallen nature that was formed as a result of the Fall. True Parents clearly taught that it is only through the pure love movement that we can solve teenage problems and family breakdown, which are the most serious problems facing humanity. Thus, they initiated the pure love movement for middle-school and high-school students on an extensive scale. Middle-school and high-school students are at about the same age as Adam and Eve just before the Fall. True Parents said that we must give these students pure love education, eradicate the Satanic lineage, and help them grow up under God’s protection and love.

10  We advocate the ideals of purity and absolute sexual fidelity. To promote these ideals we have created a pure love movement and a true family movement, based on true love. Without true love there can be neither sexual purity nor true families. Also, a true family cannot be established without absolute fidelity between husband and wife. You must honor relationships to the same degree as Chun-hyang, a chaste wife who remained faithful to her husband Lee Mong-nyong, even while facing threats of death from a corrupt court official. In this way we can realize the true family.

11  We have to establish the pure love movement and the true family movement on university and college campuses. What can we do to deal with the problems of youth? Where can we establish the true family ideal? We can do so by connecting to the middle schools, high schools and colleges. Today young people are easily influenced and polluted by corrupt thoughts. Students from age 12 through 24 have this affliction. How can we cure them? Respected civic and social leaders must act as a fortress to protect them.

Families need to be protected against being destroyed by homosexuality and free sex. Families should be models of true love. Families have to stand tall, based on traditional Christian values, but in reality they are becoming weak. We have to rebuild all these things. We have to restore families and young people. This level of restoration will not emerge from the family alone; support is also needed in the schools. Focusing on elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, the nation’s leaders should unite and establish the tradition of the family. We have to educate people thoroughly about family ethics and advocate absolute family values.

12  The true family ideal will become the tradition of the 21st century. What True Parents have to do is simply create the tradition of true family, true parents and true lineage. Satan’s tradition has reached even small towns, so we have to manifest the pure love movement just as widely. If we do so, traditional Christians will join us in taking on the role of tribal messiahs. The pure love movement should be developed focusing on the family. It is not the nation that will take the initiative. This is why I encouraged you to start holding demonstrations right away. If we are not successful with the true love movement, we will lose everything. It is crucial that we establish in people’s minds that the true love movement is our movement. It is like being the ones who first apply for a patent. Teams of three should be out actively working and demonstrating around the clock. The key points are true parents, true lineage and true family.

13  We can prevent the spread of AIDS by maintaining sexual purity. This is absolute. This is the last task that the Unification Church is responsible to accomplish. Once we transform the free sex tradition of the young generation by connecting them to the Blessing of a new lineage, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be established. Now is the time the world is harvesting the fruit of the seeds that the first human ancestors sowed in their youth. In order to clear the field, we have to establish a new tradition focusing on young people. Then we can secure the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Therefore, we launched the pure love movement in middle and high schools. We spearheaded the movements of true family education and pure love. We did what the nation should have done.

14  True Parents have developed the true family movement throughout the world. In Korea we made a headquarters for the true love and pure love movements and mobilized 10 million middle and high-school students to arm them with the ideal of pure love. How much opposition did we meet while promoting this movement? Even though we met with strong opposition, we felt that we were the owners who have to protect our hometowns and our homeland. We have reached the era when everything is out in the open and we can take the active initiative.

15  We need to educate young people in order to prevent them from falling. To do that, we made the pure love movement. In promoting the pure love movement, we should publicly recognize young people who exemplify the pure love ideal in their towns or regions. Such students should be treated with respect in their schools. Teachers and principals should honor those students who keep purity. From now on, only those who practice purity will receive the holy marriage Blessing. To receive the Blessing, they will come from all over the world based on the recommendation of their nations.

16  Before their eyes lead them to be attracted to the opposite sex, we have to lead young people to overcome the evil way of thinking that resulted from the Fall. We must do this in our families, towns and nations. Therefore, we clearly need to expand the pure love movement to the national level. I directed you to create the pure love movement. None of the teachers in the colleges, high schools and middle schools can carry out the pure love movement; we are the only ones. Nobody can argue with this. It is only we who can do it. We have been ordained by heaven to take this historic responsibility.

17  We now have passed the age of national-level Blessing and have entered into the age of world-level Blessing. That is why we have people eat pure love candy. When a pregnant mother eats pure love candy, it is a ceremony of rebirth. When a baby eats the pure love candy, it is a ceremony of resurrection. When a couple eats the pure love candy in marriage, it is a ceremony of eternal life. At the marriage ceremony, however, they also have to drink the holy wine. Everyone has to drink it. I have made the way easy. Now Satan does not oppose me, whatever I do. There are no conditions for him to accuse me. We can now set up a street fair and give the holy wine to people as they come and go, and if they accept the holy wine, heaven and earth will return to our side.

18  The Blessing is the realm of the Sabbath in the Completed Testament Age. The Completed Testament Age is the age when the promise will be realized worldwide. Families of all the world’s people can come into the realm of grace to receive the Blessing. This is realized through True Parents so that Satan’s lineage will disappear. We allow middle and high-school students to eat pure love candy as a condition.

Ideally, people are supposed to cleanse Satan’s lineage in the womb. This is rebirth. However, those who are already born cannot go back to the womb, so we let them drink the wine of resurrection. We let students from kindergarten through high school eat the pure love candy instead of the wine of resurrection. We can put stickers with True Parents’ signature on the candy. This is giving them a sign that they should keep their purity through True Parents and with True Parents. Because True Parents give the stickers to them, they will keep their purity in order to be pure sons and daughters. After keeping their purity, they need to unite in holy matrimony with pure love. This is what their parents want, and it is the core purpose of public education. Living this way is the ideal life.

19  All young people are like Adams and Eves that God has created once again. This is why I do a matching ceremony for them. They have to keep absolute purity. The matched fiance and fiancée have to protect each other. Adams and Eves need to encourage each other to keep their purity until the time that they receive the Blessing of love from God and True Parents. They also have to receive their parents’ permission and approval. God is the Parent of parents, the Teacher of teachers, and the Owner of owners. Therefore, by analogy, if the Blessing was sponsored by a school, the child could not receive the Blessing without obtaining approval from the principal of the school, and the head of the Parent Teacher Association. Children cannot marry without consulting their parents. This is the policy and tradition of the Unification Church.

20  True Parents finished all preparations for removing Satan’s lineage. The Fall occurred because there was no protection. We have now completed pure love education in some middle schools and high schools. Nonetheless, the purity of students is being destroyed. The Internet’s influence is terrible. How can we remedy this situation? Mothers and fathers everywhere have to protect their children, because parents represent the position of God.

Unmarried sons and daughters are in the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall, so they have to grow and become model citizens. As they grew up, Adam and Eve looked forward to their marriage. The periods of infancy, brother and sister, and engagement all have the same purpose: marriage. In the secular world, parents tell their children to find their own partner, but now, True Parents are telling parents to find a partner for their children.

Now we have returned to the Garden of Eden. The whole world has come back to the Garden of Eden, so the family has been restored. In the restored family, sons and daughters should be matched before God in their original position without the Fall. During their adolescence, Adam and Eve were supposed to prepare themselves to meet their partner. In spite of their pledge, they fell during their teenage years when they had reached the top of the growth stage. God could not intervene directly under the Principle, so to eliminate the risk that they might fall under Satan’s sovereignty, He gave them the warning, “Do not eat."

21  Children are like God’s sons and daughters who did not fall, so we have to teach them well, even during their kindergarten years. At all costs, we have to raise them well from kindergarten through high school, until they are at least 16 years old, so that they will not leave the bosom of their parents. When they are 18 they may marry. From now on, if possible, I will give the Blessing as they graduate from high school and become college students. This would be best. We have to match sons and daughters who grew up in the bosom of their parents, as pure children who have not been defiled by the secular world.

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