Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 81

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 2: The 72 Couples, 124 Couples and 430 Couples, Paragraph 21
Section 3: The 777, 1800, 2075 and 6000 Couples, Paragraph 04

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21  I have granted amnesty and opened a path to the Blessing even to those who lived as they liked in their families. Through this, these mothers and fathers can be recognized as having the same value as those standing in the position of the unfallen Adam and Eve or unfallen sons and daughters of the heavenly kingdom. If the Unification Church recognizes them as such, the entire world has to do so as well. Through the founding of the Women’s Federation for World Peace and the movement for women’s liberation, I opened the door by which Adam and Eve, who had fallen at the family level, can return to the level of an unfallen family. I am granting amnesty to all families in the world outside the Unification Church. This is not something that happens every day. After this period passes, already married couples will have to go to a tribal messiah to receive the Blessing. Tribal messiahs are those who will bless them.

22  In the morning, when it is time for the sun to rise, it rises naturally. In the same way, even through difficult circumstances, I created an environment where everyone in the world can receive the Blessing. This is historic. The Blessing began in 1961 and it was globalized from 1992. We waited patiently until 1992 and then started to expand it. From that point, we conducted Unification Church Blessing ceremonies for the general public. We did this in keeping with the dawn of the era of women.

23  Christianity and Islam see each other as enemies and cannot even dream of uniting. Nonetheless, they need to become one. This is why True Father and True Mother blessed them in the International Couples Blessing Ceremony on April 10, 1992. Because Jesus was crucified, he could not find his Bride, who was to be the True Mother. But I resolved everything through the already married couples wedding. This Blessing created the realm of the resurrected Jesus on the national level. In that position I went beyond Rome and came to stand on the worldwide level. Transcending 2,000 years of history, I have built and restored a victorious domain and have thus established True Mother in the worldwide realm of Eve. This is why the era of women’s liberation is coming. It is the end now. Everything will be completed when I have finished blessing everyone. The path that leads to hell will be turned around 180 degrees.

24  Now, all blessed couples across the world have risen to the same level. Regardless of whether they are Christian or believe in another religion, I am exercising my prerogative as a True Parent to establish all couples on the same level. I blessed Abel in order to bless Cain. This is why I am establishing them in the same position. The parents of blessed couples married on their own and even opposed the Unification Church. As tribal messiahs, you need to raise your parents to the position of the unfallen Adam and Eve. By doing so, they can connect to True Parents at the center at all levels: family, tribe, people, nation and world. This is why at the time of the World Culture and Sports Festival in August 1992, I will open the door to all married couples around the world. When they receive the Blessing, the path will open for them to enter the realm of heaven’s lineage.

Singles Blessing

The first Singles Blessing ceremony was held on March 28, 1963 at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul. Those who could not be matched and blessed with a spouse on earth, due to considerations such as age, were given the opportunity to receive the Singles Blessing so that they would eventually be able to meet their spouse in the spirit world. Forty-one members, one man and 40 women, participated in this ceremony. All had been members for at least six years and were at least 60 years of age. Since then, many Singles Blessing ceremonies have been held.

25 I asked those who were 60 years or older, and too old to marry a physical partner even if they wanted to, to gather on Parents’ Day 1963. I did so in order to create a model for their family paradise in the world after death. Up until now paradise has not been for families. In it, people have not had a spouse. Their situation was the same as that of the angelic world. At this time, however, abiding by the principle of partnership, I need to equip elderly people on earth so they can reserve their place in the family paradise of the spirit world. According to God’s original intention, the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world is a place where one is surrounded by one’s family: parents, spouse and children. But if our members 60 years and older are unable to form families, I need to create a kingdom of heaven for them that is like God’s originally intended paradise. I must protect these people. At least I need to promise them that if they die and go to the spirit world without a spouse on earth, they will have one there.

26  Only when I, in the position of Adam, restore fallen Eves, can their spouses be restored through them as restored Eves. What this means is, by restoring Eve now, she comes to stand on heaven’s side and can save her future husband. Adam fell by listening to Eve, so once you become a restored Eve through this ceremony you will need to receive a man in the spirit world who will listen to your words, and make him one with you in order to restore him. You will find a spouse candidate in the spirit world, and become engaged. It begins with this Blessing ceremony for the restoration of Eve. It is followed by a ceremony to restore love spiritually through holy wine.

Once you have done these, then when you go to the next world you can choose your own spouse. There are many spirit men waiting there hoping to be chosen as a partner. You have this privilege. However, the fact that you have this privilege does not mean you can go there first and tell someone, “Let us live together.” You have to wait until I go. I have to go to the spirit world to give you my consent. You cannot do just as you please.

27  Heavenly Father, at 5:53 in the afternoon of November 7, 1978, I am performing the engagement ceremony of 101 couples, and I pray that You will permit it in Your holy name. Please allow this connection, by which Your daughters on earth and Your sons in the spirit world can be united as one. By matching Your daughters on earth with Your sons in the spirit world, I am bestowing upon them the right to form families when they go to the eternal world in the future, in the name of heaven and in the name of True Parents. So Heavenly Father, please accept them. I know that each and every one of them will remain as the objects of adoration hoped for by all spirits in the spirit world. I have determined right here and now the one connection by which after they have spent some time on this earth, they can go to the spirit world and be linked to their spouse. So Father, please grant this. I hope that, in this way, they can form eternal relationships of husband and wife when they go to spirit world by becoming one with their spouse in the name of True Parents. So Heavenly Father, please permit this. I wish to open the way for those here on earth to receive the Blessing conditionally, and for it to become substantial when they arrive in the spirit world. So Father, please allow this. I pray that You will permit the engagement of these 101 couples, and that You will also permit their future wedding ceremony.


Section 3. The 777, 1800, 2075 and 6000 Couples

The 777 Couples: Opening the era of the international Blessing

The International Marriage Blessing Ceremony of 777 Couples was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on October 21, 1970. There were 790 couples from ten nations participating, with 539 couples from Korea, 235 couples from Japan and 16 couples from Europe and America. After the ceremony, the brides and bridegrooms rode in a convoy of 42 buses through downtown Seoul. True Parents said that the 777 Couples Blessing signified the expansion of the marriage Blessing to the world.

1  In 1969, I blessed the 43 Couples as representatives of all the world’s nations. The 43 Couples are the global-level counterpart of the 430 Couples on the national level. All the tribes in Korea received the grace of entering the realm of heaven, and that is the internal foundation for all peoples in the world to enter that realm. Once these relational standards are connected, the tribes of the external world can connect to the Korean people, who have set the standard of indemnity in the internal world. On this foundation, we entered the age of international marriage. The Korean members will no longer belong just to the Unification Church of Korea on the level of an ethnic group; they will be members of the global Unification Church. By the same token, the German Unification Church members, for example, will not belong to the Unification Church of Germany on the level of that ethnic group; they will go beyond that and enter the realm of Unification Church membership on the world level. It is the age of a federation based on international marriage. We are entering this age, the age of international marriage, and it began with the 777 Couples as its foundation.

2  The world will enter the realm of the fortune of the Unification Church and begin a gradual shift. That is why on October 21, 1970, I was able to conduct the first international marriage Blessing ceremony, the Blessing of 777 Couples. Now everything is coming to us on the world level. Before this Blessing, True Parents went overseas to conduct the Blessing. We could not bring the couples to Korea and bless them here. Now, however, we can. People from ten nations participated in the ceremony. Through this the path by which any country can return to God was completed based on the ideal of the family. At that time it became possible for the world’s fortune to enter the realm of the fortune of the Unification Church.

3  True Parents had couples from ten nations participate in the 777 Couples Blessing Ceremony in 1970. They represented the world, indemnifying the number 10. By this we can organize a new tribe on the world level, based on the family. Since some of the couples were matched internationally, the tribe we are organizing is an international one. In short, we have established a standard by which we can organize a new tribe on a transnational scale. Had we not done so, no one other than Koreans would be able to join this movement. If we were to go forward prioritizing the Korean people, we would not be an international movement. By doing what we’ve done, however, we have opened up a path beyond the level of one ethnic people. Christianity had created a worldwide foundation. These 777 Couples were formed as a people in front of the providential Will, to represent that lost world-level foundation. They are a people formed to pay indemnity.

4  Through the 777 Couples Blessing, we built a bridge by means of which all peoples in the world can enter heaven. This providential work was fulfilled centering on ten nations. The 43 Couples were also from ten nations. There had to be at least ten nations. The 777 Couples Blessing was a worldwide declaration that opened the gates through which these ten nations can travel back and forth horizontally and these families can go anywhere without hindrance. Three sevens make 21. We restore through indemnity the critical moment of the sorrow of the numbers 3 and 7 through the 21-year course so that we can free ourselves from Satan’s accusation, based on the spiritual and physical worlds and on man and woman. The foundation of these ten nations frees all blessed families across the world from the realm of accusation. The 777 Couples embody this foundation. Now that this work is done, what belongs to Korea belongs to the world, and what belongs to the world belongs to Korea.

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