Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 324

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Ceremony of Total Liberation
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Paragraph 11

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Ceremony of Total Liberation

6  The time has come when we can connect the nations and the world. When, based on this world-level foundation, we can connect that foundations spiritual aspect to the spirit world, the spirit world will finally be connected as well.

In the spirit world, Koreans and Japanese are not connected. People there belong to their own nation, and even if you want them to take the one global path and tell them to go somewhere, they are not able to take that path. Unless this is solved on earth, it will not be cleared away in the spirit world. Therefore, in the spirit world Japanese and Koreans remain enemies. Japanese and Chinese are also enemies. Bearing this in mind, how many spirits there are enemies to one another?

That is why on May 1, 1975, I conducted the Ceremony of Total Liberation. It was a ceremony to liberate and forgive everyone. It even opened a way to liberate Satan. By virtue of the Ceremony of Total Liberation, no one should have enemy relationships any longer and everyone has to forgive one another. Therefore, there should be no more enemies. The time for unity has come.

What happens when earth and the spirit world become one? The Fall led to a state in which the spirit world and earth are separated. This is because God and Adam and Eve were separated in heart. That is why it is logical to say that once Adam and Eve's family, clan, tribe, nation and world become one on earth and in the spirit world, the global realm of unity will be established.

7  Since God can now descend to earth as He desires, all those in the spirit world can come straight to earth. Therefore, there is no opposition. Until now, on account of their different religions and denominations, they have all been blocking one another from coming into their realms. The gates will open and people will be able to move horizontally and vertically, but that can only happen when those in high positions settle the matter and announce it. That had not been done. However, now, after the Ceremony of Total Liberation, both God and True Parents will be able to come at the same time. Then, good kings and leaders of faith in the spirit world will be able to come.

Satan has been on the evil side, but that will change. Since all spirits know that anyone who opposes us will remain in hell for eternity, they will no longer oppose us, but strive to go to heaven. All of them are required to leave their guns behind and liberate even Satan. Accordingly, his evil sovereignty will collapse, even without his knowing it.

For this reason, during this third seven-year course, I swept across the United States, spurring the spiritual fortune of world Christianity. I have now returned to Korea. I have gone beyond the national, spiritual level, reaching the global level, and have brought that fortune with me. Now I can connect it to the physical national level. Then, based on the foundation of that worldwide spiritual victory, I can connect it to the worldwide physical foundation and prepare a starting point in world history to completely indemnify everything spiritually and physically. In this way, we can enter a new level.

Unification Ceremony

8  I held the Unification Ceremony on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month of 1976. In the course of restoration, we need to perfect the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. We need to align them all in a straight line. I did that work based on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation on earth, but the spirit world has not been connected to them. It has not been connected even to the foundation of the Unification Church family. Although a road was paved, it was not connected to the spirit world. Therefore, I had to connect it, first to the spirit world and then to earth. Only by doing that, was I able to conduct the Unification Ceremony.

9  In January 1976, I came to Korea to indemnify all of history. Accordingly, the Unification Ceremony was held on the 1st day of the 1st lunar month. Until now, we human beings have not been able to have the beginning point of unity that would enable any nation to start from a victorious foundation, either in the spiritual world or in the physical world. I came to Korea to hold that ceremony.

There are people in the world who call themselves people of God, or children of God. However, they have never been able to welcome True Parents' Birthday. This is because they do not have the qualification to welcome such a day. The spirits in the spirit world also left this world without having been able to welcome that day. Since this is the case, they cannot call themselves the people of the heavenly kingdom. Even the angels in the angelic world have not had the opportunity to take part in the realm of perfected Adam, because they have not been able to welcome True Parents' Birthday. That is why I held the ceremony that gave all people in both the spiritual world and physical world a privileged opportunity to commemorate True Parents' Birthday, with True Parents at the center. True Parents' Birthday created that opportunity.

Ceremony to Proclaim The Unity and Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the World Tribe

10  Up until now I have torn down numerous walls in the spirit world. Based on God's love I also have torn down walls dividing peoples and races on earth. On the 1st day of the 1st lunar month of 1976, I opened the gates between all religions and religious denominations in the spirit world. Now it is time to open the gates between nations.

The gates between religions have been opened, but one gate remained unopened. That is the gate to the tribe. I had not opened the gates between tribes. So, I was compelled to hold the Ceremony to Liberate the Moon Tribe and All Tribes of the World in order to unify and liberate them from their bitter sorrow. Thereby, I opened the gates among the numerous tribes as well as the realms of faith. With the opening of the gates between tribes, the opening of the gates between nations will come automatically. That time is coming.

With the opening of those gates, spiritual seers from the olden days and the spirits of people who had departed while believing in religion can cooperate with the Abel realm, from the position of the archangel, for the course of the providence of restoration on earth.

Those works were formerly possible in certain religions only; but by tearing down the walls in the physical world and widening the scope to include other religions as well, the paths are open on which all spirits, believers and non-believers alike, can come to earth and lead their descendants toward goodness.

11  We are expanding the work of indemnity on behalf of the world from the level of the individual to those of the family, tribe, people, nation and world. This happens in three stages: The first is formation, based on the couple. The second is growth, based on the family. The third is completion, based on the tribe. From the perspective of home church, we see the tribe as the formation stage, the people as the growth stage and the nation as the completion stage. This means that by doing home church, members will have to restore all nations.

Next, from the perspective of the nation, there are three stages—the nation, the physical world and the spiritual world. We need to restore these worlds in three stages. The Principle teaches that the number ten is reached by passing through the three stages of formation, growth and completion, with three numbers-one, two and three—in each stage. True Parents carry out the work of restoration through indemnity with such an understanding in their minds.

Such have been the missions by which True Parents are leading the providence of restoration. After making indemnity conditions for these missions, they returned to Korea. That is why we are doing the work in Korea, as it is the base for meeting all the required conditions. Hence, on November 2, 1978, we held the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Moon Tribe and All Tribes of the World. With this ceremony we connected everyone. With all of the barriers gone, all spirits can travel freely. With the barriers gone, they can go anywhere they desire and enter into reciprocal relationships.

Therefore, mobilizing spirits to earth is up to you. People on earth are like Adam, and spirits in the spirit world are like archangels. Now you need to give orders to the good spirits among your ancestors because, as you know, they have the responsibility of angels. You are the ancestor of those ancestors, and this is their restoration. It starts with you, because you are their ancestor. The restoration of your ancestors occurs through you. You are their beginning point. Since you are their ancestor, you must take responsibility for them. You are responsible for the past, present and future. You are personally responsible for the three ages.

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