Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 348

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 3: The Completed Testament Age and Its Providential Development
Section 1: Proclamation of the Completed Testament Age, Paragraph 18-24

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18   Throughout history until today, people of faith were required to abandon the world, abandon their nation, abandon their ancestors, abandon their hometowns, and even abandon their parents and wife and children for the sake of the Will. Now, however, since the age of restoration through indemnity has all passed, we must embrace the world, embrace our nation, embrace our people, and find and join our tribe. Looking at Jesus' course in the context of the three stages of formation, growth and completion, he is at the growth stage. True Parents come at the completion stage. But they have become the ancestors, turning history upside down.

Restoration through indemnity takes place in reverse order. It passes from the Old Testament Age through the New Testament Age to find fulfillment in the Completed Testament Age, whose center, True Parents, takes the position of the ancestors. The New Testament Age, which is the second stage, is Jesus' age. Next, the third stage corresponds to the Completed Testament Age. In the same way, tribal messiahs have to rectify families.

The Revelation of John says that we have the role of king together with Christ. Now we are carrying out the role of king. The fact that we are carrying out the role of king together with Christ, who is coming as the king of kings, means we are rising to the position of parents. In the Unification Church we call such a central person with the tribal responsibility a "tribal messiah." Now is the time when the door of the Completed Testament Age is opening.

19   I fought and prepared the foundation so you can succeed without having to fight. After being hounded from my hometown and shunned by the world, I did the work of recovering everything. Because you are able to receive the world, the nation and the people as an inheritance from me, who has been victorious, you need only connect to the tribe. The tribe to which you can connect will receive the fortune of the people, the nation and the world. There is no greater blessing you can give your tribe. Because of that, tribal messiahs stand in the position of ancestors who possess the authority of kings. This is something everyone must achieve. There are no exceptions.

When the people of Israel entered the blessed land of Canaan, if one of them knew that another person had been left behind, he or she had to take responsibility for that person. Now since the blessed land of Canaan has appeared, we must recover the national ideal envisioned at the founding of our nation. The Unification Church must do the same. We must recover the nation. We must unify North and South Korea.

20   If you are going to become a tribal messiah, you first must succeed as a family messiah. If you do not do tribal messiah activity, after your ancestors who are in the spirit world come down you will lose your position. Your ancestors in the spirit world are in the position of the archangel. Given that we have to save everything from the position of perfected Adam, when we are obstructing the achievement of this, our ancestors, in the spirit world, will move us out of the way. As it was in the Old Testament Age, we offer all things as indemnity, and as it was in the New Testament Age, we offer the Son as indemnity. In the Completed Testament Age, the Parents pay indemnity. If you do not act as their substantial selves, you will be struck. A terrifying attack will come at you from the spirit world.

Before this happens, you must work quickly and put your names in the family register. In the age of Jesus, after leading family messiahs and tribal messiahs, Jesus was going to register the nation. Because he could not do that, in the age of the Second Coming we have to register on the world level and create a nation. If you do not become a family messiah and a tribal messiah, you will not be entered into the family register. To become a tribal messiah, you must complete the mission of the family messiah. A family messiah is called a messiah too, because such a person has no relationship with Satan.

21  Until now, religions commanded people to renounce the world and abstain from marriage. However, the Unification Church tells you to return to your hometown. Because I proclaimed the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, we must go out and recover the family and return to the homeland. We must recover the nation. If we hold on to the family of fallen Adam, we cannot unite the world.

Representing the worldwide nations of Great Britain, the United States and France, which represent the standard of Adam's family, Cain and Abel have to become one with the bride nation, and after attending me, the Returning Lord, who becomes the Bridegroom, they must become one with God. By doing that horizontally, the perfect authority of the Lord is extended to the perfect authority of the tribal messiah.

As for the authority of the tribal messiah, the second ancestor, Jesus, was going to accomplish what the first ancestor, Adam, was unable to do because of the Fall. Because this was frustrated again, the third ancestor comes and must indemnify and fulfill Jesus' course. Family messiahs are those who perfect their family and thereby represent Adam's family. After doing this, they will be acknowledged as having equal value on level ground.

22   Today the Unification Church has ended the 40-year wilderness course and arrived in Canaan. Now we must proclaim True Parents and restore our nation. It means to return to our home country and settle there in order to redeem the realm of Satan. We must return to our nation. Therefore, the issue is, how do we establish the national ideal envisioned at the founding of our country? This is like the time when the people of Israel settled Canaan. Therefore, the world—not the nation but the world—is being divided into the side of Satan and the side of heaven. Our territory is the entire world, beyond national boundaries.

23   We have come to the time when tribal messiahs, who are branches of the Messiah, will complete the history of world salvation and open the Completed Testament Age. You must perfect your family and go further to redeem your tribe, people and nation. We call the people who take on this responsibility "tribal messiahs." We have already dispatched many couples worldwide as tribal messiah missionaries. It will not be long before ideal families are established around the world.

In the Completed Testament Age, the role of the mother is very important. She is central to reversing what happened at the time of the Fall. Once the mother and children become one, they can reclaim the husband, receive the Blessing of True Parents, and return to a place in front of God.

24   In your family there is nothing you can be more proud of than True Parents. The fact that you have become children of God and children of True Parents means you will be called victors among victors throughout all the ages, and the leaders among those leaders that have subjugated Satan in the providence of salvation. In the same way that True Mother and I proclaimed True Parents globally, you must proudly proclaim the tradition of True Parents.

After going to your home village, you must proudly declare in front of the people that you have become children of True Parents. You must proudly declare it in front of your family, tribe, and nation, and proudly declare it in front of the world. If you do not proudly speak of True Parents in your village, your path will be blocked. You must understand that the people who proudly proclaim True Parents, who go around testifying to them beginning in the family and reaching the tribe, people, nation and world will become liberated victors.

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