Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 356

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 4: The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, Paragraph 19-28

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19   Mother's year was 1992. In that year she became the liberator of all the women of the world. The inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace was held in Seoul, Korea, on April 10, 1992, with woman representatives of 72 nations in attendance. At the assembly Mother declared, "Let us now liberate all the women of the world." The way this can be done is by following Mother. This means that women must change the color of their hearts to be the same as Mother's. Mother is the central root, the central stem and the central bud. She is the one who can unite all the women of the world. Within just a year she has already made this organization, the Women's Federation for World Peace, into one of the most powerful women's organizations in the world. The rapid establishment of this women's organization shows that God's final providence is to connect to all women.

20   The women of the world made all kinds of rough waves, which I had to traverse in order to resolve the issues that have existed throughout history. I could not fall into their traps; I had to overcome them and liberate them. I had to lead them as an older brother leads his younger sisters; I had to guide them as a husband guides his wife; and I had to educate them as a father educates his daughters. Especially, I had to lead Mother in this way. Consequently, when she could stand on equal footing with me, on April 10, 1992, I declared the liberation of women.

The fact that I declared the liberation of all women worldwide means that the persecution that the Unification Church has been enduring for 40 years is at an end. The church has overcome every level of persecution from the world—from the level of the individual to that of the family, tribe, people, nation, and world. We have recovered the domain of John the Baptist as the Women's Federation for World Peace, which represents the Christian cultural sphere centered on the Unification Church. We did that, not on the national level, but on the world level.

21   Although it took 40 years due to the prolongation of the providence, in 1992 True Parents finally established the realm of liberation, which should have been accomplished in the seven years following the end of World War II. Therefore, it is only now that the world is able to attend True Parents. Until now, because of opposition, Mother had to stand behind me. But now the opposition has subsided and people are free to meet with Mother and me in a free and open environment. This could have happened at the end of World War II, when an environment of freedom had emerged in the United States, representing the free world, and where the bride religion was being prepared to receive the Bridegroom.

Now that we have gone over this hill, Mother is able to stand in a position equal to mine. That is why Mother is able to lead the movement to liberate women around the world. Mother can declare the liberation of women because the walls of the world have crumbled. Satan can no longer actively oppose us, and therefore the time has come when Mother and I can meet with God directly and stand side by side before Him. That is why Mother can proclaim the liberation of women throughout the world.

22   In 1992, on the victorious foundation of having embraced both the right wing and the left wing, I finally declared the arrival of True Mother on the world stage. The True Mother had been lost and was unknown to the Israelites during the Old Testament Age, and she was again lost to the New Testament Age, but finally on April 10, 1992, I declared to the world that True Mother had come. This took place at the inauguration of the Women's Federation for World Peace, where we also proclaimed the liberation of women. Mother was introduced to the world, and women of the seven nations involved in World War II, represented by the women of 72 nations, united with her.

When I claimed that we would gather 160,000 women, everyone thought I was dreaming. Yet we made strong winds blow and women from all backgrounds came. People came to these events without realizing why they were there. The night before the event they could not sleep. In this way we reached that numerical goal. That is how the Women's Federation for World Peace was born. We announced the liberation of women all over the world. In one year, we overcame 6,000 years of pain and sorrow. We proclaimed the arrival of unity and equality for women, which they had been awaiting for 6,000 years.

23   Before I declared the era of the liberation of women, Mother simply followed me. Because Mother was united with me in everything I did, my victories were also Mother's victories. However, we had not yet overcome the final obstacle in Satan's world. Hence, we were still in a precarious position. To completely overcome Satan's world, we had to establish the realm for the liberation of women. To do so, True Mother had to stand in a position equal to mine. True Mother had been in the position to just follow me wherever I went. She still needed to establish herself in the position of having perfected herself on the world level. In addition to having nothing to do with the Fall, by seeking to fulfill God's Will, she had to reach the position where she and I could stand on the same plane. She accomplished this, and therefore we could finally proclaim the liberation of women throughout the world.

24   Once I had Mother appear before the public, Eve could be restored and the archangel had to follow behind her. Now an amazing fortune will come to Mother. The archangel has no relationship with True Parents in blood and flesh. He must be given rebirth. However, Mother cannot do that by herself. That is why we are encouraging women from across the world to act as Mother's second selves. This is how the age of women is arriving in this era.

25   How can Mother defeat all men, who are in the position of the archangel? If women everywhere unite, they can bring the archangel to surrender voluntarily. So women must bond tightly together and stir up their power like a hurricane throughout the nation, so that men are not able to budge. This will unify the Korean Peninsula. To support this on the external level, I have been weaving all the nations of the world together through the Women's Federation for World Peace. When the people of the world listen to Mother's speech and receive the Blessing, they will become one. This is the time when women will take the lead. Now, the people of the world will be restored by listening to Mother's words, the words of the heavenly Eve.

26   Because Mother appeared before the public and proclaimed the age of women, all the warts that have been attached to individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and the cosmos throughout history—even warts connected to hell—can finally be cut off. We have to indemnify them all. False parents came and infected every level, creating hell all the way up to the world level. However, as True Parents, we are clearing up everything. In addition, by engrafting every family to ourselves, we are elevating every family to the position of unfallen Adam and Eve's family. This is how we are transferring all our victorious conditions to everyone.

27   God's original plan was for me to start fulfilling the Will beginning in 1952, but that plan was frustrated. Everything was set back 40 years. Only in 1992 was I able to liquidate that debt. Since, in order to do this, I had to establish a foundation in Asia, the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia had to inherit the realm of Eve. Korea is in the position of Japan's elder sister. If Korea wants to recover the authority of the elder sister, then Korea must inherit it from Japan, the Eve nation. This is what establishing the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia accomplished.

Then, when Mother created unity among the nations of the world through the Women's Federation for World Peace, this created a realm in which the world cannot oppose Korea, and this realm became Mother's inheritance. Now, America cannot oppose True Parents, the Soviet Union cannot oppose us, and Kim Il-sung cannot oppose us.

I already took all the necessary measures to block all opposition, so that Mother had a foundation to come this far. I already indemnified what Christianity was not able to accomplish for 2,000 years as a result of Jesus' death on the cross. I also connected the right wing, the left wing and the Islamic world. All of this preparation for Mother's public speech at the WFWP Assembly on April 10, 1992 was to create an environment conducive to uniting the Christian cultural sphere. The Christian cultural sphere is equivalent to the bride's cultural sphere.

We also needed a foundation upon which the four cultural spheres—Christianity, the right wing, the left wing, and the Islamic world—could come together so that Mother could stand at the forefront. This was the Blessing ceremony that we conducted on April 10, 1992, for married couples from around the world. The participants included people from eight Islamic nations as well as Japan, the United States, Korea and Europe. We even had participants from the communist bloc, including China. It was through this Blessing ceremony for married couples that we connected the four cultural spheres and overcame those barriers.

Symbolically, we reached the standard to recover the situation following World War II. This meant we were in a situation to inherit the realm of the Christian nations that represent the bride—Great Britain, the United States and France, as well as the Eve nation and the now united Cain and Abel nations. Thus, we were once again able to welcome the realm of the bride. Based on that, True Mother took her place, and women, whom Mother now led, were able to shout out and demand the liberation of all women. Because Mother brought liberation to the Christian cultural sphere, the realm of the bride, and united it all thoroughly through the Women's Federation for World Peace, the world bonded with Mother like her second self. That is why the winds of a typhoon are buffeting the women of Korea. From there, the winds to liberate women will blow through Japan, America, Europe, Oceania and Russia.

28   On April 10, 1992, I proclaimed the era of the liberation of women. That day, when Mother was reading her speech, it rained heavily. As her husband, in addition to giving a supporting speech, I was asked to write a commemorative message in Chinese calligraphy. I wrote, "The Advent of the Age of Women throughout the World."

That was the day when Mother first appeared on the world stage. Ever since that day, whenever we had to carry out providential responsibilities, she has taken on enormously difficult missions such as the recent 120-nation speaking tour. After finishing that tour, she returned to Korea but did not rest; instead she went on to speak to students at colleges and universities, proclaiming the women's era.

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