Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 345

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 2: The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 2: Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown, Tribal messiah activities
Section 2: Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown, Paragraph 26

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Tribal messiah activities

True Parents stressed that, in order to acquire the position of tribal messiah, we first must have the people in our tribe fill out church membership forms. Then we should get them to honor True Parents in their family by placing True Parents' picture on the wall and displaying the Family Federation flag.

True Father also said that when tribal messiah's return to their hometowns, they should establish a system to work together and share the burden equally. He advised that we do activities as four families together, supporting one another as brothers and sisters.

21  Blessed families who undertake the role of tribal messiahs understand that they need to become true parents, true teachers and true owners. Through God's love, parents, teachers and owners are one. The starting point for this is the godly family. The teacher and the owner both extend love with the heart of a parent; they are not separate from one another. Everyone wants such an environment of love. When you go to a company, you look for that kind of employer; when you go to school, you look for that kind of teacher. This is the system that applies in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In this way, tribal messiahs will establish the God-centered tradition on earth for the first time in history. In time, this tradition will become standard practice. Once we develop these habits and they become ingrained in our character, they will not change. The person who lives in the realm of the heart on earth, who centers on the way of heaven habitually, and makes this foundation in his or her life, will, when he or she goes to the spirit world, enter straightaway the world of liberation and freedom. The passage will be as safe as riding a train. Where should people cultivate these habits and this character? It is in the family.

Right now we, True Parents, are working to overthrow the habitual ways of the fallen world. Having fought against them and triumphed over them in Korea, through our efforts we have set up a way to connect these victories to the families of the Republic of Korea. Because the parents of the first human family committed the Fall, to attend True Parents you need to place their picture in your home and have other families do the same.

The picture is symbolic. It is an image of God's embodiments. Hence, after you hang True Parents' picture on the wall, the past, present and future will unite before it. Your ancestors in the spirit world will come to your home and bow respectfully before the picture at 3:00 a.m. Then they will take care of your relatives living on earth and will live together with all of you on earth. We are living in an era when once our families make proper conditions of heart, centered on True Parents, the spirit world will care for our families.

22  Until now, humankind has been living in the age of indemnity, the age when Abel was sacrificed for Cain. The spirit world, which represents the angelic realm, exploited the earthly world, which represents the realm of Adam. But now True Parents have come to earth and restored the authority of the elder son, thereby establishing the proper order between the earthly world and the heavenly world.

The archangel in the spirit world surrendered before Adam and his realm on earth. We have reached the stage in which the archangel and his realm have to accommodate themselves to the authority of the younger brother Adam. The angelic world was supposed to first teach the God-centered tradition to Adam and Eve to help them attend God. Likewise, at 3:00 a.m., your ancestors from the spirit world will line up around the picture of True Parents and respectfully bow toward it. When this happens, the evil spirits in that area will automatically withdraw.

23   In the same way that I had to cover the 4,300 years of Korean history within a 40-year period in my life, a long journey to deal with your own family's history awaits you. So you too will have to run and run, day and night, even skipping meals, with no time to enjoy yourself or take it easy. Even if your legs are too tired to take one more step, even if you are about to collapse from exhaustion, even if you are vomiting blood, no matter what, you must climb over the hill. If you die, you'd better die while working for your hometown.

Start with your own family, your parents and relatives. You are seeking to establish the family that Adam was originally to build, a family with the authority of the first son of God. Your purpose is to recover the family of God's first son who was lost, the family that was to have been the subject partner of all creation. You are sons and daughters of True Parents, the victorious Adam and Eve. You are not the fallen descendants of the fallen Adam and Eve.

Thus, you should go to your hometowns or home villages with the mindset of royal princes and princesses who take responsibility for everything in their realm. You have no idea how serious this matter is. When you look at the hometown that you have come to restore, can you sleep knowing that standing right in front of you is the enemy who caused all nations and the entire world to be lost? You have the inheritance from True Parents, so you must stake your claim, display the flag and hang the photo of True Parents, who possess the kingship, in your home and be registered in God's family.

When you go to your family home, you need to do three things: First, register your relatives. Next, have them display and honor True Parents' picture. Finally, have them put up the flag. If you do this, Satan will leave. Then, your family's ancestors will come to their home at 3:00 in the morning, and gathering around the picture of True Parents, they will hold a ceremony to return to God. They will be mobilized as soldiers like archangels to restore all of your relatives. They will clear your path and protect you.

24  When you return to your hometown, you need to establish a system based on the Principle. If you are going to lead your relatives, you just cannot do it randomly or loosely. Eventually you will need to establish a system to equalize the burden; this may involve setting up a system for communal living. The system of heaven's nation consists of three levels connected as one, for instance neighborhood, village and town. They share the same destiny. In the future, if there is a problem with any one of them, all three will suffer damage. From this perspective, management of all three levels must be tightly connected.

Therefore, you must train people from all three levels based on the Principle so that they will see themselves as connected. You must set up and maintain close communication with your fellows on each level. That way, whenever there is difficulty, the neighborhood leader, village leader and town leader will be in contact with each other. Also, you need to do activities at the village level that connect with the levels below and above. After the stages of neighborhood, village and town or, in urban areas, block, ward and precinct, the next three stages are city, county, and state or province.

25   When you return to your hometown as a tribal messiah, if you work alone it will be difficult for you to establish a foundation. It will be hard if you do not have a house for you and your children to live in. Your life could be like that of a refugee during wartime. Accordingly, if one of the families in your four- position foundation has a house there, they need to share the house with the other families. You will have to share a communal life and eat porridge if that is all that you can afford. That is how you can start your life as a tribal messiah.

It is difficult to do tribal messiah work alone, so the four families must work together like brothers and sisters. Together you must decide which part of your hometown area to tackle first: east, west, south or north. Once you decide where to focus, work together and make the education of the people there your single goal. If your manpower is not sufficient to make a foundation, assemble 12 people to work together. By tackling the neighborhoods of your hometown and making foundations one by one, advancing step by step, you should be able to sweep through that area.

26   Once the Returning Lord recognizes your family as being like Adam's family had Adam and Eve not fallen, you become a family messiah. Then, after he sends you out to your hometown as a tribal messiah, God can accompany you in your hometown. While your hometown is the place where you were born, now your ancestors are True Parents.

As a tribal messiah you have three important missions: First, you must restore your ancestors; second, you must restore your hometown; third, since the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell and God was expelled from their family, you must live with God in your family. These are the three missions of a tribal messiah.

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