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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 4: The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours
Section 2: True Mother's World Speaking Tours, The United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania
Section 2: True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Paragraph 22

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The United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania

From October 20-27, 1992, True Mother spoke at Women's Federation for World Peace events in eight US cities. The following month, from November 11-18, she spoke in eight European cities, in Germany, Britain, France and Italy. Mother spoke in Moscow on November 22 and in Manila on December 8. On December 23, she spoke in Beijing. At all these events, Mother gave a speech entitled, "Women's Role in World Peace."

9   After World War II, Great Britain, America and France, as the bride nations representing the Christian cultural sphere, should have welcomed and attended me as the Returning Lord and established a worldwide realm of unity. However, they missed this chance. So, we had to indemnify this failure and try once again to engraft the Christian cultural sphere, representing the realm of the bride, to True Parents. That is why Mother led rallies in 113 cities of the world during 1992. The purpose of these rallies was this engrafting process. Through that condition, the indemnity was paid so that the Christian cultural sphere could stand together with True Parents, centered on True Mother.. Therefore, we need to stand with her in her attendance of God.

Once we go beyond the nation and the world, we will have to turn around and return to our hometown. We need to recover the situation of the first human beings had they not fallen, when God would have been able to travel back and forth freely. For this, we must return to our hometown.

10   The leaders of our church in the United States heard and fully inherited Mother's teachings that she had previously presented at Women's Federation for World Peace events in Japan. When True Mother was speaking in Japan, the US church leaders from all 50 states, including state leaders and American Freedom Coalition leaders, listened to her speeches every day. The local church members in all 50 states must listen to her speeches too. In addition, the missionaries throughout the world must gather and listen to Mother's speeches in the United States.

In this way, just as the Eve nation must inherit the tradition of Adam's nation, the archangel nation must inherit the tradition of the Eve nation, and all the nations of the world must inherit the tradition of the archangel nation. There can be no objections to this. In this way, Mothers speaking tour indeed became a worldwide workshop.

11   A 1992 Women's Federation for World Peace event in Washington, DC generated a lot of publicity around Mother. Everywhere Mother went, many organizations honored her and presented her with plaques. At the WFWP event in Los Angeles, True Mother was awarded a plaque engraved, "Mother of the World." Although the attendees did not know the Principle, the president of an organization symbolizing women throughout America presented the plaque and praised True Mother.

12   Beginning in November 1992, we will launch Mother's WFWP world speaking tour, starting with four European nations. I will not be going with her this time. I am placing Mother in the forefront, so that people will be given a chance to attend her completely and thereby open the gate for women worldwide. I even directed Mother to make preparations to speak at an event in Russia. Following this, she will continue with lightning speed even to China and North Korea.

When women fight, they can reconcile after shedding tears, but men are liable to continue fighting to the point of bloodshed. That is why women must be in the forefront. The world of peace begins with love; for this reason, we must have women in the lead.

13   Women's Federation for World Peace events were held in eight cities in America, and I am planning to hold these events in eight European cities as well. In western society, America is the subject partner and Europe is the object partner. Your suggestion to hold events in only four or five cities in Europe shows that you do not understand this relationship. Although Europe is a continent comprised of numerous nations, we should consider it as one nation. When I speak of Europe, I do not mean only Britain, France and Italy. So, just as we held events in eight cities in America, we must hold events in eight cities in Europe as well, in order to match America.

This year, we must make our way even to the Soviet Union. All enemy countries must unite and then fulfill their duties as filial children, patriots, saints and divine children. On this basis, we should lay the foundation for the liberation of the fatherland. When the history of strife among enemy nations is recast into a new tradition centered on God, God will be able to reign over them.

14   Mother created a sensation worldwide when she held rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace. In Rome, Mother received giant plaques from four different organizations. Now women throughout the world should completely unite with Mother. The whole world must be like one string of pearls. Accordingly, we must accomplish what Jesus, the Bridegroom, and Judaism, the bride religion, could not do, which is to unite and then bring unity on the world stage.

15   Once Korea, Japan and America restore the authority of the elder son centered on Mother, all that Germany needs to do is to follow America. The same goes for the rest of Europe. Why is Mother holding WFWP events in Europe? The reason is because right after World War II, when America and France were in the Abel and Cain position and Britain was the Eve nation, these three nations did not attend True Father. Therefore, God did not have a victorious foundation on which He could start His new providence on the world level.

Why then must we have events in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, four providential European nations? During World War II, Japan, Germany and Italy were the Axis Powers. If I give the blessing to Japan and Germany, it would not be right to exclude Italy. If Italy were excluded, we would not be able to connect all the providential nations. So, to make things equal, I have to work in that nation as well.

Following the same principle, this is also why True Mother is required to tour Europe as well as America. Providentially speaking, I am responsible to settle all accounts on the world level. Centering on Mother, I am holding events in these countries to restore the Cain-Abel relationship.

16   The era in which we do outreach work to individuals has passed. We have to reach entire families. We have to turn them around to fulfill the Principle through the Blessing. In order to turn the family around, we must first turn women around. Since the first family became Satan's beginning with Eve and then expanded to the world, according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, to turn this situation around Mother must take the lead in the world. She has to transform women around the world so that they will be able to turn their families around.

For that purpose, through the WFWP, Mother swept through Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe. In the future, she will make a trip through the surrounding nations and major cities of all six continents. It will soon be said that Mother, as the woman who initiated world peace and is its strongest advocate, is the world's foremost woman. Sons and daughters naturally connect to their mother. So when Mother achieves that level, Satan's world will turn around 180 degrees and follow her.

17   Mother took many outfits with her for the events in Europe, but when she returned she did not have any of them. She gave them away to the members. I think she even gave away her wedding ring, because she did not have it when she came back. When I asked her about it, she said she was not sure what had happened to it. You have to forget about the things you have given away. The person who gives her life and love and forgets having given it, is the one who can be closest to God.

18   No one can easily understand the man who gave the direction that Mother must go to Moscow to hold an event there with only one week's notice. No one can easily understand Mother who, when she received that direction, willingly went to that distant place, knowing that she had to go. Think back three years to the time we held our first events in Moscow. What kind of place is it? Yet just one week in advance I gave directions to hold a WFWP event there. That is the actual history of God's providence. Yet this was the way we had to hold the event in Russia.

19   Who has worked harder than I have for Russia? I brought the sons and daughters of high-ranking Russians to America and educated them; they are now on the side of True Parents. That is why, when Mother was concluding the WFWP event in Milan, Italy, I called her and asked her to hold an event in Moscow.

I gave this direction just a week before the event. What was worse, we could not find a venue until just 16 hours before the event, the day before. All the preparations had to be made in 16 hours. We had to decorate the stage at the rented venue, print the brochures, and hold the assembly. Nevertheless, 7,000 people came to the hall, which had a capacity of only 4,000 seats; so 3,000 people had to stay outside. It turned out to be a successful event despite the adverse circumstances.

20   Mother will be leaving for China to hold a meeting of the Women's Federation for World Peace. I am saying that we will hold the event in China, a communist nation. Can we say the word "God" in that nation? Neither the Communist Party nor the military authorities will permit it. The Communist Party officials spent a week going over Mothers speech. Yet, we included all the key points about God that Mother has been delivering wherever she speaks. This is not a dream; Mother is really speaking in that communist nation.

21   Mother will go to China to hold an event for the WFWP there. This is no easy feat. It is something not even the Korean government can do. We have overcome all kinds of adversities to make it happen, but we are surely going to hold this event. It will take place in the Great Hall of the People, where the Communist Party holds its national conventions. We are trying to arrange for the participation of the most prominent women in China and Chinese women who speak English to participate. We have already held an event in Russia and will hold this one in China soon; so, next we must hold one in North Korea. It is women who must accomplish this.

22  The WFWP event in China faced many challenges from the start. The content of the event is religious, and that made it a problem for the military authorities and the Communist Party. We were told that China did not want to allow it, yet we pursued it anyway. They raised the issue that the word "God" was mentioned not just once, but throughout the speech. Nevertheless, we still managed to hold the event, with Mother giving the speech in the Great Hall of the People. That in itself may be a revolution. In the future, all young people will read the speech, and word of it will spread all over China. In this sense, it was a revolutionary event.

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