Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 327

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, The Total Liberation Chuseok
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Paragraph 33

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The Total Liberation Chuseok

27  What is the Total Liberation Chuseok? Originally, the ideal of creation was that we human beings would honor our ancestors, inherit our ancestral fortune and spread it horizontally. Due to the Fall, however, this was overturned. Instead, graves of the dead came to exist, having the appearance of lids lying on flat land.

The Bible states that in the Last Days all the graves will be opened and the bodies will rise. They need to be liberated. This is the ceremony to do that. The spirit world consists of three realms, high, middle and low. Hell also has three realms, high, middle and low. The two worlds are divided from each other, with walls that further divide each of them. All of these walls exist due to the Fall, and we need to tear them down. So, I liberated all ancestors on the first Chuseok (the Korean holiday to honor one's ancestors) after I turned 80 years old.

28  The Returning Lord is the last person whom heaven sends to Satan's world. He is the culmination of all Abel figures, with the authority of the elder son, the parent and the king. As he accomplishes everything according to God's Will, he has to remove things like graves from the spiritual world and the physical world. He has to do this in eight stages both vertically and horizontally, based on the Pal Jeong Shik (Ceremony for the Settlement of the Eight Stages), and open wide the gates in every way. Therefore, today, on Chuseok in the year 2000, at the age of 80, I am connecting all the blessed families to this ceremony, within the same one boundary representing all.

Everything has been blocked because of false marriage. However, the realm of the Blessing unifying heaven and earth is complete now, based on the realm of benefit within True Parents' Blessing. It has passed through the ages of the individual, family, tribe and people, and the ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. This realm of liberation should be open to everyone. Then, the heart of the realm of the Fourth Adam can start from True Parents, centering on blessed families. Accordingly, now it is no longer the age of prayer, but the age of reporting.

Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World

29  After conducting the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World today, all those in the spirit world who became the spouses of people on earth through the Blessing can now come to earth. We are entering an age when people on earth will be able to communicate with their spouses in the spirit world through prayer. I am allowing them to live with each other. To do that, they need to share the same vision and viewpoint. In this way, based on these blessed families, the spiritual world and the physical world are coming under one system, which is possible because True Parents connected their accomplishments on earth to the spirit world.

Ancestors in the spirit world are in the position of the archangel. Since the Fall, they have been in the fallen archangel's realm; hence, they were not able to receive the Blessing. However, those who received the Blessing on earth are now the descendants of the perfected Adam. They are bonded with True Parents' lineage. Hence, their ancestors who went to the spirit world earlier than they did can become blessed families in the position of archangels.

What can happen henceforth as a result of holding this ceremony for unification? We are entering the age when ancestors can come to earth and cooperate with blessed families. Just as the archangel was to nurture the members of Adam's family and attend them to help them all enter heaven, ancestors in the spirit world who receive the Blessing will now come to earth to protect blessed families. That is why Satan's descendants in the earthly realm will not be able to indiscriminately attack individuals, families, tribes, and nations in the world of blessed families.

30  Now, the spiritual world and physical world, which have been ripped into many pieces, can be brought together as one. Now that I have reached the 50th year since leaving Hungnam Prison, I can do this. That is why I declared the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World. With me were those True Children and the blessed members who are in the spirit world, including the five world-level saints who received the Blessing—Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Muhammad and Socrates. We enter the age of the great revolution of the new liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. The five great saints, my children and blessed families gathered together and held the Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World. Unity requires the formation of a family.

Proclamation of the Abolition of Paradise and Hell and Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven

31  Heavenly Father, we all need to understand how precious it is for each blessed family to bond with others according to Your Will. We understand that individuals should not live for themselves but should form families that live for the sake of the whole, for heaven and earth. We also understand that by connecting to You through the Blessing we connect all generations to come to Your lineage. Within the bonds of the Blessing, we became part of Your love, in unity with the root, the origin; we became part of the same tree of love. Likewise, all people should become Your branches, based on the root and the trunk, and then produce blossoms, flowers of love and bear the fruits of love. We want to fill the world with these fruits and realize the ideal of a family through which to build the kingdom of heaven. For liberation, in Your name and the name of True Parents, we want to bring settlement, with the motto, "High-noon settlement" without any shadow. Therefore, I now call for the abolition of paradise and hell, which were the bases of Your sorrow. May You accept it with joy.

I have declared that True Parents, their family and clan, the founders of the world religions, and all other saints, are liberated from the limitations of their religions and denominations. Furthermore, Lucifer, who was the ringleader of Satan's world, has already surrendered. As a result, all blessed families in the religious realm are going about claiming all the bases that once served his forces against us.

We who follow the one main current centering on God's direction welcome the time of the Blessing as opening the grace of liberation that connects from the throne of God's heart to the royal palace on earth. Thus, we can pioneer the direct path for liberating paradise and hell on earth and in heaven and link them to the kingdom of heaven. With all this in place, Father, please bless us.

32  In carrying out the Blessing of the wicked, I am an unparalleled strategist. Based on fundamental principles, I did what even God could not do, and no one else even conceived of doing. Let's see whether I am the one who will be defeated, or others will be defeated. Let's see whether what I am trying to do will be fulfilled, or not. Because I did it with that mind-set, I could do it.

On December 3, 2000, I abolished paradise and hell. How did I abolish them? I opened the gates leading out of hell and paradise and into heaven, yet still there were groups in hell and paradise that impeded the path. So I gave all of them the Blessing. Giving them the Blessing abolished the religious realm, and with the abolition of religion, the realm of hell below was elevated to paradise. Yet I also abolished paradise, and it was removed. Therefore, when I say that everything connects to the kingdom of heaven, it makes sense. When I take the lead, God can travel to hell, heaven, or anywhere He pleases, without reservation. Formerly, God was able to come and go only on the vertical plane; now, following after me, He can go anywhere in the world He desires.

Now that I have opened this new path on which God has unlimited access, love can spread equally on every level. I mean, the time has come when anyone who receives my teachings, whether in heaven or hell, can be equally immersed in the love of the kingdom of heaven. Again, what I am saying is that the time has come when the water of love, which formerly was reserved for those in one place, is now showering on everyone equally everywhere. Now that the realm of liberation and freedom has arrived, we must liberate even God; He needs to claim His original position.

33  By the end of 2000, all those in the entire religious realm of the spirit world had received the Blessing. Because of this foundation, I was able to liberate hell; I was also able to liberate paradise, the level below heaven. How do you think I liberated hell and paradise? On what basis could I do that? I could do that because I liberated the religious realm, and then I could open the gate of hell. In front of True Parents, no gate can block access to hell. In front of them, there cannot be paradise, because True Parents will go to the kingdom of heaven.

Even on earth, the opposition against True Parents can last for only a limited time. Satan can oppose them when they are within the realm that Satan dominates, but once they overcome that level, Satan can no longer exercise his power over them. That level is the United Nations. The UN is the summit of the world's nations. That is why I am advocating a vision for the UN that transcends religions and nations. It is based on True Parentism and Godism.

Should True Parents be under the governance of Satan's world? Should True Parents be under the governance of a nation? Should True Parents be under the governance of the UN? That is why the Principle transcends religion, nations and the UN. That is why they are beyond them, why they are reaching the top.

My teachings, including True Parentism and Godism, are based on the principle of true love, which is to live absolutely for others. Once humankind realizes this principle, everything will be completed. True Parentism means the principle of living absolutely for the sake of others. Within its bosom, the world will melt. Everything will be digested.

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