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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 1: The 36 Couples, Blessing three couples
Section 1: The 36 Couples, Paragraph 09

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Chapter 2   The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony

Section 1. The 36 Couples

Blessing three couples

On April 16, 1960, the marriage Blessing ceremony of three spiritual children and their spouses—Kim Won-pil and Jeong Dal-ok, Eu Hyo-won and Sa Gil-ja, and Kim Young-hwi and Jeong Dae-hwa—was held at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul. By having performed the engagement ceremony of three spiritual children before True Parents’ Holy Wedding, True Father set the condition that three main disciples attain an ideal unity with Jesus. True Father said that all Blessing candidates should have three spiritual children engaged prior to their own Blessing, and that those three children should receive the Blessing afterward.

The Blessing ceremony of those three couples was divided into two parts: the first was to restore all material things; and the second was the ceremony itself, where three couples were married for all eternity. The second ceremony consisted of the Ceremony for the Restoration of Children and the Main Wedding Ceremony. In his speech as officiator, True Father said, “Man and woman are created in God’s image, male and female. The union of one man and one woman is a central body that resembles both God’s yang and yin natures. Moreover, a couple formed by a man and woman reflects the ideal union of God in His entirety. In particular, the man represents His yang nature and so is the embodiment of True Father, and the woman represents His yin nature and so is the embodiment of True Mother. The act of becoming one in love is the act of embracing the cosmos. This is the reuniting of the universe.” He added that the Blessing of three spiritual children signifies the complete salvation of both the spiritual and physical realms.

1  In 1960, before I conducted the holy marriage Blessing, I engaged three couples out of the 36 Couples. After the Holy Wedding, I conducted the Blessing of those three couples. The Blessing of those three children, who are in the positions of Peter, James and John, established the condition of three children standing in the realm of God’s ideal centering on me. I set the victorious foundation whereby there can be absolutely no separation from me.

2  Jesus came representing Adam, and the Lord at the Second Advent comes representing Jesus. The Returning Lord also must have three obedient children of faith (that is, three spiritual children) because, in accordance with the formula of restoration, otherwise he will not be able to stand in the position of the True Parent. I must have three disciples who will absolutely follow me as filial sons, even in the midst of persecution, even if it means giving their lives. In April 1960, I was able to find and establish these three disciples.

Since the course of restoration is a backward-moving upward path, the Blessing is given first to the person who stands in the child’s position. Jacob’s family represents the realm of the family, so the foundation needs to be made based on the number 12. The three disciples, the three children, must go through a similar standard. On the day of the Holy Wedding in 1960, the position of the substantial Parents was confirmed after passing through the stage of engagement on the foundation of having established a reciprocal relationship with three children as the resurrected personages of Cain, Abel and Seth in Adam’s family.

Through this, the Parents became one with the three children of Adam’s family, who had been the source of painful regret for God. For the first time on earth this happened, in Korea. This is a world-level accomplishment. Since then, a new historic fortune began to manifest in Korea. On this foundation, I gave these three children the Blessing in April, 1960.

3  The Holy Blessing ceremony of these three couples is God’s hope, representing His ideal. It is the marriage ceremony God wanted to have for Adam and Eve had they reached maturity. This ideal of creation had been held within God’s heart, so this was truly a historic event. Please be aware that it was the first time since the beginning of the world for such a ceremony to take place. During Jesus’ time, the three disciples should have lived and died together with their teacher. From now on, all of you must live with the heart that your body is in the position of an offering. One son and one daughter with substantial partners have appeared as the object partners of the invisible God. The man is the substantial object partner representing God’s masculine character, and the woman is the substantial object partner representing God’s feminine character.

4  Will your spiritual child offer his or her life for you? Do you have a spiritual child who does not think first of himself or herself? This is not an easy thing. It is more difficult than raising ten of your own children. The same was true for me. Before marrying Mother, I held the engagement ceremony for three children, and only after that were we married in the Holy Wedding. Each of you needs to do the same thing. Although my Holy Wedding was held first before they received the Blessing, the condition of engaging these spiritual children had to be set first so that they would not complain. I did this because it was necessary to connect them to the world of the original Adam and then save Cain’s world. That is why you too must find your spiritual children in the position of the three archangels and return all that you have to God.

5  Those people who have received the Blessing in the Unification Church have changed their lineage. The Blessing is the change of lineage. Though blessed families have changed their bloodline, they still live in Satan’s realm. This must be restored. In order to do this, you must individually maintain absolute obedience centering on True Parents.

Among the 36 Couples, the three couples stand in the same position as the three archangels. They must be united. If they are able to stand together as individuals, then they also must unite as families. If these three families cannot unite, each individual will be harmed, each family will be harmed and their tribes will be harmed. Taking it even further, my family will also be harmed. For this reason, these three families are very important.

The 36 Couples: Restoring the ancestors of humankind

The 36 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held on May 15, 1961, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul. The 36 Couples established by True Parents consisted of three groups of 12 couples each, representing Adam’s family, Noah’s family, and Jacob’s family, respectively. True Parents said that these couples are the ancestral families in the physical and spiritual worlds. The first group was composed of already married couples. The second and third groups were composed of people who had been single. The 36 Couples refer to three couples blessed in April 1960 plus 33 couples blessed in May 1961.

The Blessing ceremony was held in three stages, beginning in the early dawn at 4:30 a.m. and continuing until 5:00 in the afternoon, under the title, The First, Second and Third Israel Couples’ Holy Wedding Ceremony. The ceremony started out with the couples entering one by one, followed by the affirmation of their Blessing vows, the proclamation of marriage, the exchange of rings, a handclasp, and True Parents’ benediction.

At the reception after the Blessing ceremony, True Father presided over the newlyweds’ indemnity stick ceremony. For their honeymoon, the newlyweds rented a bus, toured Song-do and Ju-an, and went fishing. On May 18, the 36 Couples participated in the Family Pledge ceremony, after which they departed to mission assignments. True Parents said that the 36 Couples must become an impregnable fortress, the soil and protective fence for the family of True Parents, and set an example for other members.

6  The 36 Couples stand in a position of having restored the history that was violated by Satan. They have accomplished this by completing the missions that our ancestors who were called before heaven in the course of restoration left undone. These couples must inherit God’s heart and become perfected people. In other words, they must become not ancestors who failed in God’s providence but victorious ancestors. They should establish the standard of what an ancestor should be on earth. That is the significance of the 36 Couples being the restored ancestors of humanity.

7  Within the 36 Couples, the first 12 couples are people who married of their own accord. By these already married couples receiving the Blessing on earth, those people in the spirit world who married of their own accord when on earth can unite with them. This gives all such ancestors in the spirit world a way to return and work on earth. Next, that which was lost due to the mistakes from Noah’s family through Abraham’s family is being recovered. In finding three sons, the mistakes of Noah’s family were rectified. Abraham’s generation includes Jacob’s family, and this means that we have restored through indemnity, horizontally, the vertical history of the three generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The condition of restoring those families was established when the already married couples, who had married of their own accord, received the Blessing.

Thereby also, the standard of restoring spirits who married of their own accord and went to the spirit world was established. I needed to bless men and women both who were at the engagement level and were virgins. This was to have been done as if engaging Jesus and the Holy Spirit, even though the internal standard of heart that Jesus and the Holy Spirit wished for was not firmly established. The Blessing of unmarried men and women among the 36 Couples took place in order to weave together those who had fallen before this Blessing, and to have these couples pay indemnity as their representatives. On this basis, the 36 Couples are the ancestors who represent the lost 36 generations.

8  The Blessing of the 36 Couples took place in order to restore through indemnity horizontally, in a single moment, the mistakes of our ancestors. The fight to do this centered on the 36 Couples. The people of the secular world probably will not understand the Blessing. People who are preparing to receive the Blessing should not consult with their parents or the people they would normally relate to in the secular world. You should not consult with or even talk about what God wills with people in Satan’s world. So, extending this divine privilege, I sent all of you an invitation after deciding on the path you will take. I blessed the 36 Couples, since I stood responsible to restore through indemnity God’s historical pain at having lost His children. I had to restore through indemnity the vertical history horizontally, in the present time, in order to recover our ancestors’ root and the standard they tried to establish.

9  The 36 Couples satisfied the historical indemnity conditions and then rose above them. We must place heavenly families at the forefront and have them move forward based on a standard of actual practice. The 36 Couples are representatives of the past, while the coming Lord is the representative of the present.

When the past and present can gain complete victory at one place, we will surely make a global beginning. This is the responsibility that the 36 Couples shoulder. The 36 Couples are the fruit of families who can obviate the need for historical indemnity conditions. In other words, they were born on the foundation of the realm of historical indemnity conditions. That is a historic event.

My family is the victorious family that stands on top of the foundation of history and of the ages. My family has appeared in the real world upon this authority of victory. At this place, the 36 Couples must completely unite with my family. Without my family, your families have no path by which to move toward a new world. Your families cannot take the lead in this. My family is taking the lead centering on the standard of actual practice. Therefore, you must all be a protective fence and also rich soil, making conditions in the background so that my family can develop. Then your families also will develop.

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