Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 84

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 4: The 6500, 30,000 and Second-Generation Couples, Paragraph 21 - 29

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21  In regard to second-generation education, I have emphasized the importance of giving up all bad habits they have had until now. They have to start with the Unification Church, inherit the church traditions and cultivate new habits with God and True Parents at the center. Second-generation members who did not receive the Blessing and chose to live just as they wanted to have to come back. They cannot marry outside the Unification Church. According to Mosaic law, adultery was punished by stoning to death. A time more terrible than that may come in the future. The life of someone who acts against heavenly law and brings ruin to his or her nation and the world has no value. This is a very serious problem.

22  Unification Church members should not be secularized. The day of a great movement for purification will come. All of the second-generation 36-couple blessed families need to follow True Parents’ exact directions. Should you all make mistakes, the ancestral lines of all 72 of you will be affected. They will demonstrate in the spirit world. They will protest, saying, “These children were born after their parents joined the Unification Church and received the Blessing! What is this?” If that happens, your sons and daughters will not turn out well and their path will not be smooth. True Parents have no choice but to move forward, not cutting these children off but carrying the burden of their sins and bearing the cross. Parents must not think, “My son and daughter have received the second-generation Blessing, so we can now live without regard to principles."

Expand the fulfillment of God’s Will throughout the world, and bless the world. Parents need to know that our destined path toward the blessing of eternal liberation remains. Who will take the lead? Since blessed families could not fulfill their responsibilities, their sons and daughters have to lead the way.

23  You blessed second-generation members need to listen only to the words of True Parents. You must do so. If you do not, you will fall. The second-generation members must take up the cross. You are in such an important position, to bear the cross for what your fathers and mothers did wrong, or even for the wrongdoings your sons and daughters may commit in the future. To minimize this, you must be responsible, carry the cross and make sacrifices for three generations. True Parents also go through this, even if they have to put you into a situation of sacrifice.

This is why you must obey True Parents’ words absolutely. Just because you have a mouth, it does not mean that you can simply say anything you please. If you complain about the world and the society, Satan can enter you. The logic of dialectical materialism is based on conflict. It starts with complaint. At this time, Satan is attempting to bring to ruin the fulfillment of God’s Will in the world by means of a theory that causes confusion. You must not let this chaos trap you and drag you into evil ways.

24  I spent 40 years turning around and patching up 4,000 years of history. I straightened out the crooked paths beginning from the origin of heart and even showed humanity the way of liberation. The fact that God could descend and build the kingdom of heaven on earth is like a dream. It sounds like a lie, but it is the truth. We are in a blessed position. Until I have founded a nation, I will not show my legs. While I was in prison, I covered them up. I did not want them to be seen by Satan’s world. I did not sit just anywhere. In this way, I took care of my body. Before I sat down, or stood up from where I was, I never failed to sanctify the spot with holy salt. I have lived in such a way that I did not defile anything. The path I have walked was the original way, designed to be entirely separate from Satan’s world. Your father and mother suffer in their hearts because they could not inherit that tradition. You members of the second generation must strive to inherit and live up to that tradition.

25  As a second-generation member, you should not be complacent. You must begin a new history based on our tradition. Only then can you become a huge tree. You still need to face persecution. If there is no external persecution, True Parents and your parents will persecute you. This is because you are to drive in roots that cannot be pulled out. You have to do it with love. You have to drive in the root of our teaching so thoroughly that no one can pull it out. If you make that your foundation, a sprout will grow from there. That new existence will grow in proportion to that foundation. God showers His blessings on your clan in that same way.

26  Second-generation blessed families must be trained properly. The second-generation must go out to pioneer. If you want to become a huge tree, you have to plant your root deeply. How do you plant your spreading root deep in the soil? A tree that is planted at the top of a mountain cannot get its root down deeply enough and it will naturally dry out. The roots of a tree must go down into a deep place in the valley so that they can receive protection and nutrients. If the roots are exposed to the air, they get cold. When the wind blows, such a tree can easily topple over. That is why your root should also be planted deeply in a valley.

The good things of the world are not only at the summit. They are not only up there but are also at the lowest of places. The root is the most precious part of the tree. It is buried beneath the surface and is unseen. The tree grows from the vertical line of its main root. As the main root moves deeper and deeper into the ground, it will branch out in all directions. The trunk and branches grow in proportion to the root. The root is first. When the root grows, the seeds sprout and the tree buds. The relationship between heaven and humanity is the reverse of this. Humankind’s root is heaven.

27  I am giving you the Blessing so that your offspring will be more outstanding than you. If those who received the 36 and 72 Couples Second-generation Blessing do not follow the Will, a big problem will arise. Because of God’s Will, I abandoned my country, my parents, my wife and my children. What does it mean that I abandoned my nation? It was not my doing; it was Satan’s world that pushed me out. In relation to the work I am doing now, I feel as if I have been swimming across the ocean and just came upon the island to which I am exiled. In order to inherit this tradition, you have to create your own foundation. Just as I have done this work in order to establish a worldwide foundation, so too the members of the second-generation have to build their own foundation. Do not be indebted to your relatives, your colleagues and those associated with you.

28  You all have to be grateful for the fact that the Unification Church already has entered the blessed land of Canaan after completing the 40-year course to restore Canaan. On the national level, there is no way the Unification Church can be stopped. We are at the stage where the learned people and general public feel that the nation will not survive if it does not follow the ways of the Unification Church. This is the point from which we have to go forward. This is the point from which the second-generation blessed families must march forward, becoming locomotives, cannonballs, and breaking through to a new history. It has to be all of you. Getting married is not simply about being an individual. In the Unificationist family, people are marrying in order to advocate a great revolution. Third parties are not welcome to impose any of their ways, ideas or opinions into this relationship. No matter what, you have to turn to True Parents. No third party intervention is permitted.

29  Jacob had 12 sons. Among them, Joseph and Benjamin, the 11th and 12th sons, received the most blessing. Their ten older brothers, who did Satan’s bidding, hated those two. But despite receiving opposition and contemptuous treatment from ten in his family, Joseph showed the example of overcoming a terrible ordeal with an absolutely loving heart. Although Joseph’s brothers tried to drown him by throwing him in a well and later sold him, he did not accept the fact that his brothers were trying to put him in a position to be killed. Instead he loved them, putting aside his authority and desire. The love that Joseph had for his brothers became a condition for the whole nation of Israel to live.

You second-generation members have to go that path too. I do not give the Blessing to members of the second-generation so that they can live well on their own. It is so that they become representatives who embrace and save people who oppose and hate the Unification Church, who are like those ten brothers, and so that they respond to the call to enter into God’s realm of love. In other words, you are sons and daughters of the blessed families who are in the position of Joseph. This is the path that the children of the blessed families have to take. When God and True Parents bless the sons and daughters of the blessed families and create a beautiful living environment for them, it is not for your sake but for the sake of the world.

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