Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 89

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 3: The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition
Section 1: The Pure Love Movement, The necessity for this movement
Section 1: The Pure Love Movement, Paragraph 09

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Chapter 3   The True Family Movement and True Family Tradition

Section 1. The Pure Love Movement

The necessity for this movement

The true family movement comes as the fundamental providential movement for restoring this fallen world to the original world of creation centered on God. The focus of the movement is the international marriage Blessing, transcending race, nation and religion, which seeks to realize the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven through ideal God-centered families. True Parents have implemented the true family movement on a vast scale through the marriage Blessing ceremony as well as the pure love movement for children and teenagers.

1  Immorality among youth and family breakdown are among the bad fruits reaped from the seeds sown by the first human ancestors. When Adam and Eve fell, they turned the family upside down. The fruits of the Fall have become manifest throughout the world, with the result that we are now in a time of great suffering. The fallen family is the root and is at the heart of all the problems of societies, nations and the world. People do not know which way to turn. It is a time when grandfathers cannot fulfill the role of grandfathers, parents cannot fulfill the role of parents, husbands and wives cannot fulfill the roles of husbands and wives, and children cannot fulfill the role of children. As selfish individualism takes root, God is not present, both the world and its nations are lost, and a good society cannot emerge.

2  When people talk about the deterioration of values, they are not referring to the values associated with money, knowledge or power. The most important values are those connected with true love. True parents have to establish the values of true love, true couples have to establish the values of true couples, and true children have to establish the values of true children. Actually these values are not different from each other. The values that must be established by parents, couples, and brothers and sisters are absolute and one and the same. Unification comes about on the basis of absolute values. When we take away parents, husbands and wives, and brothers and sisters, all we have left is selfish individualism, and the one, harmonized world cannot be established.

3  People say that today is an age of globalization. What is the center of this age, as they describe it? They usually speak of it in terms of economics, academics, sports and so on, and they do not realize that globalization should focus on the family. The problems of the world are not primarily rooted in economics or politics, but in the family. Families are breaking down, especially in developed nations. Many families have been destroyed by free sex. People have to understand that the authentic movement for globalization must be based on the family. In other words, people have to know True Parents’ teachings about the ideal family.

4  From the viewpoint of true love, this world as it exists now is like a vacuum; there is no air of true love. If air were to enter, the world would instantly explode with life. In this age, the Blessing movement is like a typhoon that will storm into this empty world and cleanse the land. The owners of that typhoon-cleansed world are the True Parents. When children, tribes and the nation emerge based on True Parents’ lineage, the world of evil will disappear. Whatever obstacles assert themselves will not present a problem, because the power of true love can overcome any problem. The power of true love is like a high-voltage current. Any evil that touches it will be vaporized in an instant.

5  God’s hope, as well as the hope of all people, is for human prosperity and one united world of peace. Ideal peace is established when the subject partner and the object partner practice true love centered on God at the levels of the individual, the nation and the world. Love, of course, cannot be realized by itself. Love can be realized only through a mutual relationship. Parents’ love is realized in relation to their child. Children’s love is realized in relation to their parents. God’s act of creation was to realize the ideal of true love, which cannot occur if God remains alone. That is why He sought to realize the father-son relationship based on true love.

God is the True Parent of parents, the True Teacher of teachers, and the True King of kings. God is the eternal True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner who always gives true love. All people are God’s children, so, like God, they too have to go the way of the true parent, true teacher and true owner. Through these relationships these paths will lead to the completion of the ideal of love, the love that lives for the good of others. The right path of the law of heaven leads to self-realization through an altruistic life of true love.

Through the harmony of the vertical parent-child relationship with the horizontal left and right husband-wife relationship and the horizontal front and back sibling relationship, the ideal family based on true love is realized. The completed family can be expanded to the completed nation, world and cosmos through the same principle and formula. The worldwide foundation that True Parents have achieved in the areas of education, media, art, and relief work comes through the investment of true love following the same formula to realize the ideal world. Ideally, true love education on how to realize the character of a true parent, true teacher and true owner should start in the family.

6  Although the Cold War has come to an end, we still face so many problems that challenge us in terms of social morality and love in the family. Corrupt sexual behavior and drug abuse continue to seriously threaten young people. All of the nations of the world have these problems. It has been surprisingly difficult for them to deal with these issues, but we must realize that there is more to these problems than is immediately evident. The world needs righteous young leaders who can understand the true nature of the problems and solve them based on Godism. We have to realize that problems like these arise when we ignore the internal aspect of the mind and spirit.

7  Originally, God called for Adam and Eve to perfect themselves as ideal parents. They should have realized God’s ideal family as the beloved children of God and as the parents of their own beloved children. Such a family would have been the starting point of the ideal world of love and peace. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve could not create such a family, so the dream to realize the ideal nation and world disappeared. Then how can we restore the ideal family? World peace is not just a spiritual issue. It is a way of life that starts from the individual, expands to the family, and bears fruit at the level of the global family. We will be able to save our young people from materialism, violence and sexual corruption by means of the establishment of strong, God-centered true families.

8  If the true family movement does not succeed, then nothing we do will succeed. The true family movement is our only hope. Only True Parents have the authority to deal with the situation in the family. God and Satan are fighting each other over humankind, and only True Parents can resolve this struggle. Neither God nor Satan can do it. True Parents have to eliminate Satan and break the iron chain by which God has been bound. They must liberate God; Satan will have to surrender. The world cannot solve the problems of the family and young people through such means as politics, economics and culture. It is only True Parents who can solve these problems. The problems of youth, the problems in the family, and the problem of the struggle between God and Satan were all created by a false parent. It is only True Parents who can solve all of these problems and thus realize world peace and the kingdom of heaven on earth.

9  In this world the corruption of young people and the breakdown of the family are the most difficult problems to solve. No one can deal with these. The ministries of education or defense in each nation cannot deal with them, nor can we if we rely only on the power of politics or economics. Neither the physical world nor the spiritual world nor even God can solve these problems. True Parents alone have the special authority to do it. Adam and Eve fell as teenagers, and the tragedy of Cain killing Abel occurred. What should never have happened did happen in the first family, and we must correct it.

We have to completely overturn what happened in the first family and plant the lineage of absolute love and absolute purity. Young people fell, and the family broke down. In the Last Days the whole world will be in turmoil, bearing the fruit of the seed that was planted in the beginning. Phenomena such as free sex, homosexuality and AIDS are widely prevalent, and all of society is becoming corrupt. True Parents are the doctors and specialists who know the prescription and the treatment that can solve the world’s family problems and the problems of youth. People everywhere are beginning to realize this.

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