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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 4: The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours
Section 2: True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Korea and Japan
Section 2: True Mother's World Speaking Tours, Paragraph 08

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Section 2. True Mother's World Speaking Tours

Korea and Japan

True Mother was the keynote speaker at rallies of the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) in 21 cities in South Korea in 1992, beginning in Incheon on May 11 and ending in Jinju on June 2. The title of her keynote address was "Women Who Will Take the Leading Role in the Ideal World." To establish a national foundation in Korea, following that tour, from June 10 to June 30, she held an additional 40 rallies throughout Korea. Following this, from September 24 to October 6, True Mother spoke at WFWP rallies in ten major cities in Japan.

1  Throughout my entire life of more than 70 years, I have built a foundation for the Will. Yet, over the last seven months, I bequeathed all of it to True Mother. In just seven months I passed to her my entire 70-year foundation for the sake of liberating women. I began this process on April 10, 1992 and will end it in December when the rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace that have been taking place throughout May, June, July, August, September, October and November conclude. My desire is to liberate all women; they must be liberated.

2   We are now in the middle of the 21-city speaking tour in Korea for the Women's Federation for World Peace that began on May 11, one month after the WFWP Inaugural Assembly. When I said that all the arenas in the 21 cities must be filled to capacity, no one believed that it was possible. Some members said, "In our rural area, everyone is busy with rice farming at this time of year. How could Father give us a direction to hold the event in this season, unless he intends to embarrass us?"

But in one city, just 10 blessed families brought 17,000 women for their city's event. Do you think that it was their own achievement? It happened because of the work of the spirit world. Now is the spring season, when people have to plow their fields and sow their seeds. We also have to use our springtime wisely. We have finished sowing the seeds in the fields of rich soil right outside our front gate. Now we must also sow seeds at the tops of the mountains and in the remote valleys. This is what all of you can do. You can sow seeds wherever there is even a small piece of land.

3   We have held rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace in 21 locations so far, and Mother will host rallies at 40 more venues among the 250 cities, counties and districts of South Korea. Mother will continue to hold rallies every day for a 40-day period. Once she successfully completes those 40 rallies, you must take her work forward and hold rallies at the remaining locations, investing every ounce of energy. You need to work like this in order to save the nation. Nations are not restored without making effort. To restore a nation, you have to pay the price.

4   Mother is an object of beauty in the eyes of men, who represent the archangel. Just as the archangel followed Eve around in the Garden of Eden, men are in a state where they cannot resist Mother. That is why Mother toured 60 locations, including the 21 cities, and no men opposed her work. If men welcome Mother, it means they are entering the realm of the archangel on God's side, where they cannot oppose her. Furthermore, Mother has a very good reputation. So when men stand on the stage, they just sing her praises. Mother's appointment as president of the WFWP means that she has emerged as the woman who represents all the women of the world. Hence, a movement is taking place where all women in the spirit world and on earth are competing to attend her as the queen.

5   When God directed me to work for women's liberation, I organized rallies for the Women's Federation for World Peace and accompanied Mother, attending her.

When I was in America, I returned home to East Garden at 11:00 p.m. after one particular WFWP event. After speaking to the members who were gathered there, when I looked at the clock it was already 12:20 a.m. I was very tired, but I went straight to the next venue so that I could arrive there by 3:30 a.m. Do you think my life is the path of the Lord or the path of a servant? Why did I leave to go there at such an early hour in the morning darkness? I could have slept that night and left in the morning at a comfortable hour. In fact, my car almost had an accident on the way and could have rolled over.

What did I gain by pushing myself like this? I was setting an example to teach all men of the world how to serve and attend their wives. I knew that the time had come for women to stand in an equal position with men and to play a major role in the fulfillment of God's Will, so I wanted to establish a tradition for women to settle into their rightful position. That is why I am doing all these things.

6   On September 24, 1992, 50,000 people gathered at the Tokyo Dome for the first rally of the Women's Federation for World Peace in Japan. This event was not in Korea; it was in Japan. When the members heard that True Mother would speak in Japanese in the heart of Japan, they could not believe it. But as Mother began to speak, they realized that her pronunciation was very clear, and after she spoke only a few lines they broke into applause. They knew that Mother did not know Japanese. They read the printed speech to follow along with her words, wondering the whole time if she would ever falter.

Everyone followed the whole talk with careful attention. When Mother finished her speech they exclaimed, "Mother did so well!" and gave her a standing ovation. That was the first rally. After that, True Mother swept through the ten cities. It was moving. 

7   Why do you think Mother spoke in Japanese and in English at the Women's Federation for World Peace events? It was because True Parents want to communicate with their sons and daughters in heart. That is why Mother used Japanese and made the necessary preparations. Likewise, in English-speaking regions, she spoke in English, because she was there to meet the representatives of her sons and daughters. Hearing Mother speak their language, they would no longer feel orphaned, but, rather, like orphans who had found their mother.

Ever since the Fall, human beings have been like orphans, kidnapped by Satan and assimilated into his culture. However, here they could meet their mother again and be saved. The fact that True Mother spoke in Japanese to her children is amazing.

From God's viewpoint, the Japanese people should sing Mother's praises. Mother wanted so badly to communicate totally with her children, who do not even know that they were orphaned, that she was willing to learn their language.

This would be impossible if Mother were not the original mother of humankind. Would a false mother make such efforts when she does not even speak the language? If you recognize people as your lost children, you must teach them, even if it requires you to learn their language. That is the love found within the realm of a parent's heart.

8  At the time of the Women's Federation for World Peace rally at the Tokyo Dome, a dignitary who was one of the founding members of the organization in Asia came out to introduce Mother. What is unique about Japan? What happens in Japan is often broadcast abroad. Other countries do not want to fall behind Japan. These countries do not wish to be outside the mainstream. That is why the Women's Federation rally in Japan received a lot of attention from countries around the world.

These other countries are especially interested when one of the foremost, advanced countries engages in a movement for women's liberation. People involved in politics know that an organization like the WFWP could be attractive to them when it comes to expanding their foundation for an upcoming election campaign. So they all call us. Further, we became known in all the continents of the world because the Associated Press broadcast news of Mother's event all over the world.

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