Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 382

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Background of the constitution
Section 4: Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, Paragraph 09

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Section 4. Establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution

Background of the constitution

After True Parents proclaimed Cheon Il Guk in 2001, True Father emphasized the necessity of a constitution to guide its governance. He explained in detail how to establish the constitution, saying that it must center on God and True Parents, and that its core spirit is that of the Family Pledge, which contains the most central teachings from True Parents' countless sermons and public speeches. True Father said that the Family Pledge goes beyond the Completed Testament Age and that it is the absolute standard for establishing Cheon Il Guk. He emphasized again and again that it is like a constitution. Accordingly, the Family Pledge, which contains good guidelines for living with God's love and summarizes True Parents' words, is the basis upon which the Cheon Il Guk Constitution was established.

1  The laws of any nation tell us not to do this and that. When we violate a particular law, we can be punished pursuant to the criminal law of that nation. Goodness upholds freedom and liberation, while evil faces opposition. The universe protects and promotes goodness, sustaining the world with its authority and power. Public righteousness repels evil, a just nation repels it, and societies with ethical norms repel it. Nothing welcomes evil. For this reason, evil cannot survive in the world of goodness. Today the world's laws restrict us from doing this and that. Laws in the fallen world do not always reward people for being good or doing good deeds. However, in the Last Days it will come to pass that people will be judged by their public righteousness. God will have people eliminate evil laws and establish good laws by which good people will be recognized. Thus, even though you are rejected in the evil world or suffer in sorrow, you must work centering on good laws and values.

Someday, laws will be enacted that reward those who are good without fail, centering on the law of heaven, that is, heaven's constitution. Such laws must emerge according to the righteousness of heaven's Principle. That world is the kingdom of heaven on earth. When the kingdom of heaven on earth comes, you will be rewarded.

2  In the future, the Unification Church should lead a movement for the creation of good laws. All good people should gather together and make good international laws. The era must come when people are selected and recognized for their good deeds and rewarded. On the other hand, those who have committed evil must face some type of punishment. These laws must always protect and nurture goodness, where liberation and complete freedom dwell. Good laws bring hope to all people, facilitate the building of the kingdom of heaven, and enable us to relate to God and dwell together with Him.

3  Goodness means to return to the Principle; it is based on the Principle. The Principle exists as the standard that applies in the relationship between God and human beings. In the same way, a constitution is the standard by which we know good and evil.

First, Adam is supposed to become one with God; next he is supposed to become one with Eve. After the united Adam and Eve become one with God, their family must become one. That is what we call a law. A law is the way by which human beings must live.

God and Adam must become one, then Adam and Eve must become one, and then they and their sons and daughters must become one. The three object partner's purpose, as explained in the Divine Principle, is God's law. It is a principle. Whatever does not fit this principle is evil.

4  God's Will proceeds by His laws in accordance with His providence. We are supposed to be under the governance of those laws; we are not to do things randomly. Heaven's law applies to everyone universally. Since this law is applicable to the world as a whole, everyone is governed by this law. That is why, regardless of how much opposition I receive, I am working to expand the foundation of heaven's law.

Suppose you stop working to expand the foundation of heaven's law but nonetheless you say, “I love God.” That will never work. After promising True Parents that you are committed to expanding heaven's law, how can you think, “It does not matter whether I do it or not; let me take it easy”? Having such an attitude will never work with God. The greater the scope of God's Will for you, the higher the law that will be applied to you.

You should always think of heaven's law. You are called by heaven's command. If, in spite of this, you think in terms of gaining honor, saving face or protecting your dignity, it will come to nothing. You have to live only for heaven's command.

People do not complain about returning to God. When they return to Him, they praise Him and agree with His guidance, saying, “Yes, You are right.” This is principled and in keeping with the ideal. Are you now returning to God? If God were to have a wish, what do you think it would be? It would be, “Just return to the original state, to the original principles.” For this reason, you need to live up to the original principles.

5  In the fallen world there is no family law that has been passed down from our Heavenly Parent. All traditions in each and every family are of the fallen world. The world's countless peoples have passed down their stained cultures, with tainted customs and traditions. Thus, we now need to establish a tradition that can please God in history and can be the basis of a single cultural sphere. Once we have established it as the family law, when you have your family, your family members must live by it. In such a world, there will not be multiple languages. We need a revolution even in the realm of language. If Adam and Eve had been God's children, they would have spoken the language that they heard and learned from God. Then their children would have learned their parents' language, that of Adam and Eve. Their language naturally would have come to be the only language of this world; and hence culture and history would have been one, not divided. There would have been only one language and one history.

6  My words will become the constitution. I do not speak my personal words; I give you these words according to God's direction. I have not done even a single thing as I have wanted to. God has even been merciless with me. In order to establish heaven's law as the eternal law, those in the spirit world have watched me very carefully. If I as their representative had committed anything, even one iota, unforgivable during my course, God would not have maintained me with this mission to fulfill. Even after fulfilling what I was asked to do 10 times, I would be tested 100 times. This is the kind of path I have been walking.

7  What is heaven's law, the law that God desires? It is God's law within the ideal of creation. To realize the ideal of God, we need to complete the four-position foundation. When we accomplish this, love will emerge. Words based on the ideal of God's creation teach us how to accomplish the ideal. Those words are the truth.

The words of the Divine Principle in the Unification Church are expressions of the absolute God's law for the fallen world. To know the law, refer to the words. Refer to the words in its chapters and sections; these are the law. By this law, we are judged as to whether we have become good people, whether we are living the Word, and whether we have become embodiments of the Word. If this law leads you to become such people, you will be able to travel anywhere freely and have a relationship with anyone in God's nation, where the Principle is the law.

8  We have laws in the Unification Church. The first law is the Word that we teach in the church, the Word of the Principle. Do you observe our church laws? We have many laws, ranging from fasting to a three-year separation period after engagement to a 40-day purification period after the marriage Blessing. You need to understand that, just as you are caught and put in jail if you violate the laws of a nation, there will be consequences if you violate Unification Church laws. There are also rules that we need to follow when doing home church in order to progress from the individual level to the next level, the family. If you ignore these, or if you pick and choose, doing what you like and avoiding what you do not like, it does not work.

9  God taught me only two things: first, love travels by the shortest path; and second, the root origin of the universe is the parent-child relationship; and based on those two points I had to answer all the other questions that arose. This parent-child relationship does not refer to the parent-child relationship that is based on the blood lineage of this world. It has to be solved from a new starting point. If you do not know about the Fall, you cannot understand it. I have disclosed everything about the origin. This is a law of the universe. It is a law of heaven. I did not invent the concept of the blessed family. That is originally part of the law of the universe. When you are in accord with that law, you can go in front of the God of heaven. You must prepare a foundation by absolutely practicing and abiding by my words.

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