Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 86

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 5: Globalization of the Blessing, Paragraph 13 - 21

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13  Looking externally, it may appear to people as if the Unification Church is following the path of Christianity, but those people do not know the internal reality, that we have gone through a history of struggle. We have gone through many arduous struggles in order to separate from Satan. In doing so, the path of salvation, by which all humanity returns to God’s embrace, has expanded through eight successive levels from the individual, to the family, and will surpass the world level based on blessed families, through the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing and the 40-year course.

14  True Parents have undergone 12 courses. The 3.6 Million Couples was the 12th course. We have to surpass these 12 courses. I interpret the word Arirang with the Chinese characters ae (愛) meaning “love,” the character ri (里) meaning “distance,” from the word “village,” and the character ryeong (嶺) from the word for mountain. Thus it means “looking for the village that we love.” In the Korean song “Arirang,” there are 12 mountain peaks. Passing over those mountain peaks is hard work. Now that I have passed through those 12 courses, everything has been leveled all at once. That is why we can now freely go anywhere.

15  Until the completion of the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, which was proclaimed on July 15, 1997, I was consumed with the overwhelming urgency of the providence. But heaven was able to work and bring victory. On August 9, we proclaimed the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The time for its settlement will come. The gates of the spirit world will open and spirits will come to earth. Events we cannot even imagine will take place during that time. That is why I proclaimed the achievement of the 3.6 Million Couples on July 15.

16  Having achieved the 36 Million Couples Blessing, we could also give holy wine to any baby in the womb of one of those newly blessed families. No matter the extent to which you may have neglected your life and allowed it to become stained, you should never forget that the baby in your womb has inherited the absolute pure lineage and is no longer connected to the fallen lineage. You should not fail to set the condition of bequeathing the holy wine to your children. You have to be one with God’s nation and pledge loyalty to Him, and as you do so, have them drink the holy wine. Doing this constitutes rebirth. The child in your womb is not Satan’s child.

The 360 Million-400 Million Couples: Planting seeds worldwide

The International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 360 Million Couples was held at Madison Square Garden in New York on June 13, 1998, and broadcast live to 195 nations. The second phase took place at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul on February 7, 1999. True Parents had disclosed earlier that this marriage Blessing ceremony should be held in the United States, the elder son nation, and then in Japan, the mother nation. At this time a spirit world Blessing ceremony was also conducted. On February 13, 2000, the first phase of the 400 Million Couples Blessing Ceremony was held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul. The second phase was held at the UN Headquarters in New York, on January 27, 2001 and the third phase was held at the Fencing Gymnasium in Seoul Olympic Park on February 16, 2002. In this way, the 400 Million Couples Blessing took place in multiple phases.

17  When the 3.6 Million Couples are blessed, everything will be completely level. It should be as when a river flows into the sea. When the water from a major river enters the sea, it is at its slowest moving point surrendering and being completely absorbed by the ocean, the subject partner. All movement comes and goes based on the logic of heaven and earth. Why is it good to move immediately to the 360 Million Couples Blessing right after the 36 Million Couples Blessing? It is because we have already gone over the hurdle of the mountain, and have come down into the ravine of the mountain valley. We went over the peaks of the formation and growth stages, and now reached the plateau where we can go beyond the completion level of the growth stage. That is why we have reached the stage of the 360 Million Couples Blessing. This is the realm of completion.

18  The reason True Parents have been working hard is to find the ideal kingdom of heaven based on ideal and absolute love. That is the reason we have come to this point. After finding the ideal of love, we had to bequeath it. To bequeath that ideal, we held the 30,000 Couples Blessing. The standard process was the 30,000 Couples Blessing as the formation stage, the 360,000 Couples Blessing as the growth stage, and the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing as the completion stage. Because the foundation was set, it was possible to hold the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing and the 36 Million Couples Blessing in 1997. We were so busy then; it was as if waterfalls were rushing down from the sky. Now, when the day of the victory of the 360 Million Couples comes, the unified world of the realm of heart will come to this earth and the whole universe. Then the families that are living in this realm of heart will be the same as the perfection of Adam’s family. When you enter the spirit world after living in the kingdom of heaven on earth, the gates of the kingdom of heaven in heaven will be opened.

19  In the Completed Testament Age, we have to complete the ideal of marriage. Through the 360 Million Couples Blessing, we will restore what was lost in Adam’s family. After this has been accomplished, the age will come in which you, as original parents who are not connected to the Fall of Adam, are able to bless your children, based on original love, life, and lineage. That is the coming of the era of the Fourth Adam after the eras of the First, Second, and Third Adams. After the 360 Million Couples Blessing, we will enter the realm of the Fourth Adam, in which we no longer need to pay indemnity. Thus, we will enter the era in which parents can bless their children in the Garden of Eden on behalf of God. Later, based on the families and relatives you yourselves have blessed, the direct pathway leading to heaven can be established.

The reason why indemnity was necessary during the eras and realms of the First and Second Adams is that traces of Satan’s corrupted blood lineage still remained. By entering into the realm of the Fourth Adam, and cutting off the lineage of Satan’s world, these traces were eradicated completely. Because of this, all humankind, all the families in the world, can stand on the same level and in the same liberated position as Adam and Eve who would have lived an original life in the Garden of Eden, and receive the Blessing all at once.

20  After carrying out the 400 Million Couples Blessing, we should hold a pure love pledge ceremony focusing on elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities. We are carrying this out to protect the young people. If we just leave them, eventually they will fall. This is why we conduct the pure love ceremony. Parents, the school and even police officers should join together to make a wholesome environment so that young people will not want to deviate. Young people are in the same position as the unfallen Adam and Eve, so we should create a protective environment to prevent the Fall from ever happening again. In the time of Adam and Eve, they did not have an environment that protected them; their environment allowed them to fall. They fell because there were only the two of them. However, in our time, parents and entire families, teachers and entire schools, mayors and police must create a system that will protect young people from falling.

21  True Parents can eliminate all national-level persecution and bring about the surrender of Satan, based on the flesh and spirit. Together with God, I was able to set up a unified family foundation, and from there we could make a foundation on the national level, as Israel should have done in Jesus’ time. When this foundation expands to the world level, everything will be completed. I have expelled Satan from the spirit world and the satanic world of hell. Through this I have given rebirth to this world and now, with your support, the authority of Israel has expanded to the global level. Because the people of the world can receive the Blessing as the chosen people, and the authority of Israel has expanded to the global level, the Unification Church could bless the 400 Million Couples. Because I have completed all the courses in the physical world and the spiritual world, you can conquer everything through a heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to True Parents.

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