Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 83

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 4: The 6500, 30,000 and Second-Generation Couples, Paragraph 05 - 20

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5  When the Seoul Olympic Games were in full swing, on September 27, 1988, we True Parents conducted a Ceremony for Providential Unification and Transition. On that foundation, we could declare Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World on October 3 of the same year. This was the basis for joining in matrimony the youth of Korea, the Adam nation, and of Japan, the Eve nation. Because at the Olympic Games we made bonds among the youth of the world, in the position of the second-generation, we then could give the cross-cultural marriage Blessing to the young people of the Unification movement. This Blessing joined together the children of the Adam nation and the Eve nation as representatives of Adam and Eve on the individual level, and restored the Fall in their family. On this foundation, we came to stand as the Parents on the national level.

6  On October 30, 1988, I conducted the 6500 Couples Blessing Ceremony. It was a cross-cultural marriage between Japanese and Koreans. People talked about how I got Unification Church members to marry each other after looking at their photographs. People assumed that the brides and grooms would be able to communicate with each other, but they could not. Since I had matched people who did not know each other’s language, thousands of them sat in silence holding each other’s hands tightly. Why were they so silent? It was because they did not know each other’s language. Wherever they went, they would not let go of their partner’s hand. Fifteen thousand people gathered there, so if they had let go and lost their spouse, it might have been difficult for them to find each other again! Even at mealtimes they stayed close. They could not converse with one another, but it was beautiful the way they held each other’s hands. The Unification Church is the only place where one can see such a thing.

The 30,000 Couples: An international and interracial marriage festival

On August 25, 1992, young men and women from 131 nations participated in the International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 30,000 Couples held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The significance of this Blessing, which was part of the first World Culture and Sports Festival, was that it opened the age of the globalization of the Blessing. This was the first time a Blessing Ceremony had been broadcast by satellite. Blessing candidates in six nations who were unable to reach Korea due to difficulties with flight reservations or other issues, were thus able to participate.

7  In 1992, the International Blessing Ceremony of 30,000 Couples took place. The number 3 is the number of completion and it represents heaven. It refers to the 3 stages of formation, growth and completion. The fact that 30,000 Couples were blessed raises it to the worldwide level. This means that opposition to the mass marriages of the Unification Church is beginning to disappear. The worldwide level is beyond nation, race and culture, so there are no barriers.

Until now, no one could solve the problems that caused these barriers, so people ordinarily married someone from their own nation, their own clan, or a clan with which they already had some relationship. This ceremony removed the barriers between nations, races, religions and cultures for the first time, and so everyone participating in the marriage movement could come together as brothers and sisters. It was a historic international marriage Blessing ceremony.

8  The 30,000 Couples Blessing was an international marriage Blessing that transcended nation, region, religion and ideology. If you have 30,000 couples it is 60,000 people. This large number of people got married, not in ten days, but in one. They were not all just from one nation. People from all races and more than 130 nations participated. Notwithstanding skin color, human beings are basically the same. We are one. The culture of living for the sake of others is the same everywhere. It is a humble lifestyle, but these families will spread it across the globe. Think of how it will be if people like us occupy most of the world. In 20 years, it will become one world, becoming one nation. That time will come.

9  At the 30,000 Couples Blessing, I blessed even people who did not have much merit. This was done in order to send them as tribal messiahs to liberate their clans. Until now, members’ parents opposed the Unification Church and whole clans opposed it. The parents whose children joined were among the most intense opponents. I am liberating those parents who opposed us.

10  The families of the world must come together in an alliance to create one world nation and give rise to a global family federation that transcends the nation. The International 30,000 Couples Blessing Ceremony represents this. This was a world-level ceremony of resurrection for families. As we carried out this world family resurrection ceremony, not only Japan and America, but the whole world opposed us. However, the time will come when people turn from opposing me to welcoming me, even when I ask families to relocate. Witnessing to your family will go smoothly once each of you has the real capability to fulfill your role as a proactive leader.

11  When the tide turns, it takes six hours to reach the high water mark. It is a long, slow process for the water to reach this horizontal level, and so too is it with the providence. But the time has changed, and if we restore through indemnity the national and worldwide standards, everyone can stand on a level plane within one hour. This is due to the merit of the age. True Parents come to give the Blessing to all people of the world, regarding them as being on an equal footing. Were there no accusations from Satan, the heart of God would swing all of humanity back to His side all at once. For this reason, on the condition that they attend a one-week Divine Principle workshop, anyone can reach high tide and True Father can give them the Blessing on the same high tide standard. This we achieved through the 30,000 Couples Blessing.

12  Adam and Eve married wrongfully, so it is only through the marriage Blessing that we can create a unified world of all nations. That is why the Blessing ceremony takes place in the name of God. The 30,000 Couples Blessing was conducted by True Parents on the horizontal plane. This means all participants inherited the same realm of merit. Cain and Abel are no longer fighting, but have become one. Cain and Abel are far away from heaven, but because we have to realize the will of heaven to unite all worldwide Cain and Abel territories with God’s love, we hold the international marriage Blessing ceremony. Heaven has banished Satan and retrieved the world. For the first time, the foundation is laid for the family, tribe, nation, world and the universe. Heaven will arise on that foundation. Through becoming one with the Returning Lord, we can begin to form families that cast out Satan. The global age representing such families was the three-year course based on the 30,000 Couples Blessing.

13  The Fall occurred due to the absence of a God-centered marriage. Therefore, we must marry centered on God and True Parents. Only then can we be part of God’s lineage. At the time of the 30,000 Couples Blessing Ceremony, I had to make preparations so that these couples’ names could be placed on the official family record. I took full responsibility and raised humanity to the position where they could be liberated. People can believe that for anyone who attends the seven-day workshop and receives the Blessing, True Parents will liberate them through indemnifying their history.

The second-generation: Blessing and responsibility

The first marriage Blessing ceremony of second-generation members, children of blessed families, was for 36 Couples and was held at the Little Angels Arts Hall in Seoul on April 12, 1986. On that day, True Parents told the participants, “At this point in time when a new history is about to unfold, you are not marrying just for yourselves; instead, you are getting married to advocate a great revolution in the Unificationist family. You should understand this clearly. Therefore, you should take part in this ceremony bearing the weight of the all-important mission to create a new chapter in history."

14  True Parents are the root of the second-generation blessed families. Therefore you have to hold my words in higher regard than those of anyone else, even those of your own family members. By attending True Parents you inherit the tradition that will bring forth a God-centered nation and a God-centered world, in heaven and on earth. Your family is the first doorway. It is like a tree whose leaves and branches are to connect vertically the traditions of heaven, the world and the nation. Accordingly, your family is the horizontal representative of heaven, the world and the nation, and therefore, you have to own the traditions of the nation, the world and the kingdom of heaven. This has to be the mainstream of your thinking. As two individuals, you become one and make a beginning as a new clan, separated from the history of Satan’s world.

15  Why must I bless members of the second-generation? If the world is persecuting a blessed family, this should mean that I cannot bless the second-generation. But now, from the providential perspective, Unificationist blessed families have passed beyond the time of persecution. Who made this possible? Did your mother and father make it possible? True Parents did. Who is above True Parents? Heavenly Father is. Restoration can take place only when you attend three generations of parents. With God and True Parents as the vertical center, you have to attend the three generations of parents at the point where the vertical and horizontal connect. I did not fail in attending the vertical Parent, but attended Him completely. That is why I could establish myself in the world. Connected with heaven above, my roots have gone deep. I came to earth, and the horizontal realm extended from the many families including those of your parents. Their mission is to be the models that can connect to all families of the world based on the ideal of peace.

16  It is remarkable that we can bless the second-generation of the Unificationist families. So far, some blessed families have made mistakes, creating the conditions by which Satan accuses them. Now that their children are receiving the Blessing, they are forming God’s second line of defense. You have to realize that I have given you the Blessing on the national level. Upon the worldwide foundation that True Parents established, all the people of the Republic of Korea follow, spiritually, the direction of the Unification Church.

17  Those second-generation couples who have received the Blessing have to become the heads of blessed families. This is like the lead goose who guides the flock in the right direction. All of you were called here to represent your clans—the Kims, if you are a Kim, and the Paks, if you are a Pak. You must recover a nation. From that point of view, you did not receive the Blessing for yourselves.

18  For 40 years, I have struggled to create the foundation for heaven at the family level. I have reached this point by fighting intensely and undergoing severe battles with nations. When the foundation for a family-centered heaven centered on God’s love and on True Parents unites completely with the foundation for the four-position foundation based on Cain-type parents, that is where heaven begins from. This is why members of the second-generation are being put in leadership positions, and why I blessed the 36 Couples of the second-generation as an indemnity condition for restoration.

19  Each second-generation blessed couple has to restore the authority to knock out Satan with one blow. They have to be able to proclaim, “I cannot represent the world and the universe, and I cannot speak for God, but there is no doubt that as an individual, I am a son who can knock out Satan." Representing the individual, you must be able to grab Satan by the collar with confidence and make him shiver with fear. You must become the champion who, as an individual, can bring the great enemy of the universe, Satan, to submission.

20  Second-generation blessed families are original families that Satan cannot invade from any direction: from the north, south, east or west, from above or below, front or back, left or right. You must reach out to the north, south, east and west with love. The second-generation families have to shoulder this responsibility. Members of second-generation blessed families must not get caught up in illicit love relationships.

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