Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 347

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 3: The Completed Testament Age and Its Providential Development
Section 1: Proclamation of the Completed Testament Age, Paragraph 10-17

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10  The New Testament Age ends when the Returning Lord is welcomed. When the Returning Lord came in the New Testament Age, he could have settled the family, tribe, people and nation in seven years, thereby inaugurating the Completed Testament Age. When he does accomplish that, we will enter the Completed Testament Age. This is the time when the Returning Lord, after realizing a worldwide foundation, establishes the form of Adam's family, which was lost from the world. But since he was driven out into the wilderness and left with nothing, how could the Completed Testament Age come? In this situation, America represents the realm of the bride for which the people of Israel had prepared in the Old Testament and New Testament Ages. On the day that America loses sight of this, it will be abandoning the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. If that takes place, the foundation for the Completed Testament Age will crumble. If we do not maintain the realm of the bride as a condition based on the Old and New Testament Ages, the foundation of indemnity for the Completed Testament Age will disappear. Accordingly, we are establishing America again in the position of Abel

11  The Completed Testament Age is centered on spirit and flesh. The New Testament Age is centered on spirit. Therefore, one cannot go into the Completed Testament Age by means of the New Testament Age. The Returning Lord opens this age

If Christianity, after paying all indemnity globally, had united with the Lord at his Second Advent, Christianity and all of its believers would have moved into the Completed Testament Age. But when they could not become one with the Returning Lord, the foundation collapsed and the need for indemnification arose. If the Returning Lord had not made preparations to rebuild this collapsed foundation, he would not have been able to keep his position and go forward.

If the Returning Lord is going to appear as the Messiah, what must he do first? He must inherit completely the actual spiritual facts of the New Testament Age. Just as Jesus received the baptism of John the Baptist, at the Second Advent the Lord must inherit spiritually from Jesus. This is how worldwide spiritual Christianity can complete the New Testament Age and reach the present worldwide stage.

The Returning Lord has to receive the spiritual inheritance, but he cannot receive it without any effort on his part. He has to triumph over everything. He has to defeat Satan. He has to prepare the foundation on which the numerous spirit persons in the spirit world are able to surrender naturally to him. He will receive the inheritance only when he stands on the foundation of that highest victory.

Second, what he inherits spiritually, he must complete substantially on earth. The providence that was to have been completed in the Old Testament Age was prolonged and became the New Testament Age. The Returning Lord must restore all this through indemnity spiritually, for the sake of opening the Completed Testament Age. Until now, spiritual and physical perfection could not be realized together. If the Lord does not achieve this, we cannot enter the Completed Testament Age. In other words, if the Lord at his Second Advent does not realize all that Jesus needed to accomplish and indemnify his disappointments spiritually and physically, he will not be able to open the Completed Testament Age.

12  True Parents are the Messiah. They come to clean up history, which started from a standard of false love, false life, false lineage and false conscience. Centering on the original perfected Adam, the ideal man who is united with God, True Parents must emerge, find the mother who was lost, and connect the children to her.

Immediately after World War II, the Christian cultural realm achieved global unity and should have united with me. In this realm, Great Britain represented Eve, the mother nation, America represented the Abel nation, and France the Cain nation. If this realm had become one with me, the communist realm would not have emerged. I had to spend 40 years restoring this through indemnity.

Because I completely lost the realm of the bride, I had to gather together the Abel nation, America, centering on Mother. My wife had to become the True Mother who represents the world. In order to do that, I had to recover Great Britain, America and France, each of which was lost. I had to recover the foundation of the Allied powers that was lost, the foundation of the united worldwide realm of the bride. Accordingly, I fought with the world and subdued it.

Then, on this worldwide, victorious foundation, I established True Mother and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. False parents led us to the age of broken and unrealized promises, not to the age of the fulfilled promise. Now we are approaching the Completed Testament Age centering on God and True Parents, where the promise is fulfilled. That is the significance of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. On the promise of the ideal of creation, I proclaimed this on the world level.

13   On the foundation of the settlement of True Parents, I have proclaimed the arrival of the liberation of women, as well as of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age. The Christian cultural realm could not stand as the bride, so Mother gathered together women from around the world and in 1992 declared and expanded a great movement. It is the movement for women's liberation. Because Mother proclaimed liberation and announced True Parents and the Completed Testament Age, the world of Satan is ending. The Unification Church is the only place where we can save the family and save the nation. By means of forming anew the tradition of the family of True Parents as well as the true tribe, true people, true nation, true world and the true heaven and earth, the true heavenly nation is being realized. Things are developing according to this formula.

14   The Unification Church declaring "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" means we are at a turning point. Because we are going to create the ideal family and the ideal tribe, the Family Federation had to emerge. In the marriage Blessing of the Unification Church, the archangel at the completion level of the growth stage, namely the archangel on heaven's side, marries. After receiving the Blessing, if you go beyond the completion stage, you can enter the realm of the direct dominion as part of the family of Adam.

Accordingly, starting in 1960, I passed from the completion level of the growth stage into the completion stage, and during that course I entered a time of worldwide persecution. I had to get beyond that period of persecution to achieve settlement. The settlement that should have happened in 1952 was delayed; the age of women, centering on True Mother and including the liberation of women, was announced in 1992, and True Parents were able to stand anew in the same position in front of heaven. If we had not liberated women, we would not have been able to complete the liberated realm of Adam. All people are brothers and sisters until the lost standard of husband and wife in Adam's family centered on the love of Adam and Eve is achieved. We must go over and form anew the ideal family after fulfilling our position as the children of God.

15   I teach only after first going out and putting everything into practice. Now, because I have accomplished everything for the sake of gathering again the lost realm of the bride and the world that was united in the aftermath of World War II, I asked Mother to join me in the work of establishing the Women's Federation for World Peace. We went out and worked on that together for a year in 1992. After instructing Mother over the course of a year on precisely what I had indemnified during my life, I established Mother in the same position as I have and restored through indemnity the inheritance of the Christian cultural realm. By means of our standing in this place of liberation, God was liberated, True Parents were liberated, the people were liberated, and the entire New Testament Age was fulfilled. Now we are able to embark upon the Completed Testament Age.

16   At the time of the Second Coming, the Lord comes as one man, but after taking root on earth, I have horizontally dispatched numerous tribal messiahs. The Devil no longer has the power to seize or remove any of this. Because these dispatches were from the position of perfection, transcending the top of the growth stage and the top of the completion stage, everything under heaven is bound to unite.

Where must you go to take root? You must take root after returning to your family. Because of the importance of this, I gave the instruction that home church activity begin centered on what we call breaking through on the grassroots level. After the liberation of women, we are working to set this in good order. By taking the last step, namely applying this formula in each family, we are recovering Eve and Cain and Abel, who were lost, and replanting them as seeds. By doing this, we become the patriarchs of good branch-tribes in our original hometowns, and in this way we become ancestors. That world will have no relationship with Satan. The kingdom of heaven manifests from there.

Tribal messiah responsibilities

Together with the proclamation of the Completed Testament Age, and in order to conclude the history of salvation globally, True Parents directed that Unification Church members devote themselves with renewed energy to tribal messiah activity. They made clear that tribal messiahs are the people who take on the mission to restore the family and, going further, to restore the tribe, people and nation. They emphasized that tribal messiahs must take the lead in making True Parents known to the world.

17   Now it is time for everyone around the world to return to their hometowns. Having assigned tribal messiahs, Mother and Father are now firmly established on earth. The Lord who came in the New Testament Age was one person. This person must come again and become the True Parent vertically and be established on this earth; then by receiving his Bride, give birth to sons and daughters. Now True Parents have deployed many tens of thousands of couples as tribal messiahs on the horizontal plane. This is the beginning of the Completed Testament Age. From 1993, because we are destined to bring about the unification of North and South Korea for the sake of the world, we are entering the Completed Testament Age.

Since the beginning of human history, Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel have been unable to secure their positions, but now, based upon the inauguration of WFWP on April 10, 1992, which expanded worldwide, and with the Blessing of already married couples from throughout the world, I have brought unity between the right wing, the left wing and the realm of Barabbas. At that time, I brought leaders of eight Muslim nations together and gave them the Blessing.

The path to the Blessing has been one of great indemnity until now. However, after giving the Blessing unconditionally to people without requiring them to fulfill any conditions to qualify for it, including to mothers and fathers from Satan's world who opposed me, I could realize the liberation of all people. I established those people in the position of parents, of perfected Adam and Eve.

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