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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 2: The History of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony
Section 2: The 72 Couples, 124 Couples and 430 Couples, The 72 Couples: Restoring Cain and Abel tribes
Section 2: The 72 Couples, 124 Couples and 430 Couples, Paragraph 12

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Section 2. The 72 Couples, 124 Couples and 430 Couples

The 72 Couples: Restoring Cain and Abel tribes

The 72 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held on June 4, 1962, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church in Seoul. The 72 Couples were established as two types, Cain and Abel, and they indemnify on the tribal level what the 36 Couples indemnified on the family level. It was at the time of the 72 Couples Blessing that True Father organized the Marriage Blessing Ceremony Committee, which published an explanation of the purpose of the Blessing ceremony. The 72 Couples Blessing Ceremony was held in three rounds of 24 couples each.

1  Conflict was initiated by Adam and Eve’s sons, Cain and Abel. They passed their spiritual corruption on to their descendants and so created a world of strife, bringing the world to ruin. All this needs to be rectified through paying indemnity. As part of this, sons and daughters of 36 generations have to establish the condition of having united in front of God without conflict. This is why I established the 72 Couples, which is 2 times 36, with the 72 being divided into Cain and Abel. By establishing these 72 Couples, I built a historic ancestral foundation on which Cain and Abel can build the four-position foundation without fighting. This means I established an absolute realm of reconciliation that can be a bulwark against Satan.

2  God’s hope does not stop with individual salvation. He longs for the salvation of the family and the tribe as well. Therefore, it is not enough to just have the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel. The leaders of the branch tribes are also necessary. There have to be 36 couples representing Cain and 36 representing Abel, so I horizontally connected these two groups of couples, internally and externally, and established them as the 72 Couples. This was done in order to begin the salvation of the horizontal world. They will become the tribal leaders. The realm of tribal leaders will arise.

3  The 72 Couples correspond to Jesus’ 70 disciples. The 72 Couples represent the tribe that Jesus tried to organize through his 12 apostles and 70 disciples. In other words, the 72 Couples are the restored tribe of Jesus’ 12 apostles and 70 disciples in the form of families. To put it another way, the 36 Couples and the 72 Couples are the same as the 12 tribes of Israel and the 70 disciples of Jesus. They are the restored representatives that can lead the people of Israel. This is the model by which we have recovered the basic numbers that God has been seeking through Israel.

The 124 Couples: The first public Blessing ceremony

The 124 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held on July 24, 1963, at the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. The 124 Couples represent the world and symbolize Jesus’ 120 disciples. The 124 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was the last ceremony to consist only of Koreans and the first to be held publicly. After the ceremony, the newlywed couples drove in a motorcade of 150 cars through downtown Seoul, attracting the attention of tens of thousands of passersby.

4  The 124 Couples Blessing was the first time we held our marriage Blessing ceremony publicly. These couples represented the entire world. I judged that it was time to set up 124 Couples as representatives of the world. This is because, from the perspective of the Christian realm and of the present world, Korea is the leading nation, which promotes the providence of God for the future good of the world. The 124 Couples represent the world. I conducted the 36 Couples and 72 Couples Blessings within our church. Through them we were securing the internal foundation centering on our church, similar to how the foundation of a people was built through the course of Judaism. Next, from the external point of view, we were expanding to set a worldwide foundation to connect to the global Christian cultural sphere in history, centering on the 124 Couples. There had to be 124 member nations of the United Nations when the 124 Couples were blessed, and there were. In Korea, a nation representing all others, this Blessing was a condition of historical importance on the world level establishing an internal condition of indemnity.

5  The number 120, which is 10 times the number 12 of Jesus’ 12 disciples, is the number that represents the horizontal world. This is why I blessed 120 couples in order to match 120 disciples. Technically there could have been 120 couples, but I blessed a total of 124. The extra 4 couples represent the 4 directions. The 124 Couples, who represent Jesus’ 120 disciples, also represent the world. This does not mean that those couples have the authority to govern and control the world, but rather that as world representatives, they can serve as the basis on which I can establish world-level indemnity conditions. This is how establishing the 124 Couples set the condition for God to be able to work in an unprecedented way on the world level. When the number of United Nations member nations topped 120, we entered the Last Days.

6  When I blessed the 124 Couples, I included four husbands who were ex-convicts. It was absolutely necessary for me to include such people in the group. The work of heaven is not the work of condemning people but rather of saving everyone. God seeks to redeem all people, not only religious believers but conscientious people who are non-believers as well as those who have sinned and those who are in prison. Therefore, I established representatives of the nation on the world level, created a door for the family, and opened it. Thereby all people in the world can enter, including those who have sinned and are languishing in jail. As the foundation to achieve this purpose, I established the Blessing of the 124 Couples.

7  The 124 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was truly magnificent. After the ceremony, all the couples got in taxis and drove around Seoul. The people on the streets were amazed by the motorcade of 150 taxis. The city of Seoul and the nation of Korea were turned upside down. Don’t you think this wedding ceremony is one that every man and woman would find worth trying just once? We will wait and see if the world will follow us or not. I plan to bring non-Koreans to take part in the next Blessing.

The 430 Couples: Indemnifying 4,300 years of Korean history

The 430 Couples Marriage Blessing Ceremony was held on February 22, 1968, at the Seoul Citizens’ Hall. The 430 Couples restored through indemnity the 4,300 years of Korean history. By including one Japanese couple, True Parents set the condition of connecting the Blessing to non- Koreans. After the ceremony, the brides and bridegrooms rode separately in tour buses and cars in a motorcade through downtown Seoul.

8  The Blessing of 430 Couples took place when the Unification Church had not yet been able to pay indemnity on the national level in Korea. What does the number 430 mean? The year the Blessing ceremony was held corresponds to the year 4,300 in the Dangun Era, and also to the 430 years of Israel’s suffering in Egypt and in the wilderness. With the goal of the liberation of a people, which was the ideal of the people of Israel, the 430 Couples Blessing opened a path for all Korean citizens to stand before God’s Will. This is the path to the marriage partnership ideal. It is useless to open a path centered on the ideals associated with the individual, as religions until now have tried to do. The Unification Church has opened up the path to the marriage partnership ideal in every direction. We therefore need to mobilize all the people of this nation and substantially establish indemnity conditions within our generation.

9  The year that marked year 4,300 since the founding of Korea was the year that 430 Couples received the Blessing. Therefore, the 430 Couples joined the Blessing as representatives of the Korean clans. Even if some Korean surnames were not directly included among them, all were actually included when we consider relatives of the participating couples through their mother’s side or their fathers. The 430 Couples brought people from every family name. Every type of person was included, even those who had committed unforgivable sins. The way of salvation was opened to all the people of Korea, even to those who could not stand in front of heaven because of the sins committed in the course of 4,300 years. A line leading to redemption was attached to each one of them, and a bridge of salvation was laid down. Thus, a path was paved by which Korea can naturally survive and connect to the heavenly kingdom.

10  The numbers 3 and 4 symbolize heaven and earth. When you multiply 4 and 3 you get 12, the number of harmony. The number 12 represents all numbers and harmony between heaven and earth. This is why after 4,300 years the Blessing corresponding to the number 430, containing 3 and 4 was held in the Republic of Korea.

This Blessing signifies that all Korean families, regardless, can now freely enter the kingdom of heaven at any time. This is what the 430 Couples Blessing accomplished. On the national level, the Blessing of the 430 Couples established the standard for anyone to be able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

11  Starting in 1960, I progressed from the 36 Couples Blessing to the 72 Couples and 124 Couples. And I intend to bless 430 couples as we cross the final hurdle of the seven-year course. The number of blessed couples has to be greater than the number 666. The number 6 is the number of Satan, who is in the position of God’s enemy. We have to go over this number. This is why a total of 760 couples, including the already married couples, will have received the Blessing within seven years.

12  Now that I have restored Eve and the archangel, I have fulfilled my responsibility as Adam. When the time comes that I can love my sons and daughters in the family environment brought by the restoration of Eve and the archangel, the age in which good people pay indemnity will change to an age in which evil people pay indemnity to benefit good people. From now we will enter a realm of good fortune for the Unification Church. When you receive the Blessing, become one, and set the four-position foundation on the family level as tribal messiahs, progressing in all directions like me, heavenly fortune will shine upon you. Heaven’s providence of restoration cannot proceed except through this principle. We cannot build the kingdom of heaven without reclaiming this physical world. Therefore, your families have to become completely one with True Parents’ family. A branch cannot exist without its root.

When I blessed the 430 Couples, I told them to become tribal messiahs. In other words, I told them to carry out the same mission as Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that is, to work as the substantial embodiments of the resurrected Jesus and the Holy Spirit to save their tribes. I asked them to take on not just the spiritual mission but also that of the substantial tribal messiah.

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