Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 88

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 6: Ancestor Blessings, The Blessing in the spirit world
Section 6: Ancestor Blessings, Paragraph 24

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The Blessing in the spirit world

After the Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 360,000 Couples on August 25, 1995, on numerous occasions True Parents held spiritual Blessing ceremonies for the liberation of the spirit world. But, before that in the early morning of the day before the 360,000 couples Blessing, True Parents conducted the marriage Blessing Ceremony of True Fathers and True Mothers parents and families (Chungbunim and Chungmonim, Daehyungnim and Daemonim’s families). Subsequently, during the 40 Million Couple Blessing held on November 29, 1997 they officiated over the first spiritual Blessing ceremony.

On December 1, 1997 they declared the Opening of the Gates for the Blessing of the Spirit World. During the time of the 360 Million Couples Blessing on June 13, 1998, they officiated over the Blessing of the greatest saints and most evil sinners. In this way the Blessing for spirits was inaugurated through which hell in the spirit world was liberated and the way for all spirits to enter the kingdom of heaven was opened.

12  The day before the 360,000 Couples Blessing Ceremony, I gave the Blessing to my physical parents and my older brother. I joined as a trinity my parents, my older brother and the True Children. Not only that, I gave the Blessing to Daemonim’s family. By doing so, I tied them all together in the position of our children. By going through these three generations with True Parents at the center, True Parents’ sons and daughters and your families were bonded as Cain and Abel. Giving these three generations the position of being blessed built the foundation for the liberation and Blessing of all the ancestors who had been separated. Starting with these liberated and blessed ancestors, over the course of thousands of years the number will expand and ultimately everyone can be liberated.

The ancestors are the fathers. No matter how wicked the children may be, if the father is victorious they can come to inherit his victory. When inheritance takes place through the father-son relationship, we can enter the realm in which all things can be inherited. In this way we establish the liberation of the spiritual world and the physical world. You cannot imagine how complicated this is. We need to weave all this together.

13  I directed Daemonim and Heung-jin to conduct a Blessing on behalf of True Parents the day after the 3.6 Million Couples are blessed. Heung-jin and Daemonim are the ones to give the Blessing. Through this, all those who received the Singles Blessing will be able to find their spouses and children in the spirit world and restore their families. That time has come. Because I did not know when this time would come, I conducted the Singles Blessings. If we had not been able to overcome the obstacles on the national level, people could not have been blessed as singles to their original spouses. However, from now on your relatives can be blessed as singles, and even if they receive the Blessing alone, they can recreate their families. Even if your relatives are in hell, you will be able to call them out from there and liberate them instantly. This is because True Parents have laid the foundation for a straight paved road from hell to the kingdom of heaven. Now we can just get in a car and cruise fast and effortlessly along that highway.

14  The 3.6 Million Couples Blessing is the time when heaven and earth will be connected. This Blessing will connect the vertical and horizontal worlds. This is why I have been waiting for the day when Adam’s family and all humanity could stand in the position before the Fall and be blessed. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve needed to have a family. This was because they were meant to become the representative family who would inherit everything and thus have a value greater than the value of the universe.

In this united era of liberation, you families who have received the Blessing can liberate your ancestors and descendants. Even though Adam and Eve fell and Jesus was not able to complete his mission, the coming of the Returning Lord heralds the completion of everything. Through True Parents’ foundation, the era of unification has come wherein even if your ancestors made mistakes they can be liberated, because your family now belongs to the family of the Returning Lord. This is the same as welcoming the Completed Testament Age after having established a family. After this Blessing, the spirit world will be entirely liberated. This is how the era of the Blessing on earth will expand to include the spirit world.

15  Now that the 360 Million Couples Blessing is being carried out, we are beginning to give the Blessing in the spirit world. Satan’s bloodline is now cut off. The era in which Satan could accuse us has passed. The era of True Parents’ absolute authority, all-immanence, all transcendence and omnipotence has come. The era has arrived in which True Parents’ authority can be exerted. Just as when God created Adam and Eve, saying, “It is very good,” and felt such joy, the era of beneficent authority has come, equivalent to when God brought every living creature to Adam to receive their names.

16  After the completion of the 360 Million Couples Blessing, Satan’s lineage has to be cut off. This is the last challenge. Through this, the gates of both heaven and hell will be opened. All the enemies of the past will welcome True Parents and attend them in a huge celebration. Up to now, we were not able to attend True Parents in the family, tribe, clan, nation and world. For the first time we will hold a banquet on earth through which brothers and sisters who have been enemies can come back and follow God’s way. Through this, heaven’s way will be revealed. This is the way we should go. This way leads toward the kingdom of heaven on earth.

17  Everything under God’s ownership at the time of the creation was lost through the Human Fall. We need to bring it all back to God. Until now God did not have sons and daughters, but through True Parents God was able to regain true sons and true daughters. This is re-creation. But this is not done by God. Only True Parents can do it. True Parents need to have complete ownership and then return everything to God, which is why True Parents searched for a family and returned that family to God.

Through the 360 Million Couples Blessing, Satan’s bloodline can be cut off. In this way God can proclaim, “Now I have a family in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven! Now I am the owner!" This is the beginning of the originally intended ideal. All things that were lost through the Fall are now being recovered. In the process of recreation, the way of suffering we have undergone is finally finished. Now, starting from the family and going all the way to the cosmos, it is the time of liberation.

18  With the marriage Blessing of 360 Million Couples, we proclaim the liberation of all the spirits in the spirit world, including all those who were enemies of God. Those spirits who are in hell and those in the midway spiritual realm are not yet connected to God’s lineage. We have to connect them. When the conditions for Abel to receive the Blessing are established, Cain can be blessed as well. This is according to heavenly law. But to accomplish this, we must establish our position based upon loving our enemies. Through this, we can establish the position of the younger sibling in front of God’s direct sons and daughters. It was like this for Cain. Up to now, the saints in the religious sphere worked hard to fulfill such indemnity, and the sinful people on Satan’s side have been working in the same way in order to separate themselves from destruction. The breakthrough now is that True Parents have restored through indemnity all those historical figures, and so the historical division of good and evil, God and Satan, and Cain and Abel will end. Through True Parents’ sacrifice we are entering the era when everything that was divided will be united.

19  If Adam himself cannot establish his full authority on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, God’s purpose of creation cannot be accomplished and God cannot be liberated. Indeed, God cannot do even a single thing. Establishing the full authority of Adam is the responsibility of True Parents. True Parents have to stir up a great revolution in heaven. This is why we blessed the four great saints and the worst of all sinners. We have to surmount the obstacles imposed by our enemies. This is why we are establishing equal rights for both sides.

When the ocean flows out and comes back in, the tidal pool is full and level, so circulation can take place. When the dirty water that remained combines with the clean water that went out and comes back in, that is when circulation takes place. The new incoming water flowing back in pushes the old water over the brim, and when the pool is full, equal water level is achieved. In order for God to liberate human beings, He must begin from this realm of clean water. It is in order to establish this standard that He must carry out the Blessing of saints and murderers.

20  If God were in an enemy relationship with Satan, we would never have hope to bring about world peace. If God had not been able to rise above an enemy relationship with Satan, and if He had not been able to maintain the ideal heart He had toward the archangel during the time of creation, Satan would never have surrendered. What do we mean by this? When two enemies are joined together through marriage, if they do not form a loving relationship that emulates the way God has loved the enemy, the marriage will fail. If you cannot develop such loving, enemy embracing relationships in cross-cultural marriages, then the path to a peaceful world will be blocked. True Parents have known this, which is why the institution of cross-cultural marriage between enemies was inevitable. This is also why we blessed saints and sinners at the same time.

21  God has always longed for the liberation of all people, including those in hell, and the realization of peace in heaven and on earth. Only True Parents can take the responsibility to accomplish this. We do it through joining enemies from both sides through the Blessing. This is God’s heart. Even if a loved one is blessed to an enemy, we should have the heart that is capable of wishing that enemy success and good fortune. This is why I also have to give the Blessing even to Satan.

This event could only take place because True Parents indemnified the history of sin. They exposed it, disconnected it from Satan, elevated themselves beyond it, and came to stand in the position of liberated king. True Parents even created the foundation upon which God could be liberated, and created the final settlement. From now there will be no barriers whatsoever. This is why I have given the Blessing to all humanity.

22  When the 360 Million Couple Blessing takes place, we will enter an era in which all things that have been divided will be united centering on the name of True Parents and the worlds blessed families. In this era of great transition, we have declared the 360 Million Couple Blessing and the separation from Satan’s lineage. If Adam had been able to attain perfection, there would never have been hell or the midway spiritual realm. This is why the spiritual world and physical world need to be organized before giving the Blessing. After this, the saints in the spirit world should receive the Singles Blessing with those ladies who have been leading a single life on earth. This is how the religious sphere will settle into unity. After that, the evil people of Satan’s world should be blessed.

23  For the first time in history there are True Parents, who are able to love sinners just as they love saints. This solves a big problem. For God, it is time to rectify all things in the evil world and resolve everything. This is why everything has reached an apex. There is nowhere else to go to. Even Satan is stymied and can go no higher. Through True Parents binding the horizontal elements to the vertical, sinners who are on the horizontal plane are now connected to the vertical way. The historic moment when this occurred was the 360 Million Couple Blessing. This was a very significant event. Through its success, the gates of heaven were opened and the way from hell to heaven was paved. It was a momentous event that True Parents were able to set the indemnity conditions and were able to share the Blessing with all humankind.

24  Families who have received the Blessing can go to the kingdom of heaven. Through the 360 Million Couple Blessing by True Parents, the ancestors were able to enter the kingdom of heaven as well. Before this Blessing on earth, we gave the Blessing in the spirit world. It all started on June 13, 1998. We gave the blessing to saints and murderers, with the saints in the position of the elder son and the murderers in the position of the younger son. The younger siblings should be able to follow the elder son with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, thereby creating a horizontal balance. In the same way, national-level enemies and world-level enemies are able to receive the Blessing. True Parents gave such a Blessing for all humanity to inherit. Through True Parents having created such a foundation, all people are now able to receive the True Parents’ standard for the first time.

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