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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 1: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Section 3: The Family Pledge, Significance
Section 3: The Family Pledge, Paragraph 12

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Section 3. The Family Pledge


On May 1, 1994, True Parents announced that the church's name, Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, would be changed to Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and proclaimed the Family Pledge, the guidelines for Cheon Il Guk to be followed by all blessed families. At first, the Family Pledge had seven verses. On February 3, 1998, an eighth verse was added. True Parents said that now is not the era of the individual but the era of the family; thus, the Family Pledge differs from pledges made by individuals. The Family Pledge expresses in detail the mission and responsibilities of the family in the era of Cheon Il Guk.

1  The fact that the Family Pledge has been created is something we should be grateful for. To whom do you offer this pledge? You offer it to God the Creator, our Heavenly Parent. By accomplishing the liberation of the True Parents on earth, who were in the position of lamentation and filled with bitter sorrow, you offer this pledge in front of the vertical God and the horizontal True Parents. Beyond that, you recite the Family Pledge to induce all families of all peoples across the world to follow your example. This pledge should be recited when your body and mind are united, when husband and wife are united, and when sons and daughters are united. If that unity is lacking, you need to repent and pray.

2  To this day, the Unification Church has continually worked not to find the nation first, but the family. The family is the most basic unit of organization in all nations across the world. Without such a unit, there would be no formula. That is why we focus on the family; I never said that we should find the nation first. Among Unification Principle teachings you do not find the concept of fighting. Though there are eight verses in the Family Pledge, not one of them contains the concept of fighting. "My Pledge," which came before this pledge, included the concept of fighting, but the Family Pledge of the present day does not contain this concept.

3  The Family Pledge is different from pledges made by individuals. The pledge we make is not an individual pledge but a family pledge. The family is the formula and the origin. That is why we make this pledge representing our families. The father makes this pledge representing the entire family, the mother makes this pledge representing the entire family, and the sons and daughters make this pledge representing the entire family.

First of all, mind and body need to be united. Second, spouses need to be united. Third, children need to be united. God was lost in the Garden of Eden. Through Adam and Eve the individual was lost, the husband and wife were lost, and the children were lost. They need to be restored. Therefore you can recite the Family Pledge only when your mind and body are in unity, you and your spouse are one, and your children are united.

4  To recite the Family Pledge, people need to have perfected their family, which means their mind and body first must be united. A person whose mind and body are not united cannot recite the Family Pledge. Due to the Fall, the mind and body were divided. We have experienced false parents, false love, false life and false lineage, and all of these need to be done away with. We need to restore true love, true life and true lineage. These three things perfect the mind and body. No one can deny these three things. Before anything else, you need to unite your mind and body with true love. God wishes all people to achieve this goal. This is the purpose of restoration and the purpose of the providence.

5  From now on, you should say the Pledge with your family. You do not need anything else. Everything in heaven and on earth, such as happiness, freedom and peace, begins from the family. Therefore it is very important not to lose your family. When families are united, we can achieve the unity of the world and realize the kingdom of heaven.

6  The light in your family through which you are guaranteed a place in eternal history comes through loving the Family Pledge and uniting centered on this pledge. The Family Pledge will not disappear. To restore the fallen world you absolutely need the Family Pledge.

Since the Fall occurred in the family and the lineage was changed, you need to return to the origin. This is a serious matter. When True Parents created the Family Pledge, they did so as the True Parents standing in the position of the substantial object partner of God. True Parents took full responsibility in making the Family Pledge. Therefore it cannot be set aside.

The absolute covenant

True Parents extracted the core teachings from the words they have spoken throughout their lives and incorporated them into the Family Pledge. They bequeathed this pledge to all people as an absolute covenant and as guidelines for families. Through this we, as owners of Cheon Il Guk, can resolve to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, which is the original world of creation, and in this way perfect the world based on the culture of heart, achieving the ideal of God and human beings united in love.

7   After the 40th anniversary of the founding of the HSA-UWC, I changed this name to the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and created the Family Pledge. It corresponds to the absolute covenant and constitution for achieving our goals. The term Family Pledge has never appeared before in history. The Family Pledge is to pursue the kingdom of heaven and to build the kingdom of heaven. When you look at it based on the content of restoration through indemnity, it shows us how we can be totally liberated. Therefore, anyone who recites the pledge and lives it belongs to the realm of perfected families, not the realm of families of the fallen world. Because a family realm centered on true love is formed, the mind and body that had been divided by false love can unite.

8  This same Principle also applies to Unification Church members. Now is the age of law. The Family Pledge is the constitution of heaven and earth. If you are able to fulfill even one of the verses in the pledge, you can become a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. You do not know its value, so you recite it in the same way an ignorant person might recite from scripture without understanding a word of it.

When you make a pledge, you should live in accordance with it, but you have failed to do so. Only your outer shell is that of a human being. You have the appearance of a human being, yet there is nothing inside. You need to fill that empty space. We have entered the original, ideal realm of God's direct dominion, and the words of the Family Pledge will help us establish its laws and put them in order.

9   I created the Family Pledge only after having achieved it. I have fulfilled every part of it. You should commit your life to meticulously upholding this Family Pledge, which I have achieved, and treat it like the constitution. Then you most certainly will go to the kingdom of heaven, the place where I too will go.

10  If you were to analyze and assess the content of the Family Pledge, you would find that it is made up of amazing affirmations, with stories behind them that you cannot even fathom. That content is the foundation of the family. When you plant it as a seed, it expands, and religion disappears.

The Family Pledge is a scale that you need to safeguard at the risk of your life. You need to weigh your life every day and see if there has been any change. You need to place your life on the scale and see if you have gone higher or lower. When you offer more and more devotions for the Will, your life will go higher.

11  You need to know how amazing the Family Pledge is. You cannot remove one word. The eighth pledge emphasizes absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Based on these three absolute conditions we arrive at the perfection of absolute sex. It is only because we live in the age of True Parents that we can proclaim the perfection of absolute sex. The first human ancestors fell at the age of 16 and God's original absolute sex at the time of creation could not be realized.

Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong presents basic material for the constitution necessary to realize the family of the heavenly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom itself. There can be no constitutional law that is not a part of it. The Family Pledge is the essence of the last version of Pyeong Hwa Shin Gyeong. Perfected people both in the heavenly world and the physical world recite it.

12  The Family Pledge that you are memorizing was created for your benefit. You represent your ancestors, you represent your present tribe, and you represent your descendants. Because you now stand in the position of ancestors, unless you establish the tradition for your tribe in the right way, you will not be able to stand proudly in front of your descendants.

The Family Pledge is the center. God's ideal of creation is the family. It is one family under God. This is the root of everything, from which everything proceeds. It is important that things do not get stuck.

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