Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 385

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Paragraph 29-41

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29  If you take a position to pursue your self-interests, you will be in violation of the law, but if you take action to seek the benefit of the whole, no one can cast accusations about that. Even God, heaven and earth will have to recognize it, and the public recognition you receive will not change even after thousands of years. If you live to establish righteousness based on the absolute law, such things as restoration through indemnity or hell no longer will exist. You will be entirely within the realm of liberation and complete freedom. If you, or anyone, acts from this foundation, you will be eternally protected and raised by God and the cosmos. God will bequeath to you the right to inherit from Him, the right to live together with Him and the right to share joy with Him; and He will grant you everything that is recognized to have universal value. You will inherit it all.

30  If the sovereign and the people together set the standard of good and evil for the nation, who sets the standard of good and evil for the universe? It will be God, who is the Sovereign Lord of this universe, and next it will be the global citizens of the world. Just as they represent their own people in their nations now, they will come to represent the world as global citizens. That is why it makes sense that the constitution that must emerge in order to distinguish good and evil in the universe should be made jointly by God and human beings.

Although there exist laws of nations decided by national governments and the people, the unchanging constitution of the universe, reflecting both the views and opinions of the Sovereign and the global citizens, has not yet been established. Nevertheless, the conscience, the ideal and the hope of human beings are unchanging. Therefore, a constitution will have to emerge that is in agreement with them. It will secure life, and both God and human beings will rejoice over it.

31  Each of you should be able to stand tall, feeling no shame before your ancestors and clan. When you face the judgment of God, you should be people whom God can love and praise. In front of God, there should be testimonies about you, of your endurance through unbearable situations, of your victories in difficult positions, of your self-sacrifice to resolve some circumstances in other peoples' lives, and so forth. You should do whatever it takes to achieve something that you can be proud of before God. You have no place to hide in the universe. You cannot flee to a place you like. A human being cannot escape from the realm that is arranged according to the law of the universe. You must follow that path.

Please understand that you are living under the governance of universal law, centered on the standard that in the future will be established in a formal constitution. This constitution will be connected to the central teaching, the order and principle of love for the family, society, nation, world, cosmos and God Himself. The only way you can be protected and supported by all laws, including the law of nature, and have the right of freedom, is to love others and live for the sake of others.

32  You are not going to live in the eternal homeland, the eternal nation, for just one day. Therefore, you need to learn the protocols of life in the eternal world. Even if you were to live there for just a month, you would not be exempted from them. You need to learn the traditions that have been passed down for man and woman, father and mother, children, grandchildren, tribe, people and nation. You want to live in that nation together with your family, yet you may face restrictions wherever you go. There are national boundaries, and you may not be able to go beyond them. You may be stopped everywhere you try to go. If you committed sins or crimes here on earth, you will not be able to find a way out; entanglements from all directions will block you. That is why you first need thorough training on earth for a life centered on the original homeland.

33  The reason you can call yourselves owners of Cheon Il Guk in the Family Pledge is that we, the True Parents, as the central root, pioneered every field and level and settled everything in our generation, transcending all peoples, all nations, and even the boundary between the spiritual world and the physical world, throughout the past, present and future.

Adam and Eve brought about destruction in their generation, and we, the True Parents, resolved this in our generation. Further, centered on the fundamentals of the constitution of heaven’s nation, we established the foundation necessary to turn everything around 180 degrees and build the family and nation heading in a new direction. Therefore, this new world that we have established cannot be judged by any conventional constitution, sovereignty or tradition. It must be built on the basis of a new culture, tradition and history.

The directive to establish the constitution

The Cheon Il Guk Constitution articulates the rights and responsibilities of Cheon Il Guk citizens, contains the norms of life required for Cheon Il Guk to take root and be completed, and outlines the process by which Cheon Il Guk will be managed.

During the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship in 2001, True Parents emphasized three points: lineage, human rights, and public money. They said that these three points are so important that they will be the foundation of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution.

Further, the Cheon Il Guk Constitution outlines five autonomous organs (branches of government) with separation of powers: the Cheon Jeong Won (Cheon Il Guk Executive Branch), responsible for administration; the Cheon Eui Won (Cheon Il Guk Universal Assembly), responsible for legislation; the Cheon Beob Won (Cheon 11 Guk Judiciary), responsible for legal matters; the Cheon Jae Won (Cheon Il Guk Foundation), responsible for finances; and the Cheon Gong Won (Cheon Il Guk Office of Communications), responsible for public affairs and mass media.

34  Now that God has attained kingship, He needs to rule according to the law. At the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, I announced the three major points of the constitution of heaven's nation. At that time, the constitution of the family came into effect. If you live according to this law, you will have no need for religion. What was the consequence of the Fall in the Garden of Eden? It was that human beings were unable to live with God in their family. They could not attend God as their Heavenly Parent. That is why we must become filial children in front of the Heavenly Parent and fulfill our responsibilities as patriots in the nation, saints in the world and divine sons and daughters in heaven and on earth, as God desires. This should have occurred naturally.

35  Henceforth you have ironclad rules to follow. The first rule is to absolutely keep your lineage pure, even if threatened by death.

The second rule is to never violate the human rights of others. Whether a man or a woman, black or white, all human beings are equal. You must not discriminate or violate others' human rights. You have no right to make personnel changes by whim, simply because you do not like somebody personally. You must not make such changes thoughtlessly. Among those personnel may be people whose ancestors are better than yours. If you happen to remove someone whose descendant may become a nation's president, your ancestors will suffer. When you educate people about human rights, you need a heart of true love, of living for the sake of others. Those who live that way are the mainstream. God's creation of heaven and earth began with this. It is unforgivable if you dismantle this mainstream teaching. This is the second of the three sins.

The third rule is not to steal public money. I tell you: never use public money as you please. These are the three ironclad rules.

36  The first condition you must meet is not to be ashamed of yourself in your heart. We need the constitution of heaven's nation, laws for particular nations, and laws for families, but you must first master yourself. If you fail to do so, the world cannot stand upright. This is the biggest issue. Thus, you must keep your heart level. If you can keep it so, then wherever your heart travels, you can stand at the center. From that point as an individual you should climb up through the eight stages.

37  Now that I have taught you about God and the spirit world, the time has come for me to implement the laws of Cheon Il Guk. In Cheon Il Guk, the providence of salvation no longer applies. Once I have finished teaching you, I cannot hold onto you and live with you. Since I have clearly shown and taught you all that you need to know, I can no longer take responsibility for you. On this earth, we, the True Parents, have established the way to heaven, set all of the indemnity conditions for you, and educated you. If, despite this, you do not believe everything, what are you going to do when you go to the spirit world? We even thoroughly revealed the reality of the spirit world from written messages. Both God, the spiritual True Parent, and we, the substantial True Parents, have fulfilled our responsibility. On that foundation we proclaimed Cheon Il Guk. We even told you about its constitution.

38  Your family needs to substantially manifest and represent God, who presents Himself to you as the True Parent, True Teacher and True King. Then you can enter the kingdom of heaven and realize His ideal of creation fully. This is why we, the True Parents, established the new constitution of heaven's nation.

Everything that I said accords with the reality of the spirit world. Therefore, your family needs to bear fruit on earth that can be harvested for heaven. You need to become God's embodiments who can store many blessings from heaven in your barn. Put aside everything but these words. Once you establish a family that manifests God as His embodiments, you can enter the era in which God is omnipresent and immanent on earth and in heaven, and reigns with full authority and power everywhere. I am speaking of a world where everything is done according to what God thinks and desires.

39  I would like the United Nations to amend its constitution so that it consists of five branches: the legislature, judiciary, executive, public affairs and finance. After the legislature, judiciary and executive, the fourth branch is public affairs, including mass media. The fifth branch deals with finance. The UN should make a constitution like that.

The most fearful branch is public affairs. I expose every hair on my scalp and face; I hide nothing that I am doing from the world. Likewise, the world must become transparent, like a fine-cut hexagonal crystal. It will be a world where lies do not work, where everything is disclosed and nothing is hidden.

40  Once I proclaim the opening of the gates of the unified world of peace, we will establish the constitution of heaven's nation, whose government will be divided into five branches. We are now preparing the draft of that constitution. Ultimately, that draft should be presented at the United Nations, with supporting testimonies so that they will accept it. In our draft constitution we took the Cain world's reality into consideration, but we also added content that we alone can present. This is how we should write the constitution of heaven's nation.

Once we present it, the UN General Assembly should convene for 40 days to review its contents and prepare to ratify it. Once the General Assembly promulgates the constitution of heaven's nation, then it will be possible to implement it. We will have 40 days to integrate the various agendas within the UN and complete it. Once the one and only constitution of heaven's nation is proclaimed, opening the era in which there is separation between the five branches, we will be in a position to usher in a world of peace.

41  Once we inaugurate the Abel UN and establish its constitution, we will be able to move the world without obstruction. If we establish a substantial structure with five branches in accordance with this constitution, the world will have to officially recognize it. We have now entered this stage. Therefore, we need to meet all the constitutional requirements for the separation of the three powers. Then we need to include public affairs and finance, and so welcome the era of the five branches. Once we enter the era of the five branches, we can serve the whole world. With this structure for managing heaven's nation, we can serve as lords of all things in God's garden, embracing the world. This is not a dream. We are now arriving at the era when we can make this come true.

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