Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 344

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 2: The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 2: Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown, Paragraph 11-20

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11  What do you have to do after returning to your hometown? Unification Church members have to relieve the painful heart of Jesus and digest his bitter sorrow over everything that happened in all the ages of history. You need to liberate Jesus and True Father. I could not love and embrace my family. For 33 years I strove to love all people from the various nations, without being able to love my parents, my relatives, my wife, or my own children. I had no time in my life for that.

You received the Blessing while following me. Hence, you need to understand that you now stand at the position to inherit the tribal realm that I stood in long ago, during my youth. I did tribal messiah work during the time of my youth. I am always one step ahead of you. I am now standing on the national level, even as you stand on the tribal level. While I am in the position of working to restore Korea on the national level, you are standing in the position to restore your tribe.

12  On September 1, 1991, I instructed all Unification Church blessed families to return to their hometowns. I love all the families who received the Blessing. I know that they are people who deserve my sympathy, but I was not about to help them. Rather than helping them live in a comfortable situation, I sent them out with their bags packed, like refugees. I said to them, "Return to your hometowns." I did it because without returning to their hometowns, they cannot liberate their mothers, older siblings and younger siblings. I asked them to return to their hometowns for the sake of those members of their families.

If you move forward to win over your mother and father, older siblings and younger siblings, you will create the foundation for your family home to be a palace of peace. On that foundation, you can expand your base to establish your victorious kingship as a tribal messiah. I am sending you back to your hometowns so that you can make this kind of preparation.

13   From now on, the era of returning to your own hometown has come, the era to seek for God's nation. I announced that you should return to your hometowns, but for me it means to return to God's nation. The fortune to turn North and South Korea around is coming. That is why it is time to get busy.

How do you think you can receive this fortune? The fortune that is coming is world-level fortune. So you have to give it out. It is not enough to just receive the fortune yourself as individuals and families; you also have to give it out to the people of your own tribe. This is the meaning of returning to your hometown. You blessed family members need to share with your relatives the world-level blessings that are coming to Korea in accordance with the providential Will.

As tribal messiahs restore their tribes horizontally, they pass through the number three—formation, growth and completion—symbolizing the age of Adam, the age of Jesus and the age of the Returning Lord. Therefore, you tribal messiahs need to return to your hometowns and restore your mothers and fathers. Your mothers and fathers did not know God, and they committed a historical sin by opposing the Unification Church. But from now on they must follow the same path together with you.

14  The era has arrived when we can turn hell around 180 degrees. The best way to take aim at Satan is to attend God by returning to the hometowns of heaven's nation together with your children. That is why I instructed you to return to your hometowns. If I am to give this instruction to the members of the Unification Church, then we True Parents also had to return to our country; this meant we had to go to North Korea. Therefore, 90 days after September 1, 1991, I went to North Korea. God is the God of the Principle. It became true; we returned to the place where we were born.

15  What I feel most regret over is that I was not able to teach the Principle to my parents and brothers and sisters and bring them to the point of shedding tears. This is my bitter sorrow. You, on the other hand, are so blessed, to be able to witness to your mothers and fathers, older brothers and sisters, and younger brothers and sisters. How else can your family, and you as well, avoid the destiny of going to hell and ending up in eternal misery?

You are responsible to pull all your family out of hell so that they, and you, can live. If you think like that, you will use whatever means necessary, whether tying them to you with a rope and dragging them with you or wrapping your arms and legs around them and clinging to them. Although you have been shedding tears to restore your nation and the world, to win over your family members you need to shed even more tears for them. You have to miss your people, your tribe, your relatives and your parents more than you miss me. And you must have the heart to pray for them.

16  We, True Parents, gave you the best gift—the authority of tribal messiahs. Wherever you and your family go in the world, there will be no serious persecution. This is thanks to the victorious foundation of the Blessing. Standing on the foundation of 4,000 years of providential history and inheriting Jesus' foundation after he came to earth as the Messiah, we as True Parents laid the worldwide foundation to dissolve all the conditions of opposition in the environment in Israel and Rome in Jesus' day, so that your parents and relatives could welcome you in a free and open environment. Therefore, you will not face persecution in the places you go as a family. The title of tribal messiah is bestowed upon you as a gift of special privilege. It is your path to reach the world stage.

17  All of you must work night and day to restore your tribes in your hometowns. I am telling you that just as I shed bloody tears for the sake of restoring the world, you need to offer sincere devotion to restore your tribes in your hometowns. All blessed families throughout the world must accomplish their responsibility to restore their own tribes.

Now families who have received the Blessing are spread worldwide. God sent only one person as the Messiah: His son Jesus. However, True Parents have mobilized you, their sons and daughters who received the Blessing, with the authority of tribal messiahs; not only you, but also already married blessed couples and their children.

Therefore, the Devil already knows he has failed in this world, and that he will have to pack his bags and find someplace else to go. In the meantime he is standing in the rear, looking for a way to receive salvation. Therefore we have to liberate hell and redeem even the Devil. You people who know God's providence of restoration must do this.

18  I inherited the mission of the Second Coming from Jesus, and I have been working on his behalf. Thus, you also should inherit the mission of the Second Coming, taking the position of the people of Israel at Jesus' time. If you do, then although Jesus himself was not able to achieve his entire purpose in his lifetime, you can represent all the victories that I have won in my battles and inherit my cosmic-level position. For this, you must indemnify Jesus' path of the cross. You also must indemnify my path of the cross.

The path that Jacob went was the path that Israel's families had to go, and the course of Moses was the course the people of Israel had to go. The course of Jesus is the course Christians must go. And the path that I went is the path that Unification Church members must go. The situations are the same.

What is the realm of your authority? As tribal messiahs, if you fulfill the responsibility that should have been accomplished in Jesus' lifetime, I will bequeath everything to you. Compared to the opposition that I faced, you will hardly face anything. When you fulfill it, we will be able to complete everything very quickly, whether on the national or the world levels.

19  A blessed family should not be drawn to secular society. Did Adam live in a worldly society? Had Adam and Eve not fallen and raised a family, there would have been only God in front of them to attend. You are in the same situation. You must totally rid yourself of any life habits that are based on the wicked and evil world.

You need to have self-confidence that as my sons and daughters you are able to inherit purely the authority of the elder son of the original age. By gaining spiritual children you can restore your authority as parents. First you have to pass through the realm of the elder son, and second by gaining spiritual children and creating your tribal messiah family, you restore the authority of parents. When as a tribal messiah you restore the authority of parents, you will be able to establish your original homeland. You have received such a blessing from heaven.

The tribal messiah is the axis that connects to kingship and to the nation. I already set up the standards for the nation and the world. They stand on a perpendicular line. You need to stand on that line and connect to the four directions—east, west, south and north. The individual represents the formation stage, the family the growth stage, and the tribe the completion stage. You must achieve these stages and then connect them to the nation. Just as the individual is the foundation of the family, the family is the foundation of the tribe, and when the tribes connect in all directions, a nation is formed.

20   True Parents eventually will go to the spirit world; then what will happen to humankind? Who will inherit the mission of True Parents, and what does that mission entail? If you are truly my children, you will inherit my position. Heavenly fortune will protect that position for eternity. No matter how much the people of the world deny that you are the children of True Parents, they will not be able to sever this relationship.

Do you have that kind of mind-set? You have to inherit the mission of True Parents 100 percent. Being tribal messiahs means that you stand in the position of True Parents' children. This is the position of perfected children of True Parents. Tribal messiahship is the gift that True Parents bequeath to you.

True Parents are more important than anything: this is the conviction you must keep in your heart always. They are the original human beings. You must live with True Parents, focusing on them in mind and body. They have the original position of Adam and Eve. The very first thing that should come to your mind must be "He is my father; she is my mother."

Whenever you call out, "God!" your mind and body must both be saying, "You are my Father." You have to reclaim this concept. True Parents have to fill up your mind and body completely. Everything starts from there. That is the most fundamental concept; your thinking must reach at least that level.

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