Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 383

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Why the constitution is needed
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Paragraph 20

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Why the constitution is needed

In accordance with True Parents' direction, foundational work to establish the constitution commenced at the beginning of the year 2000. Then in 2013, immediately after the opening of Cheon Il Guk on Foundation Day, True Mother directed that work to prepare the Cheon Il Guk Constitution begin in earnest.

True Parents' words include their reports of victory on the cosmic level, and their life course is the model course that all human beings will have to follow. Accordingly, the criteria for establishing the Cheon Il Guk Constitution were decided in nine areas. These criteria include: the Cheon Il Guk ideal is to be realized on earth; it centers on the words of True Parents; it secures and presents a vision for the life of faith for Cheon Il Guk citizens; it is universal, which means it is international, interracial, intercultural and inter-religious; it pursues unanimous agreement; and service at the highest echelon is unpaid.

Based on these criteria, the concept and structure of the Cheon 11 Guk Constitution were prepared. The guidelines and norms of life for Cheon Il Guk citizens were distilled through researching The Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the Family Pledge, and other available texts.

True Parents addressed the need for the constitution from different perspectives. First, since God now owns the authority of the king through the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, the world must be governed based on God's law, which is based on the Principle. Second, since Cheon Il Guk has been proclaimed, the time has come to establish its constitution to secure the sovereignty of the nation. Third, we need the constitution in order to settle and govern Cheon Il Guk. A constitution and its laws are required to realize the ideal of the new nation.

10  In the 20th century, civilization developed based on knowledge, ideas and moral laws. The last of these will endure the longest. One cannot gain salvation by faith alone. The founding of nations requires laws for the various branches of government, and these center on a constitution. Also, without laws, trials cannot proceed.

In the ideal there is God's constitution, but as yet we have no constitution for heaven's nation, much less for each branch of its government. Lacking this, we cannot judge the nations of Satan's world. Currently, God's sons and daughters living on earth do not know the constitution of heaven's nation, nor do they know the laws for its branches of government. So they just act as they please. They are making battlegrounds everywhere, creating divisions. How are we going to solve this problem? We will do so by establishing the constitution of heaven's nation, with clear laws for how the nation is structured. These laws should expand from the family to the tribe, the people and so forth.

11  What is it that the Lord brings to earth on his return? One thing that he brings is the law, based on the Principle. He comes with the authority to judge evil, and with that authority he brings judgment. Unless we establish a God-centered constitution that surpasses the constitutions of the nations that Satan takes pride in, we cannot establish God's nation. As the countries of the world have constitutions, God's nation must have a constitution.

12  The constitution that can govern heaven's nation must be established on earth. We have to set up conditions for liberation that can be completed on earth. We need to prepare a substantial system of law that can protect the family, tribe and nation within the physical realm. It is the same as the substantial being coming from the Word. As God's Word becomes the center, God's law becomes the center. We must now enter the world in which we absolutely unite with and live by God's law. We must reject all laws and artifacts that Satan left behind in heaven and on earth throughout history and return to the one spherical harmony.

13  Once a constitution is enacted, even a president cannot act just as he or she pleases. Anyone who revokes in the evening the constitution that was enacted in the morning is not qualified to be president. A person who wants to be a king who will be honored for 1,000 years first needs to establish laws that will be followed for 1,000 years, and he should personally practice those laws. If he selects which laws to follow according to his situation or preference, he is nothing but a dictator. He will last only a day. Can the person who is to unite heaven and earth and establish the fundamental law, change a law simply because it does not suit him that day? He has to act in accordance with heaven's law, which is the great Way and the great Will.

14  We should restructure our movement based on the constitution of heaven's nation and set up laws for each of its branches of government. We must establish the absolute authority of these laws. Law is the foundation on which the family and nation stand. Therefore, we have to transition into a world where the law is absolutely upheld and practiced. A judge rules according to law. If someone holding the power of government does something wrong in the eyes of the law, he or she must be tried pursuant to the law. There should be books of statutes outlining the laws for each body and institution of government. Based on the law, good and evil in that body are decided. When something goes awry, we will find a way to resolve it through the courts. It is absolutely necessary to uphold the law. We need to absolutely protect the words of the Principle, the law of all laws.

15  A family will find contentment when its members absolutely follow the constitution of true love. This is the formula, and it will not change just because someone wants to go another way. Since the formula is set, the political system of the future will become simply a system for management. It will be a system that enables all people to attain an equal standard of living. Individuals and families will manage themselves by centering on love, as will tribes, peoples, nations and the world. Regardless of the level, all levels are expansions of the family. The eight levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God advance based on the family. This is the formula, so it has to be clear. By it we can officially transition to a natural system of management that no longer fosters political struggle and conflict.

16  In God's nation, there is a law of the palace. I tell you that a law of the palace serves as the vertical standard. The constitution of heaven's nation must be established centering on the law of the palace, which sets out the ideal vertical standard. Divine sons and daughters are those who observe the law of the nation's palace. When this law is established for the realm of the royal family, the populace can connect directly to it and observe it, centering on God.

17  The constitution of heaven's nation will set out laws for each of the branches of government. It will connect the laws of each branch together. In the future, the constitution will be established based on the essential core of the Word. In the construction industry, there are building codes and regulations. Electrical work has its codes and regulations, as does manufacturing. In the same way, the offices of government cannot come into existence without laws. Laws distinguish right from wrong. But no law will be officially recognized, whether on the national level or the world level, until it is ratified pursuant to the highest standard of law.

Until now, people lived in ignorance of heaven's law. However, we are now entering the era of the law that is based on God's Will. God set up the law based on His ideal of creation, and human beings fell because they did not follow that law. The original era will be the era in which the law is absolute. It will not cater to individual purposes. The law is centered on the ideal of peace, and it will make heaven and earth one for the sake of world peace. Laws by which one individual benefits over another will cease to exist.

18  If you receive the marriage Blessing that moves you from the national era into the world era, you should start a journal. Doing so is a necessary criterion for registering to enter the kingdom of heaven. Even in the family of True Parents, everyone will gather and, based on their discussion, decide who actually lived in accordance with the Principle. A life not lived at personal sacrifice for the sake of the entire family is unrighteous.

We must not be self-centered. Everyone in the Unification Church knows this; everyone in my family and clan knows this as well. Once this point is clear, the world will enter the era of heaven's law. As we enter the era of the constitution of heaven’s nation, no matter how close you are to God, you will be punished if you violate His law. God will continue working, even if it takes an eternity, to find and designate who do not violate His law.

19  You are in the era when God's kingship has been achieved. Therefore, it is time for you who are national messiahs to establish kingship on the level of your nation. That can be your kingship, recognized by your nation. God's kingdom is the cosmos, beyond the world level. Therefore, you have to make a connection between your national foundation and God's level. That is why, no matter what, you must recover your nation.

Now is the time to register. To register, there must be unity, both within and without. The nation must be registered to heaven. Its president, cabinet members, and those who have leadership responsibilities must be registered in order for you to transcend the national level.

Now, whatever you do, you must attain mind-body unity. Even if you have to push yourself, you must do it. We are now entering the age when you have to push the body to unite with the mind.

The constitution was established at God's enthronement; now we have the constitution with its three fundamental laws. Prior to that, God could not rule. When God created the world He set up only the law of creation; he did not have a law to deal with the situation of destruction after the Fall. Hence, God could not really govern the world of fallen people. However, now that the law has been proclaimed, a truly fearful time is approaching. You will be held accountable for all you do.

20  The providence, based on the Will, is to restore God's fatherland centering on Korea. God's fatherland and hometown, which He initiated in this land, will be liberated. We are marking a new beginning for God's fatherland and His providence to liberate it. When we connect to this new beginning of the Garden of Eden, all of history will be cleared up and everything will be reorganized. Then the era of the providence of salvation will end and we will enter the era of the law.

Even after having toiled for thousands upon thousands of years, now as we enter the era of the law of God's nation, God's work is not off by one minute, not even one second. The era of the providence of salvation is passing, and a new beginning is coming. We are entering the original world according to the ideal of creation, the era of God's law, centering upon the constitution of God's nation

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