Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 74

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 4: Salvation through the Holy Marriage Blessing
Chapter 1: Overview of the Marriage Blessing
Section 1: Meaning and Value, Paragraph 13 - 22

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13  Cross-cultural marriage Blessings began between Koreans and Japanese while their countries were still enemies. Historically, for Koreans it was unthinkable to consider cross-cultural marriages; the mixing of bloodlines was something they would die before doing. Through cross-cultural marriages that transcend nations and continents, an integrated lineage can be created. As this lineage transcends national boundaries, no one can block it from expanding. Through the unification of races, the barriers between nations will fall and a new era of cultural exchange will come. Through this movement, unification can come about with the settling of the culture centered on True Parents and heaven.

True marriage

True Parents said that through the marriage Blessing, we need to establish the traditions of true husband and wife, true parents, true children and true siblings, with true love at the center. They particularly emphasized that true love incorporates the rights of inheritance, equal status and shared participation. So the ideal of the kingdom of heaven can be realized when people inherit the tradition of the true love of God and True Parents through the marriage Blessing and disperse that tradition throughout their societies, nations and the world.

14  According to the Principle of Creation, you do not create your partner. It is God who creates your partner, by the principle that a partner is created by his or her father and mother. Hence, by the principle of re-creation, it is a law in the universe that God, your original Father and Mother, finds your partner. True Parents understand the order of love based on this heavenly principle. Thus, your marriage can be arranged in the name of True Parents under the protection of God. This is the view of marriage in the Unification Church.

15  Marriage is not for the sake of any one person alone. To love is to complete the top and bottom, and front and back, in harmony with the logic of heaven and earth. It is not for the sake of the man alone, nor for the sake of the woman. It is in tune with heavenly law. It is to make a gown of love that is woven together as one cloth based on a perfect model of top and bottom and front and back. That which is united in love is the core and center of the universe. Therefore, with God’s love at the center of the cosmos, the subject partner of love and I, the object partner of love, will follow the path eternally in the same way celestial bodies follow their orbits. Each couple will become like a cell before God, perfecting universal character, with subject and object partners united in one body.

16  Man and woman were born from love. Thus, marriage is the way for each of us to reach perfection. In order to become perfect, we each need an object partner. The reason we get married is because each of us is only half of the whole, only half of the world. If we compare it to the moon, a man is only a half-moon. In order to become a full moon, the man needs a woman and the woman needs a man. If you demand that your object partner live for your sake, the person will run away, but if you live for the sake of that person, he or she will follow you.

17  A woman cannot become an owner of love, or make a relationship of love, without a man. A man is the one who completes a woman’s love. A man should not keep love for himself. The fruit of his love should be returned to the woman. Also, a woman is the owner who completes a man’s love. If you say women were born for women, the women you envisage will disappear within 100 years. Men are born for women and women are born for men. Men and women are born because of God’s love. They are born as the object partners of God. To make God the owner of love is not something that can be done by God alone. It is the couple who receives the Blessing who can make God the owner of love. The moment Adam and Eve are married, God becomes the owner of all realms of love. Therefore, Adam and Eve were born because of love.

18  Many religions guide people to maintain celibacy, but in the Unification Church you will receive the marriage Blessing. There is nothing like the marriage Blessing in all of religious history. You cannot get the Blessing just as you please. It has to come through God’s order and by the permission of your parents. This is the tradition. A marriage can happen when it is connected to God and your parents. You cannot get married in just your own way.

Marriage is that very solemn place from which to inherit the most precious thing from your parents. Before inheriting that most precious thing, the Blessing has to be connected to God, who is the most precious owner. Therefore, a marriage should be celebrated in the place where you can represent all of humanity in a higher realm and connect with God. Even if there are many seeds, their content and value have to equal those of the original seed. Whether the seeds number in the thousands or tens of thousands, their value has to be the same as that of the seeds of Adam and Eve. If that value changes, the seed is of a different species.

19  A marriage is where two people meet God’s original standard in order to become one in love. God, the cause, and man and woman, the result, become one, and thus, no one can break this eternal union. Vertically there is God, and horizontally there are man and woman. A man in the East searches for a woman in the West, and a woman searches for a man. As such, they look for each other horizontally.

God created all people with love. When they grow up and are ready to become reciprocal partners, a man’s eyes look for a woman and a woman’s eyes look for a man. When Adam and Eve are mature, if she moves one-step closer to him, he should move one-step toward her. They should act in concert. They should meet God’s love at the center. On the night of their wedding, they form a sphere of love. God becomes the nucleus of love and Adam and Eve become the united body of that love. The mind inherits the nucleus of the seed of love, and the physical body inherits the home of that seed of love. In this way, Adam and Eve become the completed unity of that infused mind and body.

20  We marry for the purpose of possessing God. We come to possess God because there is a right of inheritance within true love, and therefore in true love God becomes ours. What belongs to the wife also belongs to her husband, and what belongs to the husband also belongs to his wife. Centered on love, we gain ownership. Within love, there is the right of inheritance. Also, there is a realm of equal position: The couple go to the same place. They also have the right to participate as equals, which means they can follow God everywhere.

When you are united as one in love, you can say God belongs to me. It means that everything that belongs to God is mine. In this way, I can make mine the God who created heaven and earth. This is the highest standard of human desire. I can also make all things in heaven and on earth mine. Therefore, I am in the position of a prince or a princess. Getting married means to inherit the authority of the monarch in the kingdom of heaven, standing in the position of a prince or a princess.

21  The marriage Blessing is for the sake of God and the world. With the Blessing, you can love the world and, as the representative of the world, love the person who is closest to you. A woman should love her husband as the representative of her father, husband, older brother and younger brother. A man should love his wife as the representative of his mother, wife, older sister and younger sister. In representing these four positions, we love the person in the position closest to us, respecting each other and stimulating each other to love the world.

The husband-wife relationship is the most basic embodiment of the world-level give and receive action of love. Therefore, when you get married, you should love your wife in place of your mother, older sister and younger sister; love your husband in place of your father, older brother and younger brother. Furthermore, you should love your spouse even more than you love the members of your family. This is the formula by which a husband and wife love each other and realize the ideal of reciprocal partnership.

22  Marriage is training to love the world. It is also the path to obtain the qualification to love all people. Until now, love was restricted to the family; it was between you and me, and thus it was cut off in all directions, and crumbled like sand. This is how it is in Satan’s world. On the other hand, we do not just stop at making a connection between you and me. We go further: We make a connection with the world and between heaven and earth. From here, the kingdom of heaven will be established and the new lineage will start.

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