Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 343

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 2: The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 2: Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown, Paragraph 05-10

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5   On July 1, 1991, True Parents declared complete liberation. I declared my full authority based on true love. I declared God's eternal blessings of love for the democratic world, for the communist world, and for the religious world as well.

God blessed Adam and Eve, but they were completely shattered, unable to fulfill their responsibility and attain the ideal of love. I recovered God's love based on the three great blessings, and now I have proclaimed God's eternal blessing. This means that the people of the world are now free from the realm of indemnity.

6   People in future generations will want to know what True Parents' hands and feet look like. People know how we look in general, but they do not know what our hands and feet look like. So today, on Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day), we are taking close-up photographs of them. You can consider that the Day of God's Eternal Blessing is the day when we offered our hands, our feet, everything to God. If only our hands and feet are photographed, all kinds of swindlers will present fake photographs. Therefore, you need to take pictures of our hands and feet that also show us in our official attire. Take pictures of each of my feet separately, one foot at a time, and take another picture with both feet together. Take pictures of True Mother's hands and feet as well, showing them with her formal attire.

There are many photographs of our faces and figures, but not of our hands and feet. So it is absolutely necessary to keep the records of our hands and feet. There will come a time after we are gone when people will be curious and want to know about them. That is why I came up with this idea to leave accurate records of our hands and feet.

Chil Il Jeol in 1993 is also significant because it comes amid a speaking tour where True Mother and I are proclaiming "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age." Now that we are surmounting another hill, it is meaningful to offer everything to God. Hands symbolize heaven and feet symbolize earth. The entire body is a microcosm of all things, of the world of creation. Thus we are marking the third anniversary of Chil Il Jeol with the meaning of offering everything up to God.

Tribal messiahship

On September 1, 1991, True Parents directed the blessed families of the Unification Church to return to their hometowns. True Father said that just as True Parents shed bloody tears to restore the world, so also blessed families must return to their hometowns and invest everything with sincere devotion to save their own relatives. Prior to this, on Chil Il Jeol, he had stated that all blessed families are tribal messiahs who should focus on activities to restore their tribes.

7  When I proclaimed Chil Il Jeol, I instructed members to register as tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahs go beyond family messiahs. A tribe includes two family names: the wife and mother's name and the husband and father's name. The tribal messiah is the messiah for two names.

I define the word "Messiah" to mean True Parents; hence, an individual cannot be a messiah. The family messiah is a candidate to be a tribal messiah, and since the tribe combines two family names, the family messiah is elevated to the status of tribal messiah when two families are joined. After that, the tribe is not enough. Next, you have to organize a people. A people consists of 12 tribes. If these tribes unite, they will be able to form a nation.

8   I already made all the indemnity conditions for North Korea. So, no matter what, when I send you to your hometowns, since you are on God's side, there should not be a problem in light of the providence of restoration. I have already proclaimed that unity will occur everywhere under the sun. Therefore, if you want to bequeath this fortune that is coming everywhere under the sun to your descendants and offer its merit to your ancestors, the faster you move, the better.

For example, there are many Kims in the Unification Church. So if your last name is Kim, you had better quickly return to your hometown and stake your claim as the messiah for the Kim tribe. Quickly go! You have to think, "If there is a reason for someone to be killed, I will be killed first, before anybody else. If there is a reason for someone to be whipped, I will be whipped before anybody else. If someone has to be cursed, I will be cursed and persecuted before anyone else. If someone has to starve, I will starve before anyone else." With that kind of determination, gather everyone in your village, and stake your claim as the tribal messiah and center of your tribe.

9   In order to indemnify the fact that the tribe of Jesus could not become one, I granted the realm of tribal messiahship to you and asked you to return to your hometowns. I appeared in the Republic of Korea and dispatched you, my sons and daughters, as tribal messiahs to tens of thousands of villages. The time is different now, so that messiahs do not get killed as they did in Jesus' time because the time of persecution against me has entirely passed.

Because Adam and Eve could not fulfill their mission as the True Parents, sin spread throughout history. It caused people to be ensnared in misery and sent to hell, and led to their deaths. It is the responsibility of True Parents to liberate them. Our heart as the True Parents is to offer them the benefit of liberation for free. However, even though True Parents want to give you that benefit, you cannot receive it for free. There is a hill to climb, and you cannot go over it for free. That is because Satan is still alive. If you have any condition that Satan can accuse, you cannot go beyond this era of indemnity. Therefore, you must climb up from the rock bottom to the top where you no longer receive Satan's accusation. What I mean to say is that you must accomplish this in your neighborhood, centered on your tribe.

10  Before you return to your hometown, you must inherit the condition of unfallen Adam. Once you have it, return to your hometown. Adam and Eve lost everything and declined because they centered on fallen love. However, in this era you are blessed families, connected to True Parents who are centered on God's Will. Therefore, your position is different from that of Adam and Eve who started a fallen family.

Adam and Eve fell from the completion level of the growth stage. However, today, in the era of restoration, blessed families centered on True Parents are beyond the completion level of the growth stage and can go even beyond the completion level of the completion stage. Because you ad| standing in such a position, families in Satan's realm have no condition to accuse you. You all are beyond their level. To maintain this position, you need to return to your hometown with your family, knowing that this is the best way to attend True Parents. I am saying that you should return to your hometowns, following the direction of True Parents, and act in their name, just as the Israelites followed Moses to return to their homeland.

Again, the level at which you return to your hometown is not the same as that of fallen Adam, who was at the completion level of the growth stage. You return having completed that level and moving on the way to the top of the completion stage. Such is your conditional status when you return to your hometowns. You have not yet made the substantial foundation. So you are going there to substantiate it.

To this end, we still have a path remaining before us—to unify divided North and South Korea. Thus, when you work in your hometown in South Korea, you should invest all your devotion and shed tears, sweat and blood three times more than in the past when you received persecution from the outside world. When you do that, Satan's world will automatically retreat.

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