Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 336

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 1: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Section 2: The Establishment of Hoon Dok Hwe, Paragraph 10-19

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10   When you hear my words, you should assimilate them. When you hear tragic words, you should weep in your heart. It is the same as buds beginning to sprout again when spring comes. My words have such power. They are different from other words. I have created a frequency within the realm of heart. When you enter it you will find something in it. It is different from ordinary words. These words resound in the heart. And when you hear these words resounding in your heart, you yourself are conquered by them.

When I read and study the words I myself have spoken, though decades have passed, I can still reach that stage in an instant. Just as you have wished to see morning sunlight in the dark night, I worked my way through 40 years in search of bright sunlight. Now it is noon and this has become a world without shadows. All of heaven and earth are flooded with light.

My words will not fail; they have the power to change the world into the heavenly kingdom. Where such an era unfolds, Satan disappears. The world of darkness disappears. As bright worlds of light, the heaven and earth of love connect at the place where the earthly world and the heavenly world can love, centering on the light of God. The fact that I have publicly declared these words, which have this amazing power of re-creation, is truly momentous.

11   I founded the Unification Church at age 35. More than 600 volumes of The Sermons are now in print, but my words at the time when I established the Unification Church and the words I speak today, decades later, are one and the same. My words themselves have never gone up or come down or changed in any way. That is what is great about them. I became famous because I tackled the world head-on amid its ever-changing complications, speaking words directly from God that did not avoid challenges or difficulties.

12   If you do not read The Sermons, you cannot come to meet me when we go to the spirit world. Everything I have done on earth, everything I have taken an interest in, surveyed, and examined is included in The Sermons. If you do not read them, it will be impossible for you to discover the course of restoration through indemnity that I have walked.

I have spoken profoundly about Jesus. After reading what I teach about Jesus, no pastor can open their mouth and say that I am a heretic. All the content in those books is like that. I spoke these words in the 1960s, and these people are still opposing me now. The act of opposing me is a terrible sin. It is equivalent to obstructing everything that forms the realm of victory achieved in the last 2,000 years of history.

The practice of Hoon Dok Hwe

Hoon Dok Hwe is an important tradition. This is because it provides the opportunity to read True Parents' words and thereby gain motivation to practice them in daily life. In particular, Hoon Dok Hwe is the center of home church as proposed by True Parents, which gives it significant meaning in our life of faith. True Parents emphasized that, through Hoon Dok Hae, each one of us should establish the tradition of following their teachings absolutely and making them a part of our daily life.

13   When all families, both in the spiritual world and the physical world, have received the Blessing, all nations will become the one kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven through doing Hoon Dok Hwe with True Parents' words. These are the words that God likes the most and desires to establish. That is to say, He desires to establish a nation and educate all people through True Parents' words.

Then who do you think likes Hoon Dok Hwe the most? Since God and I both like Hoon Dok Hae, God is the champion of all Hoon Dok Hwe champions, the Eldest Son King of all eldest son kings, the King of all family kings, and the King of all nation kings. That is why I, who am on this earth following His Will, come after Him, in second place, and have the elder son's authority, the parent's authority and the kingship of Hoon Dok Hwe on His behalf. And all people can inherit the elder son's authority, the parent's authority and the family kingship on my behalf, and realize the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on earth, where everyone is on an equal, level footing and receives equal treatment. Therefore, everyone will like Hoon Dok Hae.

14   In the Unification Church, God is the one who holds Hoon Dok Hwe most enthusiastically. After Him comes Father, then Mother. Though I know all the words and I am the one who spoke them, I still participate enthusiastically because I want to harmonize with you. In other words, I hold Hoon Dok Hwe in order to make you the perfect object partners in front of the perfect subject partner, and to enable you to do what True Parents have done. When you do Hoon Dok Hae, God is always there with you. This being the case, you have no idea what a blessing it is for you to participate in Hoon Dok Hwe with your parents and your siblings. It means that you are living together with God.

15   I am being judged based on the Word. I think to myself that God is the judge listening to the closing arguments of the prosecutor, and He is trying to determine whether there are discrepancies in the testimonies He has heard. This concerns the question of whether I have put the Word into practice. If I have done anything wrong in regard to this, I need to repent.

Now is the moment in time when we should completely settle the accounts of 6,000 years. That is why we are now reading and studying about the spirit world. I am trying to go beyond such a situation through Hoon Dok Hae, so in this meeting we should go beyond this period by uniting in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. That is why I am reading this a second time. I have said everything that needs to be said about life on this earth. Every word I have said was spoken after I translated it into action. Because I practiced it first before I spoke it, those words always pass judgment. They are recorded in the spirit world.

16   Nowadays, when I read words in Hoon Dok Hae, I often am deeply moved. I am moved even more than I am by others' words. Though I know everything I have ever spoken about, tears come to my eyes even though I try to hold them back. When I wipe my nose and try to suppress my tears, my eyes still tear up. When I close my eyes my mind cries, and when I distract my mind my whole body weeps. When I close my mouth, blood flows from my mind, and when I distract my mind, my limbs are touched by emotion. Though I spoke those words with tears and screams of anguish, I can say the same words now with a smile. I go back and forth between these two extremes. And the gap between the two is so wide that one cannot help but be impressed.

17   I know what I have said. You have no idea how serious is the history I have lived through. I clench my fists and grimace as I suppress my bitter memories of injustice. Those words have not died. Even now, when God looks back upon the time I spoke those words, He cannot help but weep loudly. It is an environment in which all leaders in the spirit world also shed tears. Such being the case, who could possibly stand in front of those words and not be moved by them?

18   Unification Church members should yearn for Hoon Dok Hwe as much as I myself do. I yearn for Hoon Dok Hae. I spoke all the words; I know them all; and yet I still yearn for them. They are the essential element of life that lasts for thousands of years. That is why you should hold on to these words and stay up nights reading them. You should feel that they are delicious even after you have held on to them all your life and read them over and over. You should feel, after attending Hoon Dok Hae, that you cannot let go of those words and that you wish to carry them around all the time.

19   True Fathers words, the words of Hoon Dok Hwe, united the spiritual world and the physical world. From now on, both the spiritual world and the physical world need to hold discussions on the words of Hoon Dok Hae. You need to hold Hoon Dok Hwe every day. The question is how heaven and earth can receive my teachings and complete them substantially through Hoon Dok Hwe.

Therefore, in light of these teachings, when a father does wrong his son should advise him, and when a wife does wrong her husband should advise her. By definition nobody is higher or lower. You are all brothers and sisters in front of True Parents, and those of you in the realm of brother and sister can advise one another. In whatever place you find yourself, one of you should step forward and commence Hoon Dok Hwe to unite all of you as one. This is what I said 50 years ago. Hoon Dok Hwe is an equalizing education that is held every day.

You need to live your whole life centering on the Word. After that, you need to have spiritual experiences and see the spirit world, and create an environment where you can meet with your ancestors and thus hold exchanges with the spirit world. You will not be able to communicate with them unless you know the Word. Only when you communicate through God's Word can the spirit world be directly connected to the physical world. If your own thoughts get mixed up in it, you cannot communicate.

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