Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 76

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 1: Overview of the Marriage Blessing
Section 2: Qualifications, The matching of couples
Section 2: Qualifications, Paragraph 24

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The matching of couples

True Parents first gave the marriage Blessing on April 16, 1960, when they blessed three couples. As they continued to match and bless more couples, they always took into consideration not only the individuals and their families but also the descendants who would be born from the couples they matched. True Parents matched couples transcending nationalities, races and religions, and sometimes even matched couples by photograph.

12  I have matched many couples, and this is possible because I am sensitive to the spirit world. When I focus on one candidate, my hand spontaneously moves toward their future spouse. It is like doing a puzzle. The question is, how do I know? As I walk among the candidates, my feet will come to a halt. Furthermore, my eyes will turn in a certain direction. I have a certain spiritual ability to do this, as if I have some special equipment. When I go to the mountains to train and discipline my mind, I become aware of a triangle of desires: Satan’s, God’s and my own. When I am able to unite my mind and attain a state of perfect self-denial, my hands and feet will start to move in a certain direction. That spiritual ability that I have is one of the reasons I could survive until now.

13  I know how to read people very well, which is why I can choose people’s future spouses. From the time I was eight years old, I was the one in my village who could do this. Adults would show me photographs of their child and a potential spouse. If I saw a shadow over them, it meant they were not a good match. I would know immediately when there was a gap between the two. Because of this, I became famous in the village. People came to me with the photos of two persons, and if I laid the photos down next to each other, it meant they were a good match. But if I just tossed them away, it was not a good match. If they got married anyway, their marriage usually did not work out. It is the same today. There are many blessed families around the world whom I have matched. I have matched couples from among hundreds gathered in one room. Among those people, some had already seen their ideal spouse spiritually. The spirit world told them who their partner would be. Through my spiritual sensitivity, I was able to find that very person.

14  I have matched many people. Taking responsibility for other people’s lives is a serious matter. When I look at people, I can identify what talent they have and what type of person they are. “That woman is fated to be a widow.” “That man is fated to die young.” I even know this sort of thing. When I am doing this, I am physically on earth, but I switch into spiritual high alert and extend my antennae. I enter a spiritual state in which I can see people’s ancestry from a high vantage point. When I am in this state of mind, there are no mistakes in the choices I make. However, the matching candidates do not always listen to me. One time I had to match a young man 13 times. Why should I help him get married if he does not like the women I suggest? The point is that I do everything I can. It is because it is better for him if I match him than if he does it on his own. For the sake of giving the marriage Blessing now that I am here on earth, I have been offering complete devotion and have established all the necessary conditions.

15  Because I have guided so many people, when I look at somebody I know immediately what kind of person he or she is. I can know what type of child will be born to a man with a certain kind of face paired with a woman with another kind of face. When I am looking for a man’s partner, the face of a woman that complements that man will simply emerge. When I match them by photograph, my hand just moves to a photograph as if on its own. Even if I do not see a person visually, as I am walking around I will come to a halt and my hand will go to the right photo. If after such a matching, a couple casually breaks the tie that was made this way, something terrible will happen.

16  When I am matching people, I gather a few thousand people in one place. If I tell them, “Jot down the names of five people you would like,” everyone writes down the same ten percent of the candidates. There was one person in whom 100 people were interested. It is impossible for a matching process to work based on that. That is why you have to trust my guidance. The amazing thing is that some people receive in a dream who their spouse will be. If they have had such a dream, they wait for the one they have seen with wholehearted anticipation. What if I were to make a mistake? Then what the Unification Church has been teaching will be disproven. How can I choose the person they saw in their dream? There is not a single person in the whole country who could make that match. My hand knows and my feet know. The person I point to matches exactly with what the spirit world showed them.

17  If a man is warm, then the woman should be cold, and if the woman is warm, then the man should be cold. Partners should be matched this way. When I look at a person, I know immediately if that person is warm or cold. I bring them together so they can harmonize. This cannot be done by just anyone. I heard that one monk said it would be hard for him to match even one couple like that in his whole lifetime and he wondered what ability enables me to do it over and over. It is because I see hundreds of thousands of couples. All the people I married are doing well.

There is a variety of people. If I match couples who are at the midpoint between a rising and a descending fortune, respectively, those couples live well in harmony. Since I brought people together like this, if the children of those blessed families live with loyalty toward heaven’s will, greater than that of their mother and father, they likely will live even better lives than their parents. When I observe a family, I know if that family offers devotions for God’s Will. I know it by seeing both the mother and father, and also their sons and daughters.

18  When I look at people, I can see some have a destiny that is falling and others have one that is rising. It is true that you can perish by marrying the wrong person. If both the man and woman have a destiny moving upward, they will fly away. On the other hand, if two people have a falling destiny, they will die young, and their sons and daughters also will not live long. Destinies need to be adjusted. When I choose your partner, I match one who has high standards with another who has low standards. Only then can a balance be achieved. If both of them are trying to take the upper position, everything will fade away. That is why marriage and the path of love can be a fearful thing. Depending on how your destiny is adjusted, the course of your life can be dented, can become oval, can disappear by becoming flat, or can become round. It must be round in order to sustain a long life.

19  When Unification Church members pray, the spirit world answers saying, “Your ideal spouse is this type of person.” It will reveal to a white person who lives at the North Pole a person from a distant tropical island, saying, “Your ideal spouse is someone from the black race.” The answer the spirit world gives you in prayer will follow that pattern. When the white person goes to the matching location, he looks around thinking, “There are only a few black sisters here. Where is she?” But then I find her, and match him to a black sister who was sitting in the corner all the way in the back. The white brother may sit among other white brothers thinking, “There are no black sisters here. What the spirit world told me about my spouse was a mistake.” At that very moment, I find the sister and then match the two together. How can I match people that way in full accordance with what the spirit world showed them? All five colors of humanity are participating there, and yet I will match them without fail.

20  When I conduct a matching with thousands of people in the room, if there is one person ready to be matched, all the way in the very back, I immediately know it. I can hardly see anyone else except that one person. If someone received a revelation about that person as their spouse ten years earlier, they will without fail be matched to that person. My hand will move in that direction. My feet will move in that direction.

Those who casually criticize our matching and condemn the Unification Church’s marriage Blessing cannot be forgiven easily. During my lifetime, I will indemnify everything to give the marriage Blessing, and those who criticize me will not easily be able to receive salvation. They must feel indebted before heaven for the marriage Blessing, and in order to move one step upward, they need to repent sincerely. Among your ancestors, were there no traitors? Could there not also have been murderers? Through the marriage Blessing I am asking, “Can you, as the fruits of your tribes, become beings who will shine forever like the bright sun?"

21  There is no shorter route to building a world of peace than marriage between enemies, uniting them as one. When half of all Japanese and Koreans marry one another in cross-cultural Blessings, they will change. If we hold that kind of ceremony twice, things will be changed completely. So the issue is how we can quickly have enemies receive the marriage Blessing together. A world of peace will absolutely come faster if that process is welcomed. I am the champion of conducting interracial marriages. I have set the record. I never act carelessly when it comes to making a match. No matter how hard any of you try to create a match, you will not be able to surpass my standard. Even if neither of you feels good when you meet one another for the first time, as you live together, you will come to like each other. Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. How serious do you think I have to be as I take responsibility for this most important event in your lives? It is not a joke. I am taking into consideration how you can change your destiny in terms of your descendants.

22  I do not see anyone as an enemy. I never think that I have enemies who should perish. If you have enemies, you cannot build the kingdom of heaven. If you have enemies, you cannot build a strong foundation. That is why I have given the Blessing to both saints and murderers. Not only that, I have blessed the children of saints and murderers with each other. Since we are moving into this kind of age, Koreans and Japanese have cross-cultural marriages. Japan and Korea have been bitter enemies, but through cross-cultural marriages, it will be possible for Koreans and Japanese to unite.

23  On what basis do I look for your marriage partner? I choose a person with whom you can have better descendants than you would have with the person you like externally. That is what I mean when I say you should marry for the sake of your descendants. If I match you with someone you want to marry, but then it turns out that no one in the world wants to marry any of your children, what would you do? Nothing could be more unfortunate than that. It would mean a lifetime of unhappiness. That would be worse than having a serious physical handicap or lacking in some other way. Marriage is for our descendants. The point is how to match people despite the way they look externally, knowing that their children will inherit only their good qualities.

24  You may say you will find your partner on your own, but based on my experience, the one you find will not be very suitable for you. If you look for a spouse based only on qualities that please your eyes, the children you have may not be so good. If the second-generation members of the Unification Church are not strong and do not become extraordinary people, the nation will not prosper. I think about this very seriously as I look for your partner. Matching by photograph is truly an incredible thing. Your mothers and fathers will ask, “Could it be true?” Before you marry, you normally first meet the person with just the possibility of marriage in mind. But with us, some start dancing the moment they see their matching partners photograph. There were probably people who did not even look at the photograph and yet were happy. The standard of finding one’s spouse that way surpasses the world's standard. Satan’s world can never do anything like this. Besides True Father, there is nobody who can do this.

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