Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 396

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 2: Blessed Families and the Education of Future Leaders, Paragraph 18-26

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18  True Parents' vision of one family under God, in other words, the fact that we are all God's children is at the core of the initiatives we carried out, based on the unification of the North and South American regions. We dedicated all our efforts and the numerous peace organizations that we founded over many years entirely to the fulfillment of that vision. By the grace of God, this vision is now becoming a reality. This new flower of hope must blossom and bear fruit here in South America as well. All the people on this great continent have dreamt of a new world where they can live freely and peacefully in nature, become one family that attends God as their Parent, and live in happiness. This ideal has been God's cherished hope and the desire of humankind throughout the ages.

I believe that the challenge to make this dream a reality is a great one. The entire world is suffering due to everything from climate change and poverty to geopolitical tension and conflict. North and South America also face difficult problems of their own in different respects. Nevertheless, North and South America have enormous potential to build a new world. Heavenly fortune is now gathering in these continents. All eyes are focusing on South America. Ladies and gentlemen, you must open your ears and listen to the heavenly calling. You must open your closed ears.

19  I would like to offer some proposals for the mutual development of North and South America and the realization of world peace. First, I would like to challenge all of you to take the lead in protecting the natural environment. The world today is heading toward calamity due to climate change and rapid destruction of the environment. God gave us the natural world to serve as our home, an environment within which we can flourish. We should love nature and treat all things of creation with care. Nature, in turn, will give us what we need. We should remember that people and nature are part of one ecosystem created by God.

Second, let us take the lead in realizing the ideal of one family under God by overcoming barriers of race, religion and nationality. The Family Federation for World Peace has been working for the realization of ideal families through the cross-cultural marriage Blessing. The marriage Blessing is the only way to reconcile enemies and bring about world unity. Millions of couples from around the world have participated in the marriage Blessing, affirming their marriage with a commitment to build a world of peace by creating God-centered, ideal families. In this way, we are bringing down the great walls that divide the human family.

Third, I ask that you take the lead in promoting reconciliation and unity among all the religious traditions in North and South America. A peaceful world begins with reconciliation and unity among religions. God has guided humanity throughout history through religion. At this time when heavenly fortune is pouring in, harmony and cooperation among the religions of North and South America are necessary more than ever. I hope that you and all the religious leaders of North and South America can take the lead in promoting interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

Fourth, I sincerely request that all the leaders here today help bring to fruition the ideal village projects that we have developed in Jardim in Brazil and Puerto Leda in Paraguay.

The new nation and new world envisioned by God is a world that goes beyond the divisions of religion, race, ethnicity and nationality. It is a world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, with no barriers. God exists, and in the end it is for this reason that your efforts for North and South America will not be in vain. It is up to each of us to make this heavenly ideal a historical reality in the shortest time possible. I sincerely ask you to work with me to carry out this action plan to realize an ideal community and build a new world.

The role of women

Women have an important responsibility in the providence of restoration, playing core roles on the providential frontier in each period. Women of the Unification family have shed their tears and sweat and conveyed true love in every corner of the world, in accordance with the words of True Parents, to fulfill the responsibility of true daughters, true wives and true mothers attending God. The role of women became larger and more important with the beginning of the Era After the Coming of Heaven. For the completion of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents have urged that women stand at the forefront of the tribal messiah mission, in order to restore the Cain realm by bringing Cain and Abel into unity.

20  It is time for women to take the lead. With maternal love, women should help our underprivileged neighbors on the individual, tribal, national and world levels, showing the world that we can fulfill our purpose together as heaven's true sons and daughters.

What must we do for this to happen? People must hear the Divine Principle. Through hearing it, we should all be born anew and I, my neighbors, my nation and world gain inspiration to invest completely with life-or-death determination for the sake of God's Will. Women have to stand at the forefront for this to happen.

There is a saying, “Behind every great man, there is a great woman.” I am not saying that men have not fulfilled their responsibility. Father said that a woman should help a man become whole. Without a wife, a man cannot become whole. He cannot be perfected. A wife makes her husband handsome. Therefore for a man, a wife is absolutely necessary. The same goes for every woman. However, women love peace more than men. For this reason, women must lead the way.

21  How important is the role of women? This is the era to fulfill the mission of mothers. Mothers give birth to and nurture life. Father has built a large home for us, and we must arrange and organize the internal aspects of the house. That is our responsibility.

22  As Father proclaimed the coming of the women's era, he emphasized the importance of women. You probably remember that Father spoke of how a child born of a woman inherits 99.999 percent from the mother and only 0.001 percent from the father. Father spoke of this on many occasions, and I shared those words on many speaking tours worldwide. However, do you think women have been treated properly by their children and husbands? There are many women who will say that they have not been treated well. From now on, I want to raise woman leaders who will fulfill the mother's mission, so that all women can live free of prejudice.

23  A core part of the Principle involves the teaching of yang and yin. From a temporal perspective, this can be divided into the Era Before the Coming of Heaven and the Era After the Coming of Heaven. Until now, in the Era Before the Coming of Heaven, we were in the era of yang, and therefore men took the lead most of the time. Now is the Era After the Coming of Heaven, the era of yin. In other words, it is the start of the women's era.

God created heaven and earth as yang and yin, plus and minus, but until now everything has been one- sided. Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, yang and yin could not move forward equally, side by side. Since then, until this era, yang dominated the world. However, now is the time for the era of yin to begin.

The time has come for women to take the lead. Heaven knew of this amazing providence, and now we must also become aware of God's profound providence to open a new path in 2013. God's original plan was for a balance to be made, and that is exactly how the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven are to be realized.

24  Whether you are sitting down or standing up, asleep or awake, you should invest every ounce of your energy to raise up citizens of Cheon Il Guk, so much so that you feel that 24 hours is not enough time. You must become soldiers who can dedicate this nation substantially before heaven in order to advance God's providence in the world.

Let's take the example of the Israelites, whom you know very well. The Israelites did not know of God's providential history or about indemnity. They maintained just one thought, “We are the chosen people blessed by God.” In the end, they had to pay indemnity as a people after Jesus ended his life sorrowfully. For 2,000 years, they were an unsettled people without a nation. Despite this, it was due to the influence of the mothers among them that they could survive. That is why I am emphasizing the role of mothers and the maternal heart in the creation of the environment for the sake of the providence.

25  By studying history we have seen the model courses of victory and failure. Look at Israel today: women join the army and fight equally alongside men in order to protect their nation. It is time for women to lead the way in saving the nation and the world. You must all know that the responsibility of women is serious and important. We must create a miracle. If you cannot participate with me in this providential march, your descendants will accuse you. You cannot say that you did not do it because you did not know. You have been taught everything.

26  The role of women in the church is important. In Korean history it has been the mothers, wives and daughters-in-law who passed on the important traditions. It is the same for our FFWPU. From now on, the wives should stand on the front lines. The successful completion of Cheon Il Guk depends on how much we live up to our faith and work and invest ourselves to realize the goals that we have established. The woman's role is important in realizing these goals. As women who stand at the forefront to realize the providential goals, it is time to make a life-or-death determination.

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