Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 82

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 3: The 777, 1800, 2075 and 6000 Couples, Paragraph 06
Section 4: The 6500, 30,000 and Second-Generation Couples, Paragraph 04

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5  The 777 Couples need to stand in the vanguard for three years. They have to fulfill their final mission. Until now, blessed families have never been in such a situation. Now that the Blessing is being held across boundaries, God’s wish is coming true on this earth. Cain and Abel must unite as one and go from the individual to the family, tribe, people, nation and world. For us to progress through these stages, Cain and Abel need to be victorious. That is a fundamental rule. Therefore, you need to offer sacrifices for the sake of the world. When every nation does this, world unity will come automatically. My work today is based on this strategy.

The 1800 Couples: Attracting global attention

The International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 1800 Couples was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on February 8, 1975. Participating in this ceremony were a total of 1,816 couples, consisting of 892 couples from Korea (including 18 who were Korean residents in Japan), 811 couples from Japan, 111 couples from Europe and America, and two couples from Taiwan. Among them, 87 couples were matched internationally. A total of 20 nations were represented. The minister of the Board of National Unification gave a congratulatory address, and after the ceremony the participants held a motorcade through downtown Seoul.

6  On February 8, 1975, the 1800 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was conducted. Not only True Parents’ family but also all members of the Unification Church worldwide need to appear before the world on the individual and family levels. Since this is God’s Will, we need to show our victory on the family level, based on the accomplishments during the first and second seven-year courses. Held on the basis of the third seven-year course, the 1800 Couples Blessing Ceremony was a demonstration, an aggressive campaign to plant your families on the horizontal plane with True Parents at the center.

7  The 1800 Couples Blessing took place at the first moment we entered the third seven-year course. From the viewpoint of God’s Will, we have entered the realm of completion, no longer the fallen realm, through the third seven-year course. So you need to plant this in history as a shining tradition. The 1800 Couples Blessing is a world-level Blessing with people from 20 nations participating. In the work of establishing the standard for supranational traditions, you, as representatives of Korea, must not feel there is anything to be ashamed of. Korea is in the running with every other country. Since many couples in Korea have received the Blessing, as people of the leading nation you need to establish a shining tradition. You should not fall as Adam and Eve fell, by doing whatever you feel like. Relying absolutely on the words of God and True Parents, you should become families whom God and True Parents desire.

The 2075 and 6000 Couples: Gaining a global foothold

On July 1, 1982, the International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 2075 Couples was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It is of great significance that it took place while True Father was embroiled in a court case. The Blessing ceremony included, among others, 705 couples who were engaged in May of 1979, another 843 couples engaged in December of 1980, and 653 couples engaged in June of 1982. On October 14, 1982, the International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 6000 Couples was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. The 6000 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony drew couples from 85 nations, including 1,500 couples from Korea, 3,600 from Japan, 90 from Southeast Asia, 150 from the United States, 100 from Central and South America, 400 from Europe, and 60 from Africa.

8  On July 1, 1982, the Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 2075 Couples was held. When there is a wedding in a village of even only one couple, it is cause for celebration, so opposing a wedding of thousands of couples is surely wrong. I am sure the police were shocked to see that there were no protesters at this Blessing ceremony. It must have been a huge shock to Western society. From now on, you should all be very proud of our marriage Blessing ceremonies.

9  Right now I am in a court struggle in the United States. If I were an ordinary person, I would be making a commotion as if someone had died. Instead, however, I officiated at a wedding of more than 2,000 couples. This has a very great significance. When my history is recorded, it will be seen that days like these carry the most value. The fact that I am doing such public work for the sake of a country that opposes me is enough to turn history around. Why am I rushing these things? It is because we still have a long way to go before we can hold the Moscow rally.

10  In view of God’s providence, the 6000 Couples Blessing Ceremony was an event by which we reached the conclusive end of a phase of history. If the Unification Church, which started in Korea, had remained in Korea, it would not have had any influence on the world; much less would it have achieved this result, gathering the hearts of people from across the globe. Through our movement for global expansion, by which we spread out to the international stage, the Blessing was a good way for us to rally the heart of all the people in the world. People from 85 nations participated in the event. Not only people of the free world, but also people of the communist world participated, and this is truly historic. From a spiritual point of view, the ceremony itself was an occasion for innumerable ancestors from the spirit world to join forces, all the ancestors from the 85 nations.

During the course of the providence there have been many blessed works that we can be proud of, but this was the first time in the history of God’s providence that the entire spirit world came together on an international platform. And at that moment, when young people from 85 nations from across the world received the Blessing, both the spiritual environment and the couples themselves focused their attention on a single point transcending nations. There has never been a time in history where the focal point of the spirit world and the earthly world have been aligned like this, and there never will be again. It was a joyful occasion that transcended both worlds. This is why, from God’s point of view, it is something to be proud of.

11  The Unification Church conducts marriage Blessing ceremonies in order to build a world of love. The Unification Church does not permit racial discrimination. In true love, no one can say that white people are different from black people. This is why the Unification Church is great and its members are different. When I conducted the 6000 Couples International Marriage Blessing Ceremony, I blessed about 70 African-Japanese couples. I did not force them; they did this of their own volition.

12  The people who participated in the 6000 Couples Blessing came from the world over. By this event, the races are being bound together and both vertical history and horizontal history are being turned upside down. The upper and lower in history are completely reversed, and east and west are interchanged. Thus, all historical currents are changing. The tides are shifting. The ideal of the family is achieved based on love and, through this Blessing, the incoming tide of love has started to flow from God’s side for the first time in world history. Finally, rejuvenated love will come to the planet Earth. This is coming about through the 6000 Couples Blessing. The number 6 is Satan’s number and the 6,000 Couples can destroy Satan’s realm from the inside. Flying the 6,000 Couples’ flag of love will bring Satan’s world to a complete end.

Section 4. The 6500, 30,000 and Second-Generation Couples

The 6500 Couples: Opening the era of cross-cultural Blessings

The 6500 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held at the Ilhwa Yon-gin Factory on October 30, 1988. Candidates from 17 nations participated, many of whom were cross-cultural couples from Korea and Japan, including 1,435 couples with Korean bridegrooms and Japanese brides, and 973 couples with Japanese bridegrooms and Korean brides. In addition, 3,660 couples in which both bride and groom were Japanese took part. At the engagement ceremony for this Blessing, True Parents matched most couples by their photographs.

1  When I blessed the 6500 Couples, I matched Japanese with Koreans, making cross-cultural couples. Why did I do this? Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. The world was lost because Adam and Eve married according to their own will, and this event was to turn that around on the national level.

2  Through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing of younger generation members on the national level, Satan’s world broke down. And on the foundation of the era of True Parents’ full authority, the ideal of heaven and earth could be established. The 6500 Couples represent this history. It was arranged within one week. At first, the Japanese leaders were in an uproar, saying, “We cannot do something like that," but as they did their utmost to follow my direction, the Japanese government and the Korean embassy helped it happen. The nations of Japan and Korea both set conditions by supporting this event.

3  On October 3, 1988, I declared Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World. Based upon this declaration, a country can emerge. Since Adam and Eve fell as individuals and went to Satan, in order to restore this through indemnity, we must advance based on the second-generation of the Adam and Eve nations, which represent Satan’s world. It is the same as restoring the second-generation of Israelites who entered the land of Canaan. The people of Israel returned to Canaan, where they were influenced by the seven Canaanite tribes. Through intermarriage they were morally corrupted, and the society fell apart as the result of their wickedness and promiscuity.

Reversing this, True Parents performed a cross-cultural marriage Blessing for Korean and Japanese young people, who were like the second-generation. This is the same as one nation marrying another nation. Satan’s world appeared because Adam and Eve, who married in the Garden of Eden, did so without God’s blessing. Now, through the cross-cultural marriage of Adam nation and Eve nation representatives, with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents at the center, the gate has opened for heaven to embrace the national level.

4  Korea and Japan are enemy nations, but I ignored this and conducted a cross-cultural marriage Blessing in Korea. Neither Korea nor Japan could oppose this. There has never been a time in history when people married a person simply after having seen a photograph, much less a person from a foreign country with whom they could not even communicate. Because this Blessing ceremony of 6,500 such couples was conducted in the name of God amid a warm reception from everyone, Satan could not invade.

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