Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 397

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 2: Blessed Families and the Education of Future Leaders, Paragraph 27-37

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Educating future leaders

If opening the gates of Cheon Il Guk was the mission of True Parents and the first generation of blessed families, the settlement of Cheon Il Guk is the task of the second generation of blessed families and their children. God's Will and heart and True Parents' tradition are passed on when you learn about True Parents' teachings and life course, testify to True Parents, and live a life of true love. Since True Father's ascension, True Mother has been pouring much devotion and effort into establishing the Universal Peace Academy and holding special training workshops for members of the second generation, in order to raise them as outstanding figures who will lead Cheon Il Guk.

27  The world we live in is still Satan's world, and therefore we need to raise the members of our second generation so that first they learn the quality of heart at the core of the Divine Principle. Therefore, we need to adhere to a center that values purity even while it allows music and dance. You must watch over the second-generation members well until they are fully mature and have received the Blessing. I have emphasized a revival in the church and education for the second generation. I said that I would grant scholarships to second generation blessed families and other young people of the world in order to raise leaders.

28  I am very worried when I look at the second generation of our membership, the future leaders of the Unification family. The conclusion is that none of us have fulfilled our responsibility. I am taking full responsibility for this reality. Do you realize how difficult this is for me? Putting internal and external matters in order is not an easy task. It would be easier to build a new house than to fix, repair and renovate an already existing one. It takes a lot more effort and money. Yet I am taking on this task. You must fulfill your individual responsibilities and thereby help me.

29  Our church has a 60-year history, but we did not create an environment for our second generation. We must ensure that members of the second generation take on a great role in fulfilling the Will. The parents must create an environment in which the children can grow within the Will. In this era of Cheon Il Guk, when a new history is beginning, we must protect the second generation of our membership from the secular world and train them to be leaders who can take charge of the future of Cheon Il Guk.

30  I am planning to sell the helicopter that Father used. Therefore, I reported this to Father. I told him that I would sell it and use the money for scholarships to raise future leaders by educating members of the second generation. When I told him that, he said, “Do what you think is best, Mother.” When I reflected on having to give up the helicopter, I felt so bad about not permanently preserving it. Nonetheless, I want to let this nation and the entire world know about True Father. I want to show all humankind and heaven that the Unification Church is moving forward vigorously and prosperously.

31  All you members of the second generation must confidently show that you are True Parents' children, whether at school or anywhere else. This is witnessing. You should be the number one students in school. You should be the best. No matter what environment you are in, become the best. The people of the world are looking at the members of our second generation. So what must you do? You must study hard, develop well and become prominent figures before heaven. When you young people stand together and realize the Will that True Parents are trying to accomplish, what do you think the people of the world will say? You will become victors!

32  Human life is finite. However, you must bear in mind that when we honor the Parents' will and practice our faith, we will come to stand in the position of receiving blessings and love as central figures in the eternal world. From this point of view, you members of the second generation are hopeful and happy people. If you work hard and put the Principle into action, many new people will be saved through you. When this happens, True Parents will say that everything has been accomplished.

Secular laws are not needed in a God-centered world overflowing with freedom, peace, unity and happiness. It will be a world where lawyers, prosecutors and judges are superfluous. So, what is it that we must do? We must introduce True Parents and educate all the people of the world about them, so that they can be a part of this world of happiness. Only on this path can we become proud blessed families and proud leaders of the Unification community.

33  Now the entire emphasis will be put on education. I will start by educating leaders from all walks of life and, of course, by nurturing future leaders. This is the fastest path to world peace. This work is for the sake of creating a God-centered world. By gathering our strength, we must build a world of true love where there is freedom, peace, unity and happiness, and where all things are done by individual initiative. This must start with each of us taking the initiative to unite our mind and body.

34  We have to ensure that members of our second generation grow up in a good environment. The parents need to create the environment so that these children will grow up purely and beautifully within the Will. They should be able to stand confidently and proudly as the second and third generations of the True Parents, be it at school or out in society. You should raise them to be proud. They are our hope.

35  During their day-to-day lives, leaders should always keep in mind, “Before you try to have dominion over the universe, first gain dominion over yourself.” Based on this, I gathered a group of second- generation members and organized a special education workshop. When you are young, you make decisions based on your passions, and those can easily become clouded. That is why Father offered many prayer conditions to discipline his physical body as he walked the path of the Will.

You probably have heard about the times he offered over ten hours of prayer, pouring out sweat. On top of that, Father is like fire, and he cannot stand by when he witnesses injustice. However, he endured it all in order to bring Satan's world to surrender. This kind of patience is needed. Sincere devotion is needed. For this reason, you need dominion over yourself.

In the future, we cannot separate members of the first and second generations. Even though we have said that the second generation will be the center, they should attend the first generation and move forward together.

36  The students here at the Universal Peace Academy have to work very hard in order to inscribe their names in providential history. When you realize how much heaven has anticipated this day and longed for a restored humankind, I truly hope that you will study hard. Heaven will help each of you. Please do not allow yourselves to be indebted before heaven or humankind. Your youth and spirit will become the foundation and pillars for the settlement of Cheon 11 Guk.

Our purpose has become clear. Until the end of our lives we have to move forward to complete this providence. That is why I have established all of you in this position. You are the first fruits gathered for the sake of completing the new era and new history of Cheon Il Guk. Isn't this something to be grateful for? Please act diligently and uphold the vows and pledges you've made. Then True Parents will always be with you. You will shine. Through you, this dark world will become brighter.

37  As the people of Cheon Il Guk, you must save all the people of the world. To do so, you must raise your next generation. You should form noble families. Noble families strive to raise up descendants who are better than themselves. You have to raise many sons and daughters of filial piety, men and women who are more outstanding, more trustworthy and more loyal than yourselves. Only then will there be hope for the future.

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