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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 4: The Faith and Environment of the Early Days
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, The faith of the early days
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, Paragraph 11

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Chapter 4.  The Faith and Environment of the Early Days

Section 1. The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era

The faith of the early days

In the early days our church was always crowded with members longing to see True Parents. Divine Principle was taught day and night to guests and new members. Sunday service was filled with the Spirit, and people were constantly witnessing to the truth. The church was filled with love.

True Mother often encourages members to work to revive the faith and zeal of the early days of the church. She speaks about creating a living and breathing church to spur the establishment of Cheon Il Guk. She emphasizes that believers should move beyond the wilderness era into the era of the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

1  We need to revive our church. How wonderful it would be if all people had truly known that Father is the True Parent while he was still on earth. Because they did not know this, my pain and grief are so, so deep. The only way to create a path for these people is through the teachings of the Principle. The Principle teachings are medicine for all humanity. Whether or not we bring revival to our church and advance the settlement of Cheon Il Guk depends on our actions.

2  In the early years of the church Father raised the members through his words, his love and with the strong bonds of the realm of heart. From now on, the church in Korea and throughout the world must become like that. Overall I will lead the Korean church in that direction. The same goes for the rest of the world. Even without explaining it in words, we all can feel the bonds of heart we have with each other, forged with God at the center. When we unite, we can be totally interconnected. You are blessed families who are connected to one another with a strong bond of heart, and based upon this, you need to cooperate fully with one another. To build a church based on heart, whether you have a public mission or not, gear your every action, word and attitude first for other people and the environment. You must be considerate of those around you.

3  Most pressingly, the question is how we can return to the spirit of the early days in our church. We need to fill our church with life and spirit, in unity with the words of truth and the Holy Spirit. Our task is to share the words of the Principle unceasingly every day with new people, and inspire them to attend seven-day, 21-day and 40-day workshops and then receive the marriage Blessing. We need to find many new members and make our Unification Church vibrant and full of life and spirit.

4  What is truly important is not just the number of people that come to Sunday service, but the number of people we can call Unification Church members, that is, people who know the Principle properly. We need to continue giving Divine Principle lectures in our churches. People need to be reborn through these teachings. When, through being born again through the Word, every individual, family, tribe, society and nation practices true love, Cheon Il Guk naturally will come about. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth. When this happens, people will find peace in their hearts.

5  Our Unification Church originated from God's spirit and truth. But when I look at the current reality in the church, I cannot say that either our church or its members have matured in heart. In the early days, once members came to the church they never wanted to leave. When Father stayed up late into the night, they wanted to stay with him. And if there was anything Father wanted done, they wanted to do it for him, voluntarily and willingly. Such was the life of faith in the early days of our church. Although our church was small, it was overflowing with true love and we were united in that love. This allowed us to go through many difficult times together.

The Korean church produced many blessed families and came to have many unforgettable stories. In the early days the Korean church sisters went out to do pioneer outreach. Some had no one to take care of their children, and they had no choice but to leave their children temporarily in orphanages. In this way, from the time of the 36 Couples Blessing until the 430 Couples Blessing, Korean church members made many sacrifices in order to advance God's providence.

6  In those early days, our church president Rev. Eu Hyo-won gave lectures all day long, even though he suffered physical disabilities. Even healthy people find it difficult to lecture for an hour or two, let alone all day long. Not only that—we were too poor to have proper food at that time, so he was malnourished. Despite such difficulties people joined the church and we blessed the 36 Couples.

We need to cherish the 36 Couples because they are the root of heart; membership multiplied based on the foundation of the 36 Couples. That is why I say that whether you are from Korea, Japan or the United States, we need to start anew, filled with the fire, spirit and overflowing love we had in the early days. We must build a church where Divine Principle lectures are taught continuously, a church where workshops are always in progress.

7  You all need to be reborn through the Word. In the early days of the church no one complained about conditions. Members were happy and thankful just to see True Parents. Whenever they went out from the church, they missed us; very soon they longed to see us and they were anxious to hear Fathers words. They did not measure everything against their own needs. They did not think about how much they would be paid or whether or not they would be praised if they did this or that. We must regain that spirit. I am saying let's make our church a place that is alive, breathing, and overflowing with love.

8  If you wish to quickly restore the people in your town, make sure the lights are always on in the church. Please make a strong determination. As living people who attended True Father, do not do anything that brings you dishonor. Shouldn't you become people whom True Father will remember in the spirit world? Then what do you think you should do? Do not take it easy. Create a church that is alive and breathing with ongoing activities. We are alive, and being alive means being active. Those who remain still and inactive are dead.

9  It is important to make a plan, but more important to take action. Be a person who practices. We are living in the era when achievements must be tangible. Your church should be a place where the lights are always on because you are awake at night. Wouldn't Father be drawn to the churches that have the lights on while he tours around the world? I am saying that you should make yours a place that True Father would not pass by without stopping.

10  I should accomplish all that Father left incomplete and all that he desired to achieve. Our most urgent task is to establish the true order and tradition both internally and externally. Also, as soon as possible we need to show the world that the Unification Church is going strong, growing and developing so that we can inspire those in the wider world to come to us of their own free will. It is important for you to witness hard, but we also need people to come on their own based on our providential achievements and guided by a voice in their heart that says, “Oh! This is my ultimate destination!” Then we must guide them to become blessed families.

11  We are living in a time when we can actually be one with and experience the spirit world in daily life. If you have the standard that enables you to relate with the spirit world, it will work with you 100 percent. Take ownership and do activities that are alive and breathing. Then the spirit world will assist you without reservation. What is the hope of those in the spirit world? What is our hope? It is to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. That is Cheon Il Guk. How exciting and elevating it would be to realize that in our lifetime! How grateful we should feel! If you actually feel that in your daily life, how can you sit calmly and quietly? How can you not be moved to devote your efforts?

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