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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 1: Overview of the Marriage Blessing
Section 1: Meaning and Value, Lineage and the order of love
Section 1: Meaning and Value, Paragraph 12

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Chapter 1  Overview of the Marriage Blessing

Section 1. Meaning and Value

Lineage and the order of love

In 1960, True Parents opened a new chapter in the history of human salvation through the marriage Blessing. The marriage Blessing is of great significance, because it replaces Satan’s lineage with God’s, and recovers the order of love rooted in God. The Blessing benefits society by offering the opportunity for people to enter into cross-cultural marriages, which contribute to the realization of one world under God by breaking down barriers between nations, races and religions.

1  Originally, if Adam and Eve had reached the perfection stage in the Garden of Eden, they would have received the marriage Blessing. However, due to the Fall, the marriage Blessing centered on God was not realized. Therefore, God had to work through 4,000 years of history to raise up the Israelites, to whom He sent the Messiah. He intended to give the marriage Blessing at the time of Jesus, but again the marriage Blessing was not realized. As a result, the providence of the Blessing had to begin anew at the advent of the Third Adam, upon his laying a successful foundation in the nation and world. The marriage Blessing of the Third Adam was a historic event. From the creation of the world until then, there had never been a time when God’s love, life and lineage were tied together.

2  Adam and Eve, who were the ancestors of all human beings, fell due to false and immature love. Based on self-centered love, the archangel intervened in their relationship and caused the Fall. As a result, God was in exile and Adam and Eve banished. By introducing a love connection that was not permitted by God, humankind came to bear original sin. It is the enormous responsibility of humankind to remove this original sin. Because humanity was born from false parentage, unless a love connection emerges that is from true parentage, this original sin cannot be removed. In order to remove the false love and original sin that were sown by false parents, True Parents must create a new foundation of love.

3  Adam and Eve lost their foundation to establish absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to God when they entered into a false marriage. As a result, they turned their lineage upside down, lost their realm of ownership, and their family came to ruin. Thus, the restoration of lineage is needed. The pure love of Adam and Eve as True Parents should have been passed down eternally through their lineage. However, Adam and Eve married without establishing a pure lineage, so we have to restore the absolute lineage, the realm of absolute ownership, and an absolutely pure heart through the Blessing.

4  I know clearly about God and the spirit world. I also know how important God’s nation and lineage are. The purpose of the Unification Church marriage Blessing is to restore that lineage. Due to the wrongful marriage of the false parents, the world fell into ruin. But in the name of True Parents, it is possible to return to God’s original nation by creating the realm of lineage and connecting it to God. For this reason, becoming a blessed family is a truly remarkable thing. With the Blessing, I have given you the ticket to enter heaven.

5  Once Adam and Eve had attained perfection, God would have blessed them in marriage and He would have become one with the body of Adam and Eve. Their becoming one in true love would have allowed God to have an embodiment on earth, to have an object partner, and to form a family. This can begin only when the love of the invisible Heavenly Father and the visible Heavenly Father become one. That connection was to have been made through Adam and Eve’s first love on their wedding night. Centering on love, heaven and earth, man and woman, God’s life and human life, God’s lineage and human lineage are united. Because Adam and Eve would have represented the invisible God in the flesh through their lives, God’s presence in the human world would have been substantially manifested in the child, husband and wife, and parents. Through Adam’s family, God wanted to have His lineage realized in our families. The love, life, lineage and conscience of the invisible God should have been one with the love, life, lineage and conscience of the visible God in humanity. This unity is realized through marriage.

6  Originally, the Blessing enables the father and mother to bequeath their love to their sons and daughters, as well as the love of a couple, of children, of a family, of a nation and of the world. The holy marriage Blessing of unfallen Adam and Eve would have meant that God became the vertical Parent and bequeathed the ownership of everything in the cosmos to His children. That is the significance of the Blessing. Blessed families should not think of the marriage Blessing as an ordinary marriage of a man and woman. You should know how serious it is to receive the Blessing. The ideal of True Parents existed before the creation of the world. Before God created humankind, He had the concept of True Parents at the center of creation. In order to complete the ideal of True Parents, all things in heaven and on earth came into being.

7  Centered on true love, everything should unite into one. Unity cannot happen in isolation. In order for two things to become one, the relationship has to be level. When children become adolescents, boys look for girls and girls look for boys, and they come to unite with one another on the same plane. Thus, they will meet in the center. In that center, God will come down through the straight vertical line of the tradition of love. Therefore, the center of love at the wedding ceremony is God. The invisible God, who is the root of love, resides at the center of Adam and Eve’s wedding, and heaven and earth unite as one. Their wedding ceremony means that the Heavenly Parent and the earthly parents are united as one, centering on love. The place where God can reside is the place where man and woman become one. God, the internal character and form, enters into Adam and Eve, who represent the external character and form, and these two worlds become one centered on love.

8  The goal of the Unification Church is to establish the right order of love and to unify the world. What is the most difficult thing in terms of unification? Unification can be achieved by force to some degree. However, force cannot settle the world of love, which is based on internal character. Love cannot be taken by force, nor sold for money or knowledge. Love can be exchanged only for something true. Therefore, both men and women search for true love and when they move, it should only be to pursue true love.

9  In the Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve and the archangel started a family without heeding God’s commandment. Thus young people today, who are descendants of those ancestors, do not listen to anyone. Such is the time we are living in. The Fall in the Garden of Eden is the origin of free sex. What was sown there is bearing fruit today throughout the world. Young men and women fall in the very same way as they did in the garden. The value of human beings has fallen lower than the value of animals. In order to get physical satisfaction, people act like animals.

All people became thoroughly degraded through the Fall, which blocks them from returning to God. However, God is alive and He feels sadness when He looks at humanity. This is why He sent the Messiah to this world. God will create a united world by establishing the order of love in the family, the nation, the world and God through the Messiah on earth, who demonstrates the example of good character. What no one else could do is being accomplished by the Unification Church. As re-creation is being realized, the world is becoming one and Satan’s evil world is giving way to the heavenly world.

10  The reason the Unification Church has to give the worldwide marriage Blessing is to help couples prepare for central missions when the age of the family comes. The Blessing ceremony can be given to people from more than 100 nations at once. These people are our brothers and sisters. I see them as our siblings. I do not see them as foreigners. By giving the Blessing to everyone, we will have representative families worldwide. When all families follow True Parents, the parent-child relationship will be formed, and this means there will be families that accomplish the four-position foundation and have a reciprocal base with True Parents. Therefore, they can inherit everything from the victorious True Parents. Then, to pass all this on, you need to go back to your family as tribal messiahs.

11  It is the marriage Blessing in the Unification Church that has established a new family culture transcending race, nation, culture and tradition. Within the realm of the heavenly nation, all countries are included in “one world under God.” The Fall of humankind led to the gap between mind and body, the gap between husband and wife, and the gap between parents and children. It was within the family that the Fall took place. It means that Adam’s family fell. Everything was lost through the Fall of that one family. For this reason, we have to find one perfect family.

12  The unity of the world as a global family is essential for heavenly fortune to come. Astonishing developments in science and technology bind humanity together through a revolution of information, communication and transportation. Thus, international cooperation is needed and a shared commitment is necessary in order to protect the Earth’s fragile environment. But what can bring the power to change people’s tendency toward selfishness and their attachment to a self-centered perspective of the world? What can fundamentally resolve the problem of nations competing to satisfy their own interests?

Each one of us must find the answer in heaven’s law, and by means of a fundamental awareness of God, who is our origin and root. The nature of God’s true love is to give and want to give more, to give and forget what He gave, and to love His object partner more than Himself. God’s love is the only answer. We can get answers when we realize that all human beings are brothers and sisters under one set of True Parents. When all human beings form one family under God and True Parents, live for the sake of one another and are united, all problems can be resolved.

Throughout my life, I have practiced the way of true love and educated people about it. I have lived for the sake of others and created a worldwide foundation. I have raised young people in each nation to live unselfishly for the sake of others. Not only that, I have also conducted international marriage Blessing ceremonies in order to establish ideal families of true love that are international, interracial and interreligious. This is the work that changes the history of human culture. Centered on true love, we have brought down national barriers and have gone beyond racial barriers to overcome hatred. We have fought to give birth to ideal families that live for the sake of one another. As a result, we are forming a new world culture.

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