Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 355

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 4: The Women's Federation for World Peace and True Mother's World Tours
Section 1: The Founding of WFWP and the Proclamation of the Women's Era, Paragraph 10-18

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10   Initiating this movement to unite women from Korea and Japan was a record-breaking historical event. It was like heaven throwing fire into the world. That is why people's experiences of those events will resonate forever, like some melodies that capture our hearts. Just by looking at photographs of the event, one can see that it was an occasion filled with grace. The intensity of those assemblies reached such a peak.

Does the love your mother gave you ever disappear from your heart? Does the love your parents gave you ever disappear from your heart? When lovers look at a picture of themselves, they are reminded of the love that never disappears from their hearts. Likewise, anyone whose heart was deeply moved by that speech, which was so connected to heaven's love, is reminded, even by looking at the photographs, of the grace that was present on that day.

It is their connection to God's love that makes the teachings of the saints and sages so precious. Mother's speech is so precious because she speaks with a heart of love that connects us to God. Therefore, her speech transcends history. At any time you can connect to that moment and the value that resides there. It has the power to revive people.

11 As Japan is the Eve nation, Korea stands in the position of Adam. As Korea stands in Abels position, Japan stands in Cain’s position. Therefore, you Koreans must convey Abels tradition and spirit to Japan. Eve fell when she was 16 years old. Therefore, Korea needed a virgin girl to become a patriot imbued with the tradition and spirit to offer everything for the love of her nation. That girl was Yu Gwan-sun. Japanese women have to inherit her spirit; otherwise, there is no way for them to connect to Korea. So I discreetly sent some people to begin a movement to lift up Yu Gwan-sun in Japan. I told them, "Engraft Japanese women to the spirit of the martyr Yu Gwan-sun." I am the only one who can do this kind of work. No one else can. If Japanese women engraft to this spirit, Japan and Korea will become one. Therefore, I sent Mother to Japan in September 1991 to establish the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia.

Inauguration of the Women's Federation and the liberation of women

On April 10, 1992, at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, True Parents held the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP) along with the Seoul Assembly of the Women's Federation for Peace in Asia. The event was attended by 160,000 people, including representatives of 72 nations, and presided over by True Mother, as president of WFWP. There, True Parents proclaimed, "The age of women is coming throughout the world."

True Father announced, "Your chairwoman, Hak Ja Han, has walked beside me on my path of suffering and hardships, so please accept her as the representative of all women. The women of this age will be the builders of an ideal world full of peace, love and freedom. The rule of men has resulted in wars, violence, oppression, exploitation and crime, but you women will put an end to that." True Mother toured the world repeating this proclamation of the age of women, meeting with and encouraging leaders, and launching a worldwide women's movement.

12   I brought all my enemies on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world to surrender, and in the process I restored 4,000 years of history. Now I have returned to Korea. The time has come to press for the unification of North and South Korea and God's liberation.

After enduring 40 years of indemnity, the unification of heaven and earth, which should have been achieved shortly after World War II, is finally within reach. Christianity is the bride religion, in the position of Eve, but it did not fulfill the mission of the bride. Hence, True Mother must fulfill that mission and restore Korea. Christianity in the position of the bride religion should have done this, but it could not. Mother must indemnify this. And the Women's Federation for World Peace in Korea, Japan, the United States and Europe must indemnify the failure of Christianity to resolve this issue for Korea's sake.

At the end of World War II, there was an opportunity to unify the seven providential nations in that conflict: Korea, Japan, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy, even nations that had been enemies. However that opportunity was lost and the providence at that time ended in failure. This would have to be restored. Indemnity needs to be paid. That is, Korea, Great Britain, the United States and France failed to receive me and attend me as the Bridegroom following the liberation of Korea. The Bridegroom was lost, and later was found again.

Although they did not know it, for 40 years I prayed for those seven nations. To take responsibility for their failure, I had to send Mother out in front of the public for seven months and establish the Unification Church in place of the one unified world that should have arisen following the end of World War II. I placed Mother in the position to represent all the leaders of the world, and in that mission she was victorious. Now we can march forward victoriously into the era when we can unite the world. This will take place in the era of women. Since that era has come, I established the Women's Federation for World Peace in 1992.

13   Now that Korea has restored the authority of the elder son, Korean women are in the position of the elder daughter, while Japanese women are in the position of the younger daughter. The two have to unite. Indeed, with True Mother standing at the world level in the position of their mother, Japanese and Korean women came together to launch the Women's Federation for World Peace, holding the inaugural assembly at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

The cooperation of the Japanese and Korean blessed families that united to establish this organization laid the foundation for Mother to stand as the female representative of Adam's nation and the global nation. This was made possible because she could establish a subject-object partnership between these realms of Cain and Abel. This created an environment in which plus and minus united in the process of re-creation.

14   Just as Mother is standing on the front line, all of you women must stand there as well. That is why Mother and I established a women's organization, the Women's Federation for World Peace. Like mothers, you have to educate all people as your children.

The House of Unification for World Peace is like a home in which this education can take place. We must establish this in every village of Korea. What should you do, as mothers, after you educate the people of your village as your sons and daughters? In a family, a mother brings the children whom she has raised to unite with the man who is the head of the family. But in your case, you especially should bring the men, who are in the position of archangels, so that they can be restored to the position of Adam. You have to educate the secular people who are in the position of archangels in Satan's world.

15   Now that the Women's Federation for World Peace has been established, all women can come to God's side. Humanity is the vertical and horizontal expansion of the original family unit. No matter how many people make up the human race, the family is its core. To restore this family, I am dispatching tribal messiahs.

There are three positions on the horizontal level: family messiahs representing the formation stage; tribal messiahs, the growth stage; and national messiahs, the completion stage. All of these positions must connect together. As they expand horizontally, they must inherit everything through the vertical stages. This is how we built a world-level foundation. True Mother had to connect this foundation to seven nations. Eve's foundation was thereby re-established horizontally centered on Korea. On that foundation, True Parents were declared to the world.

16   Based on True Parents' standard, we must now establish a world-level domain of kingship for God's kingdom. Once we have a world-level foundation of a new group of people in nations throughout the world, North Korea's Kim Il-sung can be brought to surrender. That is how the position of True Parents and the position of the false parents can finally be reversed for the people of South and North Korea. However, this cannot be done by men alone. We need to make this happen quickly in the mother's era. This has been the goal of the providence I have led since 1991. Thus, on April 10, 1992, with the establishment of the Women's Federation for World Peace, Adam's nation and Eve's nation completely united centered on Mother. On that basis Kim Il-sung is bound to retreat. Never before had a victorious Eve existed in the fallen world. Now that the victorious Eve has come, the fallen world, Satan's world, must disappear.

17   On April 10, 1992, we held the inaugural assembly of the Women's Federation for World Peace. Spring has come for the first time to the history of the Unification Church. The spring of 1992 is the spring of the Unification Church. Until then, Mother's role was just to follow me. She was indemnifying the fact that Adam just followed Eve into the Fall. However, the time has arrived for Eve to return to her rightful position, to return to her hometown, to prepare herself to be active, and to stand with honor. Until now I have fought alone, but now you are on the threshold of your hometown. Accordingly, each of you has to receive your partner and line up one after another in procession. That is why I declared women's liberation worldwide, centered on Mother.

18   The unified world was supposed to have been completed during the seven years from 1945 to 1952, but that opportunity was lost. Therefore, we now need to complete it during the seven years from 1994 to 2000. Our task during these seven years is to unite the world.

Following World War II, the Christian cultural sphere, which is the bride's cultural sphere, failed to unite with the Bridegroom. Therefore, for these seven years, from 1994 to 2000, the women of the world must unite and attend the perfected Adam who can make an impact on the family, the society and even the world. Now is the time when we can restore the opportunity that was lost after World War II to achieve the goal of building a unified world that fulfills the ideal of the kingdom of heaven.

This can be done by elevating Adam, who is already victorious on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world, and by paying off all the debts that the bride nations incurred when they did not receive the Lord, on the levels of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. That is why I declared that this is the era for the liberation of women.

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