Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 395

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 2: Blessed Families and the Education of Future Leaders, Paragraph 06-17

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6  We must find the hometown that our Heavenly Parent hopes for. Where is Heavenly Parents hometown? It is True Parents' hometown. Japan and Korea must become one to support the path toward the unification of the fatherland, that is, the unification of North and South Korea. They must do this without fail. When this happens, True Parents will stand in the central position before humankind, and all things will arrange themselves naturally. Human dilemmas over the problems of religion, politics, ideology and borders will be resolved. You have to stand at the forefront on this path, so that Asia will respect all the citizens of Japan, including the public dignitaries. Then you must show them the path toward unity. You cannot cling to small matters. In this era, all historical truth will be revealed.

7  Have you all made a resolution to become filial sons and daughters who will find the hometown? We have such a big responsibility and mission, and the time left for us to handle this is so short. So what must we do? The sight of Father working so hard and tirelessly for heaven, doing everything possible to save at least one more lost child, is vivid in my memory. I cannot erase it from my mind. It was such a miserable thing to see. If he were alive here on earth right now, he would be traveling ceaselessly from east to west, carrying out activities in every location. We on earth must fulfill those responsibilities for him. In the Bible it says that Jesus gave the keys to the gates of heaven to Peter. Why were they given to him? It is because the kingdom of heaven must be realized on earth. Our responsibilities are tremendous. We know how we are supposed to live after having received the marriage Blessing. Living in a fallen world, however, you get stained with a self-centered lifestyle and it is difficult to escape your surroundings.

8  Just because some country is rich and powerful does not mean that it can unite the world. Attaining oneness comes from shared pursuits. There is no one in all of history who has worked harder than True Parents for the sake of world peace based on heaven's providence. There is no one who has been more victorious than True Parents in leading the providence. That is why first of all you must know the Divine Principle and its teachings. You should live attending True Parents all the time and regardless of where you are.

9  Father said that Korea is God's homeland. I would like to dedicate this country to him, and do so together with you. To do that you must obey my direction regardless of your rank. If I were to say, “Come down from your high position and start working from the very bottom,” would you be able to do it? That would be the mark of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You must be able to do that for the sake of God, humanity and the Will. That would be the work of completing Father's will. Father said that this is God's homeland, but in reality it is not so. You who have breathed the same air as Father and worked with him during this era must bear the fruit. You just cannot leave it to future generations. We must do it.

10  We are at the starting point of Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk is the nation where we attend the Heavenly Parent and become His children. God is our Parent and King of kings. He who is the King of kings has embraced us as Cheon Il Guk citizens. The people in the world do not know this. You are truly blessed people. How is it that you have come to participate in the providence of history? True Father always said, “There is no perfection in ignorance.” He educated all people the same way regardless of their status in their field of endeavor. He made sure they knew. We have to do the same. There is no path other than this to unite the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world.

11  I am going to establish the Heavenly Parents and True Parents' tradition on a solid foundation. When we fulfill our responsibility we will come to stand in a position of reverence eternally as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. For this cause we must advance. We must not waste a single moment. By mobilizing everything and using our wisdom, we must make it so that heaven can embrace all human beings as Cheon Il Guk citizens as soon as possible.

12  What is God's wish and the wish of True Parents? The heart and mind of Heavenly Parent is to find the children whom He lost 6,000 years ago. Through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, many blessed families have been established throughout the world. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished if these blessed families follow True Parents' teachings and unite as one in their country and throughout the world. As soon as possible, you must fulfill the hope of the True Parents, which is to find God's homeland and God's nation.

13  You have no idea how important this time is. Use every moment carefully. You are alive at this time, but how are you going to use your time and your life? For whom are you going to use them? If you use them well, you could become a hero or heroine who can go down in history. You can become a filial child, or even a divine son and daughter. God is giving you everything freely; therefore you should become a useful vessel for His desire.

Instead of just sitting and listening to words, you should take action. If we want to restore this nation, we must establish a goal and execute it. Shouldn't we establish a plan? Although you feel you must eat three meals a day, you have to work with such dedication that you even forget to eat.

You need to know that the results determine whether you will be given eternal life. You have to create the environment where your descendants will say, “Our ancestors who lived during this time were truly great. We must become worthy of our ancestors.” If that happens, your children will naturally grow well before the Will. In that way, you should be different. So, more than trying to make lots of money, I hope you will do your utmost to meet many people and save them. The most precious thing is to save people's lives.

14  Spring is the season of hope. It is a precious season during which our dreams can rise higher and spread wider. But despite the beauty of the season, we hear horrific and indescribably painful news from this country and from the world. This situation can be compared to the people of the world being on a ship without sailors, a captain or even a compass. They experience deep anxiety, not knowing how well the ship will contend with strong winds and high waves, or when it will sink by ramming into a rock. As we watch these incidents take place, blessed members of the Unification Church around the world should stand up as heavenly soldiers. We can no longer just look on and wait. We should not keep the Blessing that has been bestowed upon us to ourselves. We must let the people of the world, who are like orphans, know that our Heavenly Parent and True Parents are carrying out great works. You must confidently proclaim True Parents, who are the only ones who can give hope to this nation and the world. The world cannot live without True Parents. I believe that these efforts will bring about new days of spring for all humanity. Now is the time for all members around the world to rise and take action until the day we bear fruit.

15  Presently, if we compare you to farmers before the Will, then the mission that was assigned to you, that of the tribal messiah, is to fertilize the soil. Making this barren ground into fertile soil depends solely on you. If you are lazy during the coming of this wonderful season, your harvest in the autumn will be meager. The position of receiving the Blessing cannot be fulfilled by sitting still.

What kind of life would you all have lived had you not met the True Parents? You would probably have lived in your own country, within your own family, eating and being attached to your environment. Few of you would have thought about living for the sake of the nation and world. What do you all think, those of you who have met True Parents? If you have large thoughts, then how large are they, and how must you act? How you work, offer devotions and grow during the springtime will determine how you will appear when the autumn of providential history comes, and with what results you will stand before the True Parents.

16  All blessed families have heard Father's words on how to move forward. Now everything depends on how you fulfill your responsibility. If you fulfill your responsibility, then your tribes and descendants will live in a free and happy world. You must prepare the environment. How you create the environment surrounding you during the remaining years of your life will determine the path to advance national restoration and world restoration.

Do not just chew over these words, for now is the time to give shape to your faith through your actions. A new era has opened. The words spoken by Father must be made into reality in your surroundings and your families, so that your descendants will have less indemnity to pay. If the responsibility is not fulfilled, it is natural that indemnity must be paid.

You have your personal life and your lives as individual blessed families. True Parents cannot get involved in all of that. True Parents have shown you the example, so you must follow it. Everybody should strive to live according to the Word.

Some miserable people distort the Word and live self-centered lives. I hope that you will all be wise. I am preparing everything so that you can go on the expressway of a perfectly established tradition. If you can just fulfill the responsibilities given you, there is no doubt that a free, peaceful and united world that attends the Heavenly Parent will be achieved.

17  During your short life, you must always think, “How can I achieve oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in thought with True Parents?” If you live a life of practicing this, then not only you but also your descendants will receive many blessings. There is no parent who wants to pass on 30 percent of their indemnity to their beloved children and descendants because they could fulfill only 70 percent. The world has no choice but to gradually become one. We are the only ones who can properly educate the people of the world. Father established the ambassadors for peace, the peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police. The peace kingdom corps and the peace kingdom police will bring order to this world of disarray and confusion. They will fight not with weapons but with the Word.

All of you need to offer many prayer conditions. The blessed families and providential organizations must unite as one and make sure that heaven's words, True Parents' words, do not fall on stony ground but instead bear fruit. This is the responsibility of you who are living on earth today.

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