Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 393

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, The witnessing environment
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, Paragraph 25

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The witnessing environment

Witnessing is transforming God's children into citizens in His kingdom. As the number of heavenly citizens increases, heaven's sovereignty expands and the environment is created for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk. It is with God's spirit and truth that we can witness to humanity. God's spirit and truth are our breastplate and sword. Only by setting forth with the breastplate of the spirit and the sword of truth can we win over the fallen world and create the environment that allows True Parents' glory to shine throughout the world.

12  We have True Parents and the truth. We have the Principle. We now should let the world know about True Father and his life. Our future is bright. I am going to revive all the churches in the provinces and outlying areas. Our churches in Korea must come to life and breathe. You blessed family members need to heed my directions and take action. In doing so you need to help your neighbors and clan members to follow you.

13  Many of you must have joined the church 50 or 60 years ago. No matter where you joined, you surely miss the time you first met the Unification Church. Whenever you saw Father and whenever you heard him, did you ever experience not being delighted or grateful in your heart? You were all excited, feeling, “Oh my, I have met the Lord who gave me new life and brought me to a brand new world! There are many Christians in the world and many believers of other religions as well, but I came to know of heaven's providence and met the Lord before others did. How can I ever be grateful enough?” Rather than keeping this to yourself, you wanted to share it with everyone. You wanted to witness. Truthfully, you have received incredible grace and blessings from heaven. As fallen people you received unimaginable blessings. The fact that you separated from Satan is an awesome blessing in itself. Our environment 50 or 60 years ago was very different from that of today. In my heart I would like to rekindle the heart and spirit as it was in the early days of our church, when you worked so hard, yearning for the original homeland. Then you can bear fruit.

14  If we were to attend True Father truly as the Lord at his Second Advent, Messiah, king of kings, and emperor of truth, holiness and virtue, what do you think you could do? Can there be an emperor or king without his people? Do you think it is sufficient for him to have only us as his people? All the people in the world should attend him. That is why, from now on you need to testify to Father; you need to explain his achievements and let the world know who and what he truly is. This is what is meant by outreach work.

15  We must bring all people to the Blessing and guide them to become Cheon Il Guk citizens. In order to do that, what should you do? Those in the spirit world will not be able to help people who do only what they are told, who live from one day to the next, blurring them together. The expressions “life-or-death resolve” and “total investment” must be real to you. That is why I am telling you to take action. That is why I am asking you to report to heaven every day and work together with heaven.

16  You are all blessed members and you all probably have children, so you know how wondrous it is to receive the gift of a new life and how much you anticipate the birth of a child. I am sure that you felt the indescribable blessings of heaven at that moment. I tell you that you can have that blessing of giving birth to a new life even every day, depending on the effort you make. Will you sit still and remain idle? The number of people whom you save through your outreach activities will determine your reward. That reward is created by you. I hope that you will not miss such a marvelous opportunity.

17  The spirit world is a place where people breathe love, where they breathe in the air of love. Witnessing reveals the love we have planted. When you witness a lot, it is imperative to restore all things, that is, to raise funds. You need to do this to attain the position from which you can give and receive blessings. How you establish a foundation to increase your blessing and bequeath them to your descendants is up to you. It requires your own investment, and you need to make conditions of devotion for that. No one can do it for you. True Parents taught you everything you need to know, and now it is time for you to act.

18  We can create the world of peace and happiness that heaven and humanity desire. Father took the lead; he showed you how to do this through his example. He also said that there is no perfection in ignorance. That is why we first need to educate people. We need to help them understand the Word and show them through our actions how to fulfill it. We have been pushing ourselves to realize this grand dream since the population of the world was three billion, and now it is more than seven billion, isn't it? We are responsible to let the seven billion people of this world know God's Will as soon as possible.

19  The Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parents have carried out their providential work throughout the world. Yet because of our shortcomings we have not reached the entire world and brought everyone to know True Father and his achievements. This remains such a bitter sorrow in my heart. It is natural that our descendants will face a difficult time if we do not fulfill our responsibility. That is why you as the first generation must do whatever it takes to let people know that the Returning Lord, Messiah and True Parents for whom they have been yearning has come.

How much effort have you made during this time to find people and give them new life? Our time remaining on earth until we pass on to the next world is shorter than the time we have lived so far. What if those people who are living in the same era that we are living in go to the spirit world without knowing True Parents and the truth? In the other world they will wail and accuse you, saying, “When I was alive on earth, why didn't you tell me about this?” If you do not fulfill your responsibility, your descendants will have to indemnify that. As you have heard the Principle teachings, you must understand what I am saying. Henceforth, you should be serious about fulfilling your responsibility.

20  How will we restore this nation, God's homeland? There is no way except through witnessing. We must turn people around through witnessing. All our businesses and organizations need to move in one direction. To welcome the new age that is upon us, you need to have a clear attitude of mind.

For this day, I have opened all the doors. I am contemplating many plans for the future global providence. We have to bring tangible results that are visible to the eyes. I know that this is possible, because God will definitely work.

God welcomes this time when He can directly govern us. He is manifesting Himself as the King of all kings. Therefore, we cannot let Him remain a king without a people. That is why I want you to be among those who demonstrate loyalty, filial piety and fidelity. This time in history will come only once. If you want to participate, then you must change in every respect.

21  What type of wealth am I talking about? I have told you, “Witness with great effort.” The physical body has limits. Even if you live a long and healthy life, you will probably not live for more than 100 years. We know about the spirit world. When you witness like this to 1 person, 10 people, 100 people, then you are connecting to their eternal life. You are becoming wealthy. You are becoming someone who will be remembered in the eternal world. The wealth of this world ends when you die, but the wealth of the spirit world is eternal. Then which path will you young people take? It is all right to be greedy with regard to this kind of wealth.

22  There is no one who dislikes being wealthy. The fastest way to become wealthy is by witnessing. The fallen world is desolate. However, we who attend True Parents are joyful. By witnessing, especially if you can make this world into a world where everyone knows True Parents, you will become the richest person in the world. How much you would live with gratitude and peace in both spirit and flesh!

The world is very complicated. In it people have to calculate in order to stay ahead of their competitors, and they fight. What a difference! So your mission is to reach out to many people in the world and bring them to our Heavenly Parent and to True Father who is now in the spirit world. Therefore, what the blessed families sitting here in front of me right now should do is to witness a lot so that God and True Parents can attain what they desire. I am saying you are people who have found the path to happiness.

23  I have said that we should create a good environment. Once a good environment is created, even if I say only one thing, people will be able to figure out its meaning from ten different angles. When God created Adam and Eve in the beginning, could they communicate with God or not? They could ask Him questions and receive answers. It can be the same now. If the blessed families can create such an environment, there is no reason you cannot successfully witness with even a little effort.

24  It is most pressing that we let all the people of the world know that the True Parents have come to this earth. Telling all humankind that they are here is our great responsibility for the sake of the future. Christians are still waiting for the Returning Lord, the Messiah. We already have gone beyond the Completed Testament Age and opened the era of Cheon Il Guk, but people do not know the providential time in which they live. We must not remain passive. We must mobilize every means to let people know that the True Parents have come. We must let people know that the Messiah has arrived. True Parents came to this world to save all people. For the sake of the salvation of humankind, we must let the world know the legacy True Parents achieved during their lives. Such things do not come about just by talking or by making proclamations. Through taking action and putting things in motion, your efforts must bear fruit.

25  Now you should confidently reveal who the True Parents are. It must be made known, and shown, that both the unification of North and South Korea and world peace can be achieved through the True Parents, and you must become people who live to accomplish that. That is why you must be different today than yesterday. Think that you are saving one life every day. You can go out in the position of the ancestors, and the citizens will become your people. You all started in the same position when you were given the Blessing, but the extent to which you fulfilled your responsibilities is different. As the people living in this era in front of your ancestors and future descendants, you are standing here after having received an incredible blessing. But the question is in what position you are standing now, and how do you appear? That is what is important. True Parents are always in the midst of you. You are not alone.

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