Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 342

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 2: The Settlement of the Eight Stages and Declaration Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 1: The Settlement of the Eight Stages (Pal Jeong Shik) and Heavenly Parentism, Paragraph 26
Section 2: Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown, Paragraph 04

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26  After you restore your siblings and parents, you have to seek your family's kingship. Only then will you connect to the great, eternal, cosmic kingship. Your doing so connects the foundation of your small victory to a great victory, and you will become a grateful and happy person. That is why you need to be a tribal messiah.

After I connect to you, when you become one with your family you too will be able to enter Father's position. When you do that, your mission of tribal messiah will end and you will possess tribal kingship. It is not me but you who will possess it. Then the land of your hometown will become the kingdom of heaven.

Heavenly Parentism is needed to digest Satan, who remains active in both the communist and democratic worlds. You have to digest all the diverse cultural backgrounds in the world by means of Godism, Heavenly Parentism and true love. After that we should establish kingship. The people that can digest them will become the owners of the kingship. These teachings are like trustworthy walking sticks that we can lean on to clean up all the problems of the past so that we can establish the kingship. When we have done this, the history of restoration will be spotless and complete.

27  I restored the authority of the elder son. I restored the authority of Parents. Next, what I need to do is restore the authority of kingship. Because I have restored the authority of Parents, I have sent out tribal messiahs, just as God sent Jesus and then the Lord at his Second Advent. Finally we will be able to clean up everything.

Here I have settled the three vertical standards: the eras of Adam, Jesus and the Returning Lord. Because I was completely victorious in preparing these standards, we have to step forth and expand in the era of the Returning Lord. Accordingly, a model has appeared for you to establish your family. The Third Adam came to save the First Adam and the Second Adam. As he sends you out in the position of the Second Adam, your mother and father will rise to the position of the First Adam.

Once that is done, religions will no longer be necessary and the entire world will enter the realm of the chosen people. The whole world will be connected through one set of True Parents. Therefore, the land of the hometown where you were born will become the nation of heaven, the kingdom of heaven, and your father and mother in your hometown will become true ancestors.

28  If your family stands on heaven's side, the worldwide territory centering on True Parents connects to it. Your original hometown should be where I was born, but every tribe's hometown cannot be Jeongju. It has to be the actual place where you were born. The hometown where the God-centered parents were born is the Garden of Eden. As your good descendants are born centering on that original, unfallen Garden, they will step forth, spread out and face the world. Through all of you connecting with my clan, you will go forward united as a part of my lineage.

You must love what is vertical more than you love your relatives. Then Satan cannot take possession. Now all the conditions have been established to make the restoration of kingship possible.

29  The Unification Church is not just another church. It is to create a true person, a true husband and wife, a true family, a true tribe, a true people, a true nation, a true world and a true new heaven and earth. Just because you say you have achieved salvation as an individual does not mean that heaven and earth will be liberated. On the contrary, we seek the salvation of heaven and earth, and this will bring about the liberation of the world, nations, peoples and families, down to the individual. Salvation is achieved in reverse order; it is fundamentally different from the concept of salvation in the world of conventional faith.

You cannot go to heaven holding only an individual foundation. In the kingdom of heaven, the world and cosmos are included. The concept of the kingdom of heaven until now has not been totally correct. Where can you create the original ideal kingdom of heaven? The kingdom of heaven is realized when you pass through the levels of your individual self, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God. You must realize this here on earth, after you find the central being. Unless you do so, you will not be liberated.

30  Everyone says, "I want the best of everything!" But that best must be able to truly represent everything. In order to represent everything, you have to stand in the position of God's object partner. God is the subject partner in the capacity of plus, and we are in the position of His object partners in the capacity of minus. The standard that all people want is the form of the original creation, which is like that. God gave this great gift to human beings, but it is not individually oriented. Even if you have received the Blessing, and you and your spouse attend church regularly, that is not enough by itself. You have to become the representative of your tribe and the representative of your people. Accordingly you are called a tribal messiah.

Next, we say that it is necessary for you to restore the authority of the elder son, restore the authority of parents, restore the authority of Heavenly Parent, and restore kingship. That is not an individual viewpoint. The entire providence is global and historical. We have to go from parentism up to Heavenly Parentism. From here we need to achieve even the kingship of the kingdom of heaven. That is your responsibility. As God's representative, I had to establish the providential conditions that Satan cannot accuse. Sooner or later you will have to take this path.

Section 2. Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day) and Returning to Hometown


On July 1, 1991, True Parents conducted the Ceremony to Proclaim God's Eternal Blessing and designated the day as Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day). True Father said that this day was a historic turning point. He stated that now he had restored the authority of Adam as the elder son that was lost due to the Fall, and therefore we were entering the original world where the archangel was to have raised Adam to the point of maturity. He also said that on this day the physical world and the spirit world were completely transformed to take the right path, which meant that we were entering a new world and that the era of God's victory and True Parents' glory had arrived. He further explained that he proclaimed God's eternal blessing based on His eternal love not only for the democratic and communist worlds but also for the religious world.

1  July 1, 1991, is not an ordinary first of July, and 1991 is not an ordinary year. From the providential point of view, 1991 is a turning point in history. Now the situation of the world and the trend of history must change. The democratic world, the communist world and the religious world all have lost their direction. All the foundations that humanity has built, boasting of their excellence, have crumbled. That is natural. When autumn comes, we can find out whether the fruit is true or false. Only true fruit is harvested.

Looking from the viewpoint of the providence of restoration, or salvation, there are not many fruits to be harvested. The result, the fruit, sought by religion is only one, not many. From this point of view, what do you think God wants? What fruit do you think He wants to harvest? The fruit that God is looking for is heaven's lineage. It is none other than His lineage. In order to establish heaven's lineage, you must establish the tradition that can connect you to God's love.

2  Today is July 1, 1991. This is the year when we climb over the last hill of the providential turning point. Having passed through the first half of 1991—when from January through June we went through many complicated and eventful circumstances—we now are entering the latter half of the year. Meeting the second half of the year is like beginning to descend from the peak of providential history down into a watershed. We are making our way into the world of peace and freedom.

All the suffering from the conflicts caused by the division between the communist world and the free world, which brought bitter pain in history, now have been dissolved centered on True Parents. With True Parents' victorious harvest, the age has come when the communist world and the free world, and also North and South Korea, are able to become one. By establishing this day and holding this proclamation ceremony, we are reaching the time when we can clear up everything by harvesting all the conditions that people on heaven's side have established, counting them among the works of providential history. Then we can celebrate the day of victory, liberation and glory. This is something we need to understand.

Thus, we have made preparations to secure the family and the tribe, so that you will be able to attend God within the realm of your tribe. If you do not do the mission of tribal messiah, you will not be able to connect with your tribal family and with heaven’s nation. Understanding the whole meaning of this providential history, I already declared tribal messiahship, and as of July 1, 1991, all members throughout the world are proclaiming that they will become tribal messiahs. Therefore, since God's household is pursuing the bond of true love centered on True Parents and has separated from the defiled lineage, today I am able to proclaim True Parents' clan, which includes all blessed families and their descendants.

3  We understand that on July 1, 1991, we need to eliminate the course of indemnity that has filled history with bitter sorrow. We are doing this by bringing the right wing and the left wing, and North and South Korea, and the realms of religion and politics, to attend God in heaven and also True Parents, the original Parents, on earth. This will be the foundation to inherit the authority of the elder son, the authority of the parents and the kingship. For this, we understand that we need a declaration to recover the realm of liberation of the original world.

We understand that true love flowing from original nature is the center of all levels, from the individual to the family, tribe, people and nation. Thus it is based on our family life here on earth that we follow the way of true love and strive to build the original kingdom of heaven. We have absolutely one direction, one purpose and one goal, which is to reach that ultimate destination. Therefore, the Unification Church now proclaims tribal messiahship, and for this we will carry out grassroots activities to break through in every neighborhood and community (tong-ban gyeokpa). This is the solemn mission that heaven has given us.

4  Jesus could not hold a ceremony to proclaim the Messiah. He could not proclaim his messiahship centering on Judaism and the people of Israel until he had made the proclamation to his family and the members of his clan, along with those among his people who had received him. This is what he needed to do. He needed to gather together his relatives to make the proclamation. I walked that path and beyond. That is why some people in the democratic world now say that I am a hero on the world level. You should also be able to establish this same tradition in your clan, so that you can receive honor in your own household.

Father's branches are the original branches. Since they are now growing well in all directions, east, west, north and south, if you engraft a cutting from one of those branches to yourself, you will become like an original branch. If that is so, then how significant do you think today's ceremony, the Ceremony to Proclaim the Day of God's Eternal Blessing, is? All religions, all nations, and even God have waited for this proclamation ceremony. Now that the ceremony has been held and the proclamation has been made, based on this standard, we can begin to resolve all problems.

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