Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 384

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Paragraph 21-28

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21  We are now entering the era in which we will live under the jurisdiction of God's law. This is different from the past age when we depended on forgiveness. We are entering the era of natural justice, just as it was for Adam and Eve, who suffered the consequences of their wrongdoing immediately.

You new members respect the laws of this world, but each of, you needs to understand that abiding by the constitution of the kingdom of heaven is hundreds of times more serious than keeping the laws of this world. You represent your ancestors who were loyal to their nations, and you must be hundreds, even thousands of times more loyal to God's nation. For this reason, please understand that from now on you should not consider that your possessions belong just to you or to your nation, or even to your sons and daughters. We are now entering the era when God will directly oversee His sons and daughters, just as He oversaw Adam and Eve. So if you raise your children to follow their private purposes, their path will be blocked. Such a fearful time is coming.

22  True Parents have untangled the fundamental problems in the spirit world and liberated people from them. Hence, spirits should have no problem descending to earth. Many of them have already received the marriage Blessing. Families that used to belong to the angelic realm are coming down and taking responsibility for people on earth in one-on-one relationships. They should have no problem dealing with their families on earth. If you do not heed those spirits, they might simply take you away. Such a time of great change is coming.

Until now, I have protected you, but I will no longer do so. Now that these three fundamental points of God's law have been promulgated, heaven and earth, hell and heaven, should no longer be divided according to the law of indemnity. They should be divided centering on God's law—the constitution and its laws. We are now in the era of the founding of God's nation with its new laws. Now that we have entered the era of kingship, we need to establish God's nation. We need to establish the one nation that transcends peoples, nations and even the world.

The purpose of the constitution

The Cheon Il Guk Constitution was written to present the goals and purposes for which Cheon Il Guk was founded. It contains the laws, norms and guidelines by which citizens of Cheon Il Guk will fulfill the words that the substantial True Parents taught and exemplified throughout their lives.

The constitution was inaugurated to provide a lawful basis for our daily life and family life, and for building the structures and systems of God's nation and God's world. It is intended to take root in the culture of heart and to blossom splendidly in the world where ideal families, transcending all barriers connected to nation, race, gender, culture, religion and so forth, attend God and True Parents.

23  When the Will of God is fulfilled, the law will apply to both the physical world and the spiritual world. That is, the constitution we use on earth will also be used in heaven, and the constitution that is used in heaven will also be used on earth. God has such a law, but He has not been able to rule according to it. Hence, He became the God of sorrow.

When shall we hold a ceremony to proclaim this constitution? That goal is pending now. First, we must bring the world to the stage at which we can recover heaven's nation. We do not yet have God's nation.

Although we occupy just a small place, we are not the only ones here. Countless myriads of spirits from the spirit world are watching this place attentively. You must always be mindful that numerous societies and myriads of meritorious people throughout history are constantly measuring you against the standards of heaven. Seen from this viewpoint, it is apparent that every single thing you do matters. For instance, even your manner of sitting should be prescribed as a protocol of conduct.

24  When Adam and Eve violated heaven's eternal and unchanging law, they were punished under the law. Anyone who violates the law will be likewise accountable, and cannot escape falling under the rule of punishment. A fearful era is at hand. When this era comes, your current relationship with the false parent, Satan, cannot continue; it must be clearly severed. Anything that Satan can own must be burned away. We must purge ourselves of and eliminate all things that relate to Satan. We do not just reorganize them, we eliminate them. After burning them, we have to discard even the ashes. There should not be as much as a shadow of Satan. By so doing, and securing the realm of the Sabbath, we can connect to the lineage of true love, at the core of which is absolute sex.

To become the sons and daughters of heaven's nation, you must be born again through True Mother's body. When you do so, you can be harvested as the fruit of history. We must build God's nation with such sons and daughters. We must build a world free of the shadows of the Fall. Only then can the Parents be seated and fulfill the Will, sharing everything with God, all His joys and sorrows. Then the position of the True Parents can be totally secured. Then you too can inherit the kingship of liberation and complete freedom, in which all things can go well. Then everything will be free flowing. You will not need to explain what the kingdom of heaven is all about.

25  Together with the power of love, the power of law is necessary for the purpose of protecting love's life force. The universe is inclined to unite in order to protect the right of existence. Heaven's law serves to protect all things so that they will unite in harmony.

The world of goodness does not change, and that is the realm where God can dwell. God can dwell there because it is a world with a strong life force springing from love. We need to understand that the word “love” means to live for the sake of others, not for our own sake. God's purpose of creating the universe was not for His own sake; it was to establish relationships between counterparts. We are the beings who can become God's complete partners. Thus, He created the universe for us.

26  The final destination of heavenly fortune is the world where the Will is fulfilled. That world, where perfected people live, has to be secured based on God's law. In order to do so, the good sovereignty should be able to connect to you, your family, your people, the nation and the world, all the way to the cosmos. In that world, you should be able to say, “I am a person who is entitled to be under the governance of universal law.” You should be able to extend this affirmation to the levels of your family, tribe, people, nation and world.

God's providence will head for such a place, and heavenly fortune will take the same direction. Heavenly fortune will head for the world of the one sovereignty of goodness. But we cannot jump there directly. We must first pass through the individual, then the family, the tribe, the people, the nation and the world. Finally, we must unite the physical world and the spiritual world and proclaim the establishment of the good constitution, centering on the good sovereignty. On that basis, future generations will be able to go from the individual level to the family level naturally, without any struggle. That will be known as the era of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

27  God is the sovereign and king of the heavenly and earthly realms; all worlds and all nations cannot but be under the reign of God. Logically we can conclude that every place should be the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. Had this happened, humankind would not have suffered through a miserable history. Nor would we be divided by race or nationality. There would have been no breakdown or divisions between black, white and yellow, or Koreans and Americans. Instead, as the descendants of Adam, we would be one homogeneous people, a single culture and a single world. That world would be neither democratic nor communist; it would be ruled eternally by the eternal sovereign God, through His constitution.

28  In the course of God's providence of salvation, human beings have been governed by many laws, such as those of the Old Testament. However, until now there has been no law by which God could govern the world of goodness, the world in which God's Will and purpose are fulfilled and His providence is completed, beyond the world of the providence of salvation.

The era will arrive when God's law will become manifest. When that happens, individuals, families, nations and the entire world will need to accommodate God's law. It will take effect not only on earth but also in the eternal, heavenly world. Those who have been trained in His law will be protected naturally in their living environment and also when they pass into the spirit world. I am saying that such an era is approaching. The age in which God's law is established will be the age m of good sovereignty, a world of a higher dimension. This law will not look at the world from a two-dimensional perspective of the physical world; it will have a three-dimensional perspective that includes the spirit world. We must rise up to greet such a world.

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