Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 77

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 1: Overview of the Marriage Blessing
Section 2: Qualifications, Paragraph 25
Section 3: Marriage Blessing Rituals, Engagement, Paragraph 10

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25  If you do not like the matching partner I pick for you, you may limit your investment in the marriage as a consequence. Those who have faith in the matching and work hard for it will receive heavenly fortune in the end. In the beginning, you may not blend well. But nothing ever fits smoothly right after marriage. Each side inevitably has to adjust to the other. Initially you may even feel you were not given the right partner. You have to be willing to adjust and maintain hope. If your heart is not in it, you will not be able to invest yourself to the degree necessary. It is like the cap on a new make-up container not fitting well. The same is true of your new husband or wife. It might take three years for you to train yourselves in adjusting to each other. Emulate three generations. Watch what your grandfather and grandmother are doing and watch what your mother and father are doing. You will fit together by emulating three generations.

26  Your marriage is one of the most important matters in your life. It is your desire as a human being, and God’s desire as well, that your beloved partner be better than you. Because I know this as a parent, I want to take good care of you. When matching couples, I need to tie together two people, one who goes upward and the other who goes downward, so that soon they will reach the same level and become united. Combining races, such as black with white, is no longer a problem. Skin color is not a problem. In that sense, the marriage Blessing ceremony that I have inaugurated has become the world’s tradition. As time goes by, everyone is realizing that True Parents’ matching is better than the choice they would make themselves. The sons and daughters of these couples are better than their parents. This tradition has been established. This is why tens of thousands of couples are willing to marry even after only seeing a photograph.

27  The matching for the 30,000 Couples Marriage Blessing was done by photograph. This is truly an amazing fact; it is unlike anything in Satan’s world. In getting married, those couples stood at the zero point of absolute faith. Eve fell, so she was unable to receive absolute love, but these people have surpassed the boundaries of their countries and found a path of love that cannot be found in Satan’s world. This means that they stood in the position where they absolutely loved me and loved God.

28  People are saying that my matched couples are ideal unions. I advise you to try living together for three years and then make an assessment. Try having one or two children. After you have one or two children, you will know if I made the right or wrong choice. I think you will say, “Oh, if it were not for True Father, this son never would have been born. Thank you, Father." Your marriage is not for your sake, but for the sake of your descendants. You must know that you marry for the sake of your ancestors and your descendants.


Section 3. Marriage Blessing Rituals

Engagement, holy wine and indemnity stick ceremonies

The marriage Blessing includes a series of restorational rituals which symbolically indemnify the process of the Fall. Through rituals such as the engagement ceremony, the Holy Wine ceremony, the Blessing ceremony, and the indemnity stick ceremony, one goes through the process of rebirth as a child of God. The engagement ceremony is the ritual that restores us to the position of Adam and Eve being engaged before the Fall. The Holy Wine ceremony eradicates original sin and changes Satan’s lineage to God’s lineage.

The Blessing ceremony is the ritual of vowing to fulfill one’s responsibility as a blessed couple by inheriting True Parents’ victorious realm. The indemnity stick ceremony is a ritual that symbolically makes restitution for the misuse of the lower parts of the body during the Fall. This ceremony entails the husband and wife striking each other on the buttocks three times with a stick, after which the couple makes a clean new start together.

1 According to the Unification Principle, what is to be created through the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance? The goal is to restore human beings to the position of being engaged prior to the Fall. Adam and Eve right before the Fall were an engaged couple. What has to be done in order to restore people to that stage of engagement prior to the Fall? Adam and Eve fell because of false love and became false parents. As false parents, they had three sons: Cain, Abel and Seth. There were eight people in Adam’s family, including the wives of his sons. All of them stood in a fallen position. Setting the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance is an internal and external process of restoring this group of eight family members.

After this group of people is restored, they must move to the next stage together with the Parent of heaven. The Parent of heaven here refers to the Messiah. After having established the foundation of substance, a foundation for the Messiah must be created. Fallen human beings cannot be restored to their original position without the Messiah. Human beings, who are the descendants of fallen Adam and Eve, must all without exception receive the Messiah, otherwise they cannot remove their original sin. The Messiah is the True Parents. The reason we need the True Parents is because they engraft us to themselves through True Parents’ love. If the True Parents who are the Messiah do not emerge, fallen human beings will not be able to remove their original sin and advance to a position where they can receive the completion-level Blessing in a sinless and liberated position. Thus, we need the engagement ceremony, the ritual that restores the stage of engagement prior to the Fall of Adam and Eve.

2  Each of you must cleanse your lineage of the stain of the Fall and restore it as the original lineage of goodness that was to have existed at the time of creation. Unless you perform a ritual to settle all accounts and restore the entire 6,000-year history through indemnity, you cannot advance to the position to receive the Blessing. The engagement ceremony is conducted in order to restore people to the position of Adam and Eve as an engaged couple before the Fall.

3  The Holy Wine ceremony is a ritual that removes Satan’s blood, which defiled the heavenly lineage through the Fall. In other words, it is a ceremony to remove original sin. A person with original sin cannot advance to a position to receive the Blessing. Since you are in the position of transmitting Satan’s blood lineage, there is no way for you to advance to the position to receive God’s blessing. To do so, you must completely eradicate your original sin. This original sin was derived from and is transmitted through the false parent’s love. Therefore, you must take steps to eradicate it by establishing an indemnity condition within True Parents’ love. Without doing so, there is no way to get rid of original sin. If original sin is not removed, you cannot receive the Blessing as a perfected couple that is one with God’s love.

4  In order for human beings to be fully restored, they once again must enter their mother’s womb. Literally, this cannot be done, but by becoming one in love, we can establish it as a condition. You must return to the restored Adam, unite with him, and then receive God’s blood lineage. Eve first fell spiritually, centering on Satan. She then united with Adam and committed the physical Fall. The Holy Wine ceremony reverses that process by having Eve meet the completely restored Adam and become one with him conditionally. It is the ceremony to restore the relationship of love. This condition is essential. A woman has to conditionally unite with the restored Adam, return to God and then restore a man in the flesh. This is what the marriage Blessing ceremony is about.

5  The Holy Wine consists of 21 essential elements. It is constituted this way for the sake of converting the lineage. Both kinds of conditions, those connected with the lineage of the fallen world and those connected with the lineage of the restored world, are in this wine. Without connecting these conditions, you cannot restore Satan’s world. Children born from a couple who received the Blessing on the foundation of this connection can stand above and step beyond the fallen world. By virtue of their lineage, they can overcome this world. This is not a simple matter. The Holy Wine ceremony is a ritual of converting the lineage. True love directly connects an individual’s heart with God. Without conducting this ceremony of converting the lineage, you cannot return to the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall.

You are participating in the marriage ceremony on the condition that you have matured to occupy the same realm as that of Adam and Eve when they were engaged. In terms of the formation, growth and completion levels, this marriage is not taking place at the completion level. Therefore, for seven years the husband and wife have to go through a time of training together, while actively oriented in the proper direction. The couple must also educate their children to the point that they truly regard their parents as being even greater than God. That couple must become such parents and take their clan with them. Otherwise, they cannot be called a blessed family.

6  You are struck with the indemnity stick after the Blessing ceremony because human beings fell by misusing their lower parts. This ritual is a condition by which you pass through that critical point in time when the lineage of three ages was defiled. When the pain from that bitter moment is washed away, the children will be liberated and will be able to cry out in joy to heaven with both hands in the air. At that time all things of creation in heaven and on earth, and everything in the heavenly nation, will respond in kind.

Separation and three-day ceremony

Following the Blessing ceremony, couples commence their family life after a 40-day holy separation period. This period indemnifies the number 40, symbolizing the 4,000 years from the time of Jacob to the Second Coming and the 40-year course walked by True Father. During this period the husband and wife offer devotions while yearning for the heavenly kingdom and for the fulfillment of God’s Will. At the conclusion of this period comes the three-day ceremony, which sets a condition of restoring the three ages of formation, growth and completion of the growing period.

The husband and wife, who had consecrated themselves internally by drinking holy wine, now consecrate themselves externally by showering and cleansing their bodies with the holy handkerchief. Then they restore themselves substantially. On the first two days, the bride takes the upper position and initiates everything in making love to symbolize giving birth to the bridegroom in the position of his mother. On the third day the bridegroom takes the upper position and initiates in making love, in order to regain his original position as the son and restore his dominion as subject partner. Through this they are restored through indemnity as an eternal couple and family belonging to God.

7  After the marriage Blessing ceremony, the 40-day period of sanctification corresponds to Fathers 40- year course. You must pass over the number 40. In the course of restoration, the Returning Lord arrived 4,000 years after Jacobs time. In the Principle the number 40 connects to passing over this 4,000-year period. Indemnity must be paid centering on love. By overcoming this 40-day hurdle of connecting to God, a connection of love finally can be made. This is to indemnify the 4,000 years of history, the period from Adam to Jesus, the purpose of which was to establish God’s love on earth.

God raised up Jacob, but it was another 4,000 years until the Returning Lord could find love and the ideal couple. That was the only purpose. Therefore, this period of 40 days is the time for establishing a condition of indemnity by yearning for the heavenly kingdom and focusing on the whole of God’s Will. This is not the time to think about your wife or husband. A couple must offer this devotion together, for the sake of God’s kingdom and His Will. During the 40 days you are not to have conjugal relations. You can begin married life after the 40-day period is over.

8  The Unification Church has the three-day ceremony that must be observed. This ceremony is like getting an injection that pierces the source of all illnesses, counteracts the poison, and heals you. The one who makes love on top represents heaven’s side, and when a couple first makes love after completing the 40-day separation period, the woman is to make love on top. She makes love on top for the first two days. Satan’s side humiliated heaven during the two stages corresponding to formation and growth. This must be reversed, so on the third day the positions are reversed. It is a ceremony of reversing the lineage in heaven and on earth.

9  Women are in the position of Eve, and men are in the position of the archangel. Therefore the woman has no marriage partner, and she must give birth to one. The three-day ceremony is a ritual for giving birth to that substantial marriage partner. It is about giving birth to a man on the foundation of the 40-day separation period that represents all of history. In this way he is born again through three stages. Only when the man goes through the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age to reach the Completed Testament Age does he become the woman’s husband. Therefore, on the third day the husband takes the upper position when making love with his wife. For the first two days the wife takes the upper position, but on the third day she can finally take root on earth and the husband takes the upper position. The three-day ceremony is a conditional ritual of being absolutely obedient to True Parents’ words so that the man can rise to the position of husband in the Completed Testament Age. While he is going through the Old Testament Age and New Testament Age, he attends his wife as his mother.

10  There are no sons or husbands on God’s side. They have to be reborn through a woman. Because of the Fall, Adam needs to be born through Eve. The ceremony of this substantial restoration is held over the course of three days, which represent the formation, growth and completion stages. To restore and give birth to the man during this three-day ceremony, the woman is on top in the formation and growth stages. Finally, after the man is restored from the position of archangel to the position of Adam, he can be on top and form a sphere of life with the woman. Then for the next three years, the man must follow his wife.

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