Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 359

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 4: The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours
Section 2: True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Paragraph 23
Section 3: True Mother's Victory, Paragraph 05

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23   One of Deng Xiaoping's sons is disabled. He is the head of the Chinese Disabled Persons' Federation. One day before the Women's Federation for World Peace event took place in Beijing on December 23, 1992, his representatives invited our representatives to a welcoming reception. They rejoiced in meeting Mother, and in that amicable atmosphere they exchanged comments about the process of holding events in that country.

That evening, the National Women's Union of China sent Mother an invitation for dinner. Presumably half a billion people China's population being around 1.3 billion, and around half being women -belong to this organization. It has existed for about 40 years, and is apparently very influential. It is clearly an impressive organization.

In communist organizations, the vice-president is usually the one who does the main body of the work. It was the vice-president who welcomed Mother to the dinner. According to the report I received, that event went very well. Initially there was some awkwardness in the atmosphere, since the Chinese women were not familiar with events of a religious nature. However, by the end they became comfortable with us and we sang songs together. I am sure they attended the event today with great interest and expectation.

24   We held events for the Women's Federation for World Peace in seven nations, including the United States and Germany. We also held an event in Russia. Now we must do the same in Oceania. Even if I do not go, Mother alone should be able to do well and connect all the nations of Oceania. As a result of Mother's achievement, the responsibility in front of the Bridegroom that Christianity failed to fulfill 47 years ago was finally accomplished, through the victorious completion of the Bride and the Bridegroom's responsibilities. Thereby, the entire free world can be revived.

25   The Women's Federation for World Peace event in the Philippines was a national-level event. Among the 500 people who attended were core government officials and key members of the government. About 70 current and former cabinet ministers and their wives attended. It seems that almost the entire government of the nation attended. They already knew about what we have been doing. Their embassies throughout the world thoroughly studied our previous events, which started with the one in Japan. This is the era that we are now entering.

26   For the event in the Philippines, I took a flight from New York to Los Angeles and then to Manila. I fell asleep briefly during the flight and had a dream that I was nursing a baby. The baby was very pretty, with clear eyes. In the dream I thought, "Why am I having a baby at my age?" But the baby wanted to be fed, so I fed it. Then I arrived at the Manila Airport.

I had forgotten about the dream until I learned that day was a Catholic holiday, the day of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was the day that Jesus' mother Mary received from the archangel Gabriel a revelation that she would conceive through the Holy Spirit. Our event was thus being held on the very day that the Catholic Church was commemorating the annunciation to the Virgin Mary. One of the distinguished guests attending the assembly saw a poster of me in a yellow hanbok (a traditional Korean dress) and said, "This woman is fulfilling Mary's mission." I later heard that she was deeply moved by the event.

Section 3. True Mother's Victory

Mother completes her responsibility

In the United States on March 27, 1990, the 31st Parents' Day, True Father proclaimed the "Realm of Women's Total Liberation." He announced that True Mother is the "second founder of the church." True Father officially declared that True Mother had achieved victory in the completion of the providence of restoration, and that she stood on an equal footing with him in leading the providence under God. This means she had become the complete embodiment of the True Mother.

1   I have announced the era of the realm of the Fourth Adam, and Mother has completed her responsibility by uniting Cain and Abel. Thus, all of my foundation must be engrafted onto the blessed members. This is the era of mother-son cooperation. When the era of mother-son cooperation is grafted into the era of father-son cooperation, blessed families can enter the era of father-son cooperation, following True Parents' family. Sons will be liberated through mother-son and father-son cooperation. Men in general have not cooperated with heaven and have even opposed heaven. Now men can achieve success on the national, world and cosmic levels through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, which prior to now was not possible. We must enter into the era of father-son cooperation on the victorious foundation of mother-son cooperation through Mother. As of today we have come this far.

2   True Mother has worked so hard. She is excellently trained, so she will do well in any situation. She has suffered a great deal and has undergone many hardships in her life but has overcome everything. All of her hardships served to train her. A good example is True Mother's completion of the Japan tour. I think we obtained excellent results. I know this, because I have delivered many public talks myself. True Mother has many good natural abilities. She is quiet but bold. You would not expect that she could embrace and unite an audience without hesitation. I am sure that all of you know that the title "second founder of the church," which makes her status equal to mine, is not just words, and that you feel, "Father gave her this title on the basis of knowing her well." At this time, when we might have needed more than a year to establish this foundation in God's providence, she made it quickly. You have the responsibility to do even more than Mother.

3   Even when I am alone, I represent True Parents. And the same goes for Mother. When she is alone, she represents True Parents. You should not say things like, "Now, since Father is over 70, why hasn't he designated an heir?" Mother and Father are still alive, and our children are here as well. There is no need to worry. True Mother and our sons and daughters have to continue living for the sake of others with the absolute love of God, even more than the church members. You should keep this in mind. But just in case something goes wrong with our descendants or something goes against the Principle, we will create a system to correct the matter through family meetings.

Now there is nothing to worry about. Fundamentally, I am the first founder of the church and Mother is the second founder of the church. Up to this point women have followed men, but from now on they are on a horizontally even footing.

4   I declared the 7-1 Day, 7-8 Day, 7-9 Day and 7-10 Day and, on July 13, 2003, the end of the age of indemnity. As a result, everything in the providence of restoration has been completed. This means that God has now moved up to the parental position spiritually and physically. Through our restoration of the era of indemnity, True Mother emerged. The ideal of creation was completed both spiritually in heaven and physically on earth, so it became possible to perform True Parents' Holy Wedding and institute registration. Then the Blessing and registration of births also became possible on earth. When the ideal of creation was not yet complete, the spiritual Second Advent could not take place, but now True Mother has emerged. The physical True Parents stand in the parental position in the spirit world beginning when True Parents enter into heaven. God then becomes the Parent of mind, and True Parents become the Parents of body. Also, after True Parents enter into heaven as the incarnation of God, all their sons and daughters can enter in their wake.

5   God's Will is to create a nation that transcends religions, transcends politics, transcends nations, transcends NGOs and embraces the whole world. God sends the Messiah to fulfill this Will; this was God's promise to the people of Israel. The Messiah has to come as the perfected Adam and find the lost Eve.

So the Messiah has to establish at the national level the original standard of Eve, which was lost with the failure of Adam's family. I established this standard and expanded it from the family level to the society level, and to the national level. God's Will to restore His sovereignty of love, the ideal of Eden, had been lost, and the world fell into a shadowy, sorrowful swamp. I advanced alone in the dark of night, from the position of servant of servants to that of servant, adopted child, stepchild, and child. I found Mother and achieved the position of parents.

The mission of Mother, Eve's mission, is to restore the communist world and the democratic world as Cain and Abel, embrace them, and offer them to True Father. Fulfilling the mission of Eve, Mother fought Satan's power, which was destroying the free environment of the democratic world, and she overcame at the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. By overcoming the impediments of the world, Mother went through the pain of giving birth again. In doing so, Mother became the substantial, complete, victorious Mother of heaven and earth. In light of this, we could open the gates of Cheon Il Guk and inherit the kingship of the heavenly nation.

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