Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 325

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Spiritual World and Physical World Unification Ceremony
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Paragraph 17

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Spiritual World and Physical World Unification Ceremony

12  I conducted the Spiritual World and Physical World Unification Ceremony, starting with the internal realm of Christianity. This took place on February 22, 1982. It concluded a period of 33 years since my imprisonment in North Korea on February 22, 1948, after which I entered South Korea in December 1950. So we start from there. These 33 years are equivalent to the 33 years of Jesus' life.

After indemnifying this, we had to establish in the world the spiritual foundation and the physical foundation. For this, we had to set the standard for indemnity both in the flesh and spirit. We must go beyond the national level and do it on the worldwide level. The day we did this was February 22, 1982. The 34th year signifies the time when Jesus, had he not died, would have begun anew. We are entering the realm of his resurrection. Because I totally indemnified this, the persecution will soon be gone.

13  Everything has to be completed within seven years from 1982. By then we need to overcome even the communist world. In the democratic world, Christianity will revise, and a movement to reconstruct morals and ethics will take place. You may not be aware of it, but I have been making all the necessary preparations.

When is a good time for members of the Unification Church to become one in heart? All Unification Church members need to be of one heart and one mind-set as we face the court battles in the United States. After that, we will enter the age in which we can counter from the leading position when others oppose us.

Proclamation of the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven

14  The United States sent me to prison in Danbury. Inside the prison, on February 1, 1985, I established the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven. If I had not gone to the United States, I would not have made the way to open the gates to heaven and hell. Also, I could not have done it had I not gone to prison. Satan put me in prison and thought he had accomplished his hope, but I did not die. Instead, I opened the gates to heaven and hell and made it possible for them to connect.

However, this does not mean that people in hell can go to heaven as they please. It means that now a way exists for the good ancestors in heaven to come down to hell on earth, educate their descendants and pull them to heaven. Walls surrounded hell, and good ancestors in heaven could not go there, but now a path has opened. I broke down the walls that blocked the way—the wall blocking the mind from the body in individuals, and the wall blocking the way between man and woman. I tore down all those walls, which had their roots in Satan's love. I brought them down with God's original love. That is why the gate of the family, the gate of the clan and the gate of the tribe are now open.

Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World

15  When you connect your brothers and sisters in your hometown with your church brothers and sisters in each country, the world will be interconnected automatically. Korea and Japan need to take the lead in this. Adam and Eve must become one. For this unity, Japan and Korea have to become one first. Then the United States and Korea, and Germany and the Soviet Union, have to become one. These four nations established foundations on both the Cain and Abel sides, as the fruit of True Parents' work on the world level. That is why the victorious foundation for the kingdom of heaven can finally be established. The first step is the unity of Korea and Japan; and the second is the unity of the United States and Korea, and Germany and the Soviet Union. Then, the world of unity will begin to emerge through the unity of American Christianity and the Korean Unification Church. This is the third step. The fourth is that Christianity and the Christian cultural realm, being in the position of Abel, must win over the communist world with its Dialectical Materialism and join with the world that recognizes the human spirit. The fifth is the unity of the spirit world and the earthly world, by connecting them together. The sixth step is to fulfill the responsibility of indemnity for the providence, which we have fulfilled as True Parents.

As these responsibilities are fulfilled, the family will be able to enter the realm of perfection. With that, Satan's world can no longer exist. On these foundations for the liberated world, perfected families can be finally formed. Not only that, the realm of perfected tribes, peoples, nations and the world will be formed. Satan will find no value in his existence, which means that the world will be totally liberated. That is why the seventh step is the start of the kingdom of heaven on earth, and the eighth is the start of the realization of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven on the levels of the family, the nation and the world. Finally, the ideal world in which two become one in love will unfold both in heaven and on earth. Therefore, on this day, October 3, 1988, I declare the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World, based on all the contents of the Unification Covenant.

Proclamation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth

16  True Parents' family is like the original trunk. You have to unite with this original trunk, which comes from the original root. Henceforth, you should not engraft to that which is different, but engraft to the same kind. By engrafting to the same kind, you will be of the same clan.

In the past, Cain and Abel were different kinds. Cain was cut off from the seed of heaven, while Abel, being on heaven's side, was connected to that seed by being engrafted. So their clans were different. But now, all people can be relatives, members of the same clan. Children can be engrafted from their parents. Engrafting is easy. As long as they do not oppose it, both parents and children can unite right away. Wild olive tree seeds and true olive tree seeds are different, and thus engrafting was difficult. But now it is easy to graft among true olive trees. They can naturally connect to one another.

That is why on February 27, 1990, I declared that the True Parents are the Parents of Heaven and Earth. We need to do this throughout the nation and then have a ceremony to declare the royal authority. That is how we can be settled. Once we are settled in that position, an amazing time will arrive.

Blessed families' ancestors in the spirit world, which is like the angelic world, will come quickly and cooperate with them. They are supposed to come and protect them. In the heavenly kingdom, in the original world of God's ideal of creation, the archangels were supposed to always cooperate with Adam. Likewise, once I declare the royal authority of the heavenly kingdom, we will enter an age in which good spirits will always cooperate with the royal clan and Satan will disappear.

Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World

17  What did I pray for on November 17, 1990, on the 31st celebration of Children's Day, marking a full 30 years after it was established? I prayed, "Now everything has been liberated." I proclaimed the liberation of the spirit world. When True Parents proclaim something, it matters. Until now, we lived in the age when the spirit world in the position of Cain could take advantage of the physical world, Abel. Therefore, people who communicated with spirits or were otherwise in contact with the spiritual world exploited the realm of Abel, the physical world. However, because we, True Parents, set up a victorious foundation according to the principle of restoration through indemnity, and restored the authority of the elder son, Abel is now in the position of the older brother. The archangel was created first, but he was in the position to submit to Adam and protect him. Due to the Fall of human beings, however, the Devil claimed the authority of the elder son and has gotten his way with the world of immature human beings on earth. That is why those in the spirit world connect with earth in order to take advantage of their earthly descendants. This amounts to Cain killing Abel and making him a victim.

That age has now passed. Now that Adam has restored the authority of the elder son, the age has come when the spirit world needs to submit to Adam's authority. For that to happen, based on the foundation of having established the truth and my substantial victory in the struggle to bring the spirit world into submission, we had to make a sacrificial offering before God. That offering was the Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World, which I made during the pledge service I conducted this morning. That was the content that I prayed for.

The time has come when the current between the spirit world and the earthly world that flowed in the wrong direction needs to be corrected. As heaven has restored the authority of the elder son, the younger sons now and younger sons yet to be born are in the realm of the authority of the elder son who has been restored to the younger son. In the age of the authority of the younger son, heaven's law allows no room for the Devil's activities to be forgiven. Until now all spirits took advantage of Abel's realm on earth. The first son killed the younger son and offered him as a sacrifice in reverse. Now, however, with the authority of the elder son restored, the Abel realm of the elder son on earth will lead even the spirit world. The spirits there will be able to receive heaven's blessings when they work to help us; while if they oppose us, the more they do, the more they will fall into a bottomless pit. It is time for heaven's fortune to quickly change the situation.

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