Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 337

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 1: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Section 2: The Establishment of Hoon Dok Hwe, Paragraph 20-29

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20   In your lifetime, what do you wish to leave behind as the heirloom of your heart? You need to leave behind an heirloom. You need to leave behind an heirloom in the spirit world. This is a serious matter. You are being evaluated. Therefore, you cannot live your life as you please.

I am weary and exhausted. What will happen when I go to the spirit world? You will have only my words. You have met me and your emotions have resonated and harmonized with mine, and thus you and I have come to stand in the position of object partner and subject partner but the Word is not like that. You need to realize the Word substantially. The Word has no substance. When its owner dies, it is broken into pieces. That is why we are holding Hoon Dok Hwe worldwide in this manner.

Why do I emphasize Hoon Dok Hwe? It is to make you feel the true taste of the Word. You need to feel it more than you do when you meet me. When you meet me, it is only for an hour or two, but you can meet this Word eternally. When you feel its depth, the Unification Church will paint all of heaven and earth with its colors in an instant.

21   You have no idea how seriously I do Hoon Dok Hwe. There was a time that only a few people were in front of me when I spoke. I was so full of lamentation and I spoke like that even in front of only a few people. I spoke of great things, not to thousands of people, but to dozens. Imagine how grievous my heart must have been. When you hold Hoon Dok Hwe, you come into contact with the world of that heart, so you shed tears unconsciously or you feel a lump in your throat without knowing why. That is the power of Hoon Dok Hwe.

In terms of electricity, Hoon Dok Hwe is a battery or generating plant. Not just anyone's words can have such an effect. I spoke those words as if on the verge of death. When the Word appears, it is one that never before was seen in the world. It is the Word of God. This means wherever you are, with that Word at the center, the spirit world can work the miracle of resurrection. You need to understand how serious this is. They are not words that float away. They are the final words that you should leave behind for your descendants.

22   You absolutely need this Hoon Dok Hwe that you are doing on this earth. You need to settle down in accord with it. The spirit world is already carrying out this work. The spirit world in its entirety could settle in less than a week, but you have no idea of the amount of work to be done on earth. We are now living in an era where the family can settle through Hoon Dok Hwe. That is why Hoon Dok Hwe is important. It is a program for liberating your ancestors in the spirit world and also for liberating your descendants. The past, the present and the future are one. And in the future, when your parents become grandparents, you and your children together with your parents will form three generations. You need to build a bridge connecting these three generations on earth.

23   Why do we hold Hoon Dok Hwe? We hold Hoon Dok Hwe because the time when I spoke those words was more serious than today. I spoke those words when on the verge of death. You cannot fathom how serious I was then, and how much devotion I offered to say those words. Today we cannot reach that level of heart. Therefore, we listen to these words so that we can recall what my heart was like at the time. Since I can recall the heart with which I spoke back then, I can tell even if one word or one punctuation mark is wrong. That is how serious it is.

Then have the words I have spoken come true or not? If I myself failed to translate those words into action, I need to take responsibility for that failure and do my best to finish that work before I die, even if it means I need to prolong the time it takes. That is why I am looking for a way to do so. I need to put it in order. I do not want to leave anything but the Word behind, and I need to leave behind the substantial realization of the Word.

24   You cannot do Hoon Dok Hwe without tears. Hoon Dok Hwe is absolutely necessary if you want the entire world of True Parents' heart to settle in your family. In the future, Hoon Dok Hwe needs to be held on the family level, church level, society level, national level and world level. The spirit world cooperated with True Parents as they fought their way through, and you can also receive this spirit world cooperation and go beyond the environment where Satan can accuse you, just by setting this condition. Therefore, Hoon Dok Hwe is absolutely necessary.

25   Hoon Dok Hwe is fearsome. I spoke those words when I was in the gravest danger with my life at risk. I spoke those words with a heart that all but burst and spread into all corners of heaven and earth, and that is why those words are still imbued with the heart of heaven and still alive with the cooperation of the spirit world. They are eternal. They transcend time. Because this Word was alive yesterday and will continue to remain alive today, when I hear those words in Hoon Dok Hwe, I realize afresh that those words did not come from me. It is necessary for you to be drawn into such a state.

26   When the sun rises in the morning, though it may look different from day to day, it still is providing the same light for the same world. Because this power exists, the universe enjoys it and is eternally grateful for the benefit of receiving it. In the same way, through Hoon Dok Hwe God is alive and is making relationships of deep affection that can continue in the eternal world, transcending time and space.

These relationships are formed at the place where one is hanging between life and death. Those who are willing to die will live. It is my job to die and it is God's job to save me from death. A person who has never been in such a serious position will drift away. They will pass by. You need to have roots.

27   You need to place great importance on Hoon Dok Hwe. It should be more important for you than eating. And you should feel an interest and a liking for Hoon Dok Hae. If you were to ask yourself the question, "Where am I going now? How am I living my life? What grade would you give yourself? You need to grade everything. After all, you are the one who knows yourself best. After that, you need to bring 160 families or 180 families to receive the Blessing, and when this one tribe comes to be registered, your own attitude becomes even more important.

Hoon Dok Hwe should be more delicious than eating food, and it should be more real than the life you live now. Even if you forget to eat, you should not forget to hold Hoon Dok Hwe. You should hold it morning, noon and night. And after you have had your dinner, you should do Hoon Dok Hwe if you have time. You should hold it at least four times a day. To sum it up, you should do Hoon Dok Hwe when you wake up in the morning, after you have had your lunch, after you have had your dinner, and one more time right before you go to bed. Then your spiritual life force will grow.

And when you do not do Hoon Dok Hwe, it will feel stuffy, almost as if the day were dark, rainy and foggy. You need to place more importance on Hoon Dok Hwe than even your prayer time. It is the path to perfecting yourself. It is the time through which True Parents can perfect you.

28 How should you do Hoon Dok Hwe? In the age of creating the history of Hoon Dok Hwe worldwide, the ones in the world who hold Hoon Dok Hwe before others will be the pillars and the central leaders in their locality and, further, in their nation. Those who have been educated at the Center for the Education of Ideal Families for World Peace have the responsibility to go out to the world and educate others. You should not worry about your livelihood. Even if you have sold your house and your land and are wandering around like a refugee, you will eventually come to settle in the position of the world's leading ancestors of Hoon Dok Hwe. In this way it will be possible to globalize Hoon Dok Hwe, and that means it will be possible to globalize the Blessing. Such an amazing future lies before us.

In every nook and cranny, you need to organize the small units, blocks and neighborhoods, and those in charge of them should shoulder the responsibility to educate the residents. You should educate everyone in your area so that they all reach the same spiritual level as a similar area in the spirit world, making your area level with the spirit world, with no difference between the two.

29   Anyone who is able to hold Hoon Dok Hwe should just go and do it. If there is a teaching whose words move your heart and straighten out your path, you should read it in Hoon Dok Hae. If you do not do so, you will fall back. You should not open your mouth recklessly. Now you have no choice but to do it.

We have begun a movement that can move blocks, neighborhoods and even towns. It is a global movement. Since nations in the world are adopting Korea as the fatherland of faith, the people of the central area, the people who live on the soil of the homeland, should be the first Hoon Dok Hwe champions. For that reason we are carrying out this work on a national scale.

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