Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 87

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 6: Ancestor Blessings, Ancestor liberation
Section 6: Ancestor Blessings, Paragraph 11

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Section 6. Ancestor Blessings

Ancestor liberation

According to True Parents, while we are on earth we should liberate our ancestors in the spirit world. Thus, True Parents instructed on February 12, 1999, that ancestor liberation ceremonies be held at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, starting with the first seven generations of ancestors. True Parents explained that we are living in the realm of grace in which we can enjoy the benefits of this age through the Blessing bestowed on us as True Parents’ prerogative. Now our ancestors can be liberated and blessed and come again to earth and cooperate with their descendants. Thus they can go to the kingdom of heaven, even if they are presently in hell.

1  Your ancestors who have gone to the spirit world are like the angels in the angelic world, and the world you are living in now is like the world of Adam and Eve. It is also the world of your future grandchildren. The spirit world has the responsibility to help Adam and Eve, and you are in the position of Adam and Eve. So your ancestors in the spirit world, in the position of angels, will cooperate with you. If you cooperate with your ancestors, eventually you will be able to liberate them. This is the Principle.

2  You must liberate your ancestors. Their liberation serves to release your descendants. You have to restore Adam and Eve’s sons and daughters. Adam and Eve cannot do it. The principle is that the second generation must become one with Adam and Eve to achieve this restoration. This is an astonishing truth. In 6,000 years of human history, this is the first time the ancestor liberation ceremony could be held. The time is right, so I have directed that these ceremonies be held.

3  You must liberate all of your ancestors. You absolutely must liberate your first seven generations. Then, after the first seven generations of your ancestors, you need to liberate them up to 120 generations. If you do that for your ancestors, you will be able to bless all 120 generations at once. If you were to do that, would the gates of hell tumble down, yes or no? If you do not do that, however, when I go to the spirit world, the spirit world will be in turmoil. On the other hand, if we can put the spirit world in order, spirits there will help settle problems on earth anytime.

4  Through True Parents’ direction and declaration, saints, sages, people who lived a religious life, and those conscientious young people who died before the age of 16 and are carrying bitter sorrow because of their early death, and all other spirits in the spirit world can now receive the Blessing. I liberated the ancestors of all nations, making it possible for them to go through the borders of the spirit world. Furthermore, I opened the door so that all of those ancestors can now receive the Blessing. Heung-jin and Daemonim at Cheongpyeong, in connection with Daehyungnim (True Father’s elder brother) and all Unification Church members, have now made it possible for all good spirits in the spirit world to connect to people on earth. As a result, those spirits are now elevated to the higher standard of True Parents and have an unbreakable connection with True Parents.

5  True Parents came in this era to find the homeland and nation in which to rectify the corrupted lineage of heaven and earth. We are now undertaking ancestor liberation and Blessing ceremonies at Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. Because the spirit world is an eternal world, unlike the case on earth, if you restore something there just one time, that restoration is finished. Because everything in the spirit realm is unidirectional, if the lineage is rectified, it is rectified for eternity.

Before a nation could be found, the Blessing of the Unification Church took place within the church, and was not rooted in a nation. Thus there remains the danger of committing sin, so we must surpass the level of the church and move the Blessing to the level of the nation. Therefore it is necessary to find a nation and register there. We also have to go beyond the national level. In doing so, we should not hope for a secular country. Centering on God’s Will, we have to go in an absolutely singular direction. We cannot just go this way and that. We cannot make excuses. God does not want merely to hear pleas for perfecting the fallen world. No matter what sacrifice it may require, True Parents have to put the mess of the physical world and the spiritual world in order.

6  Any spirit who has been liberated and then received education is able to receive the Blessing and become an absolute good spirit. Even if your ancestors are in hell, they can still go to the kingdom of heaven by being liberated and then blessed. Your ancestors who are in hell in this era of True Parents need to know the tremendous value of the grace of receiving the Blessing. They should also know it is not easy to accomplish this. In order to enable them to reach such a position, you must become one in heart and body and offer conditions of devotion with dedication and utmost sincerity.

7  Up until now, God has appeared in the form of light in the spirit world, like the light from a radiant diamond. God, who is the substantial Being of wonder and heightened awareness, has appeared in the form of light to give instructions, but there was yet no way for God to instruct from the position of the Parent of humankind. God could not freely teach or guide us. From that midpoint position in which He was situated, the things He could solve were the ones He could delegate; He could not solve everything from beginning to end. True Parents, however, have established this beginning and end for both the physical world and the spiritual world.

Had they not done so, Heung-jin would not have been able to work in the spirit world. Up until now the saints have been coming back to earth to receive education for 40 days and make a foundation to liberate the spirit realm. Ancestor liberation is the way to open the door for all those ancestors who were not filial children of God, knowing His suffering heart and the bitter sorrow from which He is waiting to be liberated, to finally become those filial children of God. This is why the era has come when, starting from the family, we can finally attend God.

Originally ancestors in the spirit world were not able to receive the Blessing. This is because the angelic world has never received the object-partner right of ownership. However, the Returning Lord has cut off and eradicated all the satanic things introduced into the world by Adam after he turned 16. Following that, He is able to give the Blessing. This is why families in the spirit world are able to come to earth, cooperate with families in the position of Adam’s blessed family and be blessed. The era in which spirits can receive the Blessing has come.

Those who are in the spirit world are in the younger brother position. They are attending through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience the members of the substantial blessed family of Adam, who are on earth in the elder brother position. This means that the angelic world must now offer its support to the earthly world, in order to accomplish the creation of the Adamic culture.

8  Because the woman, Eve, fell and made this world so wretched, it is women who must liberate and bless the ancestors who are in the realm of the archangel. This work of liberation has expanded the extent to which spirits are able to come down to the world and offer their help. This can bring an immense and indescribably significant outcome.

The Principle teaches that if we make effort, it must work this way. Your ancestors can be liberated only with the help of the Cheongpyeong training center. This is because I have entrusted this work to Heung-jin. Both the liberation and the Blessing of ancestors are taking place in Korea. Japan, as the Eve nation, should also take the lead in thoroughly setting things straight without leaving a single spirit person unliberated.

9  We have to liberate and bless our ancestors. All your relatives and ancestors with your surname should be blessed and should make a foundation for the liberation of the angelic world and the physical world. We have to consider this a matter of grave importance. This must be done even if employing great force of character. People in the spirit world do not have an ideal partner because they never received permission to have one. Your own mothers and siblings there surely grieve because of this. But through the authority of True Parents to give the Blessing, you are able to bless all of your ancestors based upon True Parents’ permission.

10  Your ancestors are brought to the Cheongpyeong training center to be liberated; then they receive education and, after that, the Blessing. Liberation cannot be done in a random fashion. You must pay the price to open the way for all the ancestors in your clan to be liberated. Regarding your ancestors’ present condition, if we compare them to a tree, their roots are stunted, as well as their stems, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit. You must liberate everything. Liberation is a wonderful thing. We must create a branch with a healthy root, stem and sprout that contains the life of heaven. We should engraft this branch. In this way the true branch will appear, and then proper leaves will unfold, flowers will bloom and fruit will be borne. We should make sure that groves of true olive trees are the only ones standing. This is the mission of the people of Cheon Il Guk, and their responsibility and mission for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

11  When you liberate your ancestors, you should bless them as well. Since you are a family who is here on earth in the Abel position, you need to release them from their sorrow over having gone to the spirit world without having had the chance to change their lineage. Through this, your family in the Abel position becomes the elder brother, and your ancestors become your younger siblings. The liberation will also engraft them to the family standards that True Parents have established. This is the shift that takes place through tribal messiahship. When the elder brother and younger brother become one, the whole family can receive the Blessing, and then your whole town can receive it. This is how, when you take responsibility for doing tribal messiahship in your district, focusing on the members of your family with the same surname, you can give the Blessing to all the people there.

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