Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 326

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Proclamation of Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day), the Day of God's Eternal Blessing
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Paragraph 26

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Proclamation of Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day), the Day of God's Eternal Blessing

18  Now that Adam has restored the act of the archangel, who usurped the authority of the elder son, we will enter the original world where the angelic world nurtures Adam to maturity. The spirit world will no longer be able to exploit the human world. How much it has taken advantage of and exploited humankind! It has been causing all humankind to behave just like Adam and Eve when they fell. I am going to unify the spirit world and human world, so that the spirit world will no longer have authority to do that. Everything will become level; True Parents and God will be the only ones who can ascend to the place of that authority. Therefore, the spirit world's power to exploit earthly people will disappear. Let the spirit world muster all its strength; it will only collapse.

This is why I needed to make the Proclamation of the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. Being the center, we the Parents needed to do this. Since the false parent has governed the world, True Parents had to make a proclamation binding the spiritual world and the physical world in this way. This is what we did on July 1, 1991, when we proclaimed the Day of God's Eternal Blessing.

19  The spiritual world and the physical world have been going about as they pleased. However, from now on they will go in the same direction. The time has come for them to return to the right path. The fact that God has forgiven Satan means that we have entered the age of God's sovereignty. That is why I proclaimed that the world of God's victory and True Parents' glory will now arrive. True Parents held the ceremony to proclaim the Day of God's Eternal Blessing. It was a proclamation that the age of God's victory and True Parents' glory will arrive. Since God has triumphed, it will be known as the age of True Parents' glory. Because I have proclaimed it in front of heaven and earth, it becomes law and the spirit world will be governed by it.

20  When Jesus was 33 years old, heaven and earth should have united with him, and the nation of Israel should have united with him. That would have made for a new start, but it did not happen. The new world that did not happen then finally came to pass on the 33rd Children's Day in 1992. This marked True Parents' liberation. More than that, everything that had happened on earth in the age of indemnity centering on True Father was brought to victory, and based on that foundation I am presenting True Mother to the world.

Therefore, today is also the day when we can celebrate the symbolic connecting of subject partners and object partners, and of the East and the West. The final things we prayed for today were to declare the unity of all beings in the spiritual world and the physical world and to proclaim the unity of True Parents on earth.

This is what is happening at the assemblies of the Women's Federation for World Peace that are taking place in Korea, Japan and the United States. Now Mother is in Los Angeles and I am in the north. Yet because we are partners to each other, we can link that assembly to Asia, with me at the center.

21  Now, even you children are going over the world-level path of the providence, representing Jesus. I am making this substantial proclamation based on your families that received the Blessing. That is why today, October 26, 1992, is an important day that heaven and earth can commemorate. This is the day when the Parent in heaven and Parents on earth become one, based on the 33 years of Jesus' life on earth. I am proclaiming that based on the foundation we, True Parents, have laid in the nation and in the world, you are to live according to the standard of children who represent Jesus and advance toward becoming representatives of heaven and earth. By this proclamation of the unification of heaven and earth, people who have lived as they desired, in families and a world in confusion, can unite and move toward perfecting a new, ideal world. No one knows when spring arrives exactly. Nevertheless it begins in one place and then quickly spreads to the whole world. The same can take place in history.

Cosmic-level Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day) and Proclamation of Complete Liberation for the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage

22  The motto of 1999 is "The cosmic expansion of the marriage Blessing and the rooting out of Satan's lineage." The first part of the motto means that whomever I blessed anywhere in heaven or on earth can be the foundation for perfection and can expand and connect anywhere. The second part is the "rooting out of Satan's lineage." Yet if the body and mind do not unite, this uprooting is not possible. In striving for mind-body unity, people could only cut off parts of the tree. They cut off branches and cut off leaves. It was possible to cut off one-third of the tree. But this time we are not only going to cut down the tree, we will pull it out by the roots.

Uprooting must be done in the family. Through mind-body unity, husband-wife unity, and unity among children, we will form absolute families. This was the import of the second of the four Jardim Declarations. There were also a third and fourth Jardim Declarations. Then came the declaration of Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day).

Adam's family did not reach perfection and establish the four-position foundation. Hence, their sons and daughters could not settle. That is why now that 4-4 Day has passed, we have to enter the kingdom of heaven by going through family training in Jardim. To keep moving forward throughout this year, we must resolve to do it. We have to achieve this victory, so that we can cheer for God and cheer for our family. Afterward, we can do anything, for it will be the age of living with God, whose transcendence, immanence, authority and power are complete.

23  Ahead on the road we, True Parents, are taking is the world in which hell has been liberated, from which Satan has disappeared, where there is no trace of Satan. We have opened the gate to the kingdom of heaven. But opening that gate does not mean that anyone can enter as they are. Even in the spirit world people must receive education in the Principle. This has begun happening in the spirit world. That is why I will need to go to the spirit world. There I must start a revolution, destroying and expelling what is wrong in one fell swoop.

The first phase of the 360 Million Couples International Holy Marriage Blessing, held on June 13, 1998, was the means to bless humankind, including on the one hand the major religious founders, and on the other hand Hitler and Stalin, the worst murderers in history. There I was able to proclaim the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage. This would have been impossible in the secular world.

In Adam's family, when Cain and Abel fought and Cain killed Abel, how heartbroken God and Adam and Eve must have felt! Now through the Blessing, not only religious founders but also notorious murderers are included in God's family at the highest level of the world.

Things cannot be put in order by meting out punishment. That would be to expel and destroy Satan. However, the original form of the ideal of creation cannot be established if Satan is crushed by force. We have to embrace and liberate him, have him come under all human beings and put him in a position to protect humankind.

The Liberation of the Cosmos

24  March 21, 1999 was the date when Satan, originally named Lucifer, surrendered in front of God, True Parents and humankind. Why? He responded to God's hint, "You are about to come to ruin and find yourself in a tomb where you will lament for thousands of years, so it would be better for you to repent before that time comes." He did not give a command, but He gave him a look. Satan understood what it meant and surrendered.

Before then, the numerous spirits I blessed, including the ringleaders of World War II such as Hitler and his followers, as well as Stalin and other leading communists, were like an impenetrable fortress against Satan. Hence, he could not invade members who received the Blessing. Indeed, what you should be most proud of under the sun is that you are blessed members. If you are proud of it and testify to it, Satan can never invade you, not for eternity. That is why tens of millions of blessed families in the spirit world, going beyond their religions, are fighting against Satan's forces. This war is going on throughout the cosmos.

25  Thus far we have blessed 400 million couples. We held the 400 Million Couples Blessing based on the number 4; as a result, it became easy for all families in Satan's world to join the family of perfected Adam and enter the realm of the Blessing. Those who are pure and not yet blessed are like God's uncorrupted children, like Adam and Eve before the Fall.

As we enter the era when we can bless them through True Parents, what will happen to the couples who are still in the fallen realm? After the era of this Blessing, the era of the Fourth Adam's realm will come. Finally God, the vertical True Parent, and we, the horizontal True Parents, will permit you to transmit your uncorrupted original lineage to your own sons and daughters. This is the original standard. By establishing it on earth, you can connect the original standard of unfallen Adam to the world.

By establishing this standard throughout the spiritual world and physical world, the kingdom of heaven is being established on earth and in heaven. Both worlds have been empty ever since the time of Adam, but now they will be filled all at once. Then, anything like hell will disappear. Before I go to the spirit world, I have to arrange it so that no trace of the Fall remains on earth.

At that point, all things of creation, which had been in lamentation, will for the first time be able to praise True Parents. Unlike the false parent, Satan, who made the world as it is, they should be able to praise the victory of True Parents. Satan, all beings in heaven and on earth, and even God should be able to praise True Parents. Why? It is because the false parent found fault even with God.

In order to uproot that false parent and liberate everything completely—even God, even the religious realm, even the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament realms, which have existed in the world under Satan's sovereignty, and all saints and sages in the spirit world and their descendants on earth—should be able to praise True Parents. You are the descendants who represent the descendants of the three ages, Adam's descendants, Jesus' descendants, and the descendants of the Lord at the Second Advent.

26  As the Returning Lord, I am the one who stands as the perfected Adam and the perfected Jesus, and who also completed the family. Hence, I have the authority to liberate Adam's fallen children and Jesus' spiritual children. Having done that, since I declared that everything has been liberated, the remaining issue is how to transform the spirit world into a world of blessed families. Thus, based on you blessed families, tribal messiahs, I blessed your ancestors in the spirit world up to the fourth generation, and now I have expanded the Blessing to the seventh generation. I am opening the path to liberate seven generations and give them the Blessing.

The era of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age is not limited to restoring only 120 generations. By giving the Blessing to up to 180 generations, all human beings will be liberated. All ancestors will be liberated. We have not done this yet because the world does not know God's providential Will. But by spreading knowledge of it quickly through radio, television and the Internet, we will be able to shorten time and overcome distance, bringing oneness to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

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