Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 323

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Providentially important proclamations and ceremonies
Section 3: Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds, Paragraph 05

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Section 3. Major Ceremonies and Proclamations for Unity between the Two Worlds

Providentially important proclamations and ceremonies

True Parents victoriously established numerous substantial indemnity conditions during the course of their lives, by which they liberated those in the spirit world and unified the spirit world. A series of proclamation ceremonies they conducted through many stages concluded the providence of restoration. Most importantly, they accomplished God's liberation.

These proclamation ceremonies, which unfolded step by step and were preceded by True Parents' investment of heart and effort, focused on concluding the providence of restoration and liberating God: Ceremony of Total Liberation (May 1, 1975, Cheongpyeong Training Center), Unification Ceremony (January 31, 1976, Cheongpa-dong), Ceremony to Proclaim the Unity and Liberation of the Moon Tribe and the World Tribe (November 2, 1978, Cheongpyeong Training Center), Spirit World and Physical World Unification Ceremony (February 22, 1982, East Garden), Proclamation of the Day of Opening the Gate to Heaven (February 1, 1985, Danbury Prison), Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World (October 3, 1988, Il Hwa Yongin Factory), Proclamation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (February 27, 1990, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Liberated Realm of the Spirit World (November 17, 1990, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of Chil Il Jeol (7-1 Day), the Day of God's Eternal Blessing (July 1, 1991, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Unification of the Cosmos (October 26, 1992, Kodiak, Alaska), Proclamation of Complete Liberation for the Cosmic Expansion of the Marriage Blessing and the Rooting Out of Satan's Lineage (January 8, 1999, Punta del Este, Uruguay), Proclamation of the Liberation of the Cosmos (May 14, 1999, Pantanal, Brazil), The Total Liberation Chuseok (September 12, 2000, East Garden), Ceremony for the Unification and Liberation of the Spirit World (October 14, 2000, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Proclamation of the Abolition of Paradise and Hell and Registration in the Kingdom of Heaven (December 3, 2000, Punta del Este, Uruguay), Proclamation of the Total Unity of the Spirit World and the Physical World (March 1, 2002, Kona, Hawaii), Ceremony for Dissolving God's 6,000-Year History of Bitter Sorrow (April 4, 2002, East Garden and Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Proclamation of the Realm of Unity and Secure Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth (June 11, 2002, Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center), Holy Burning Ceremony for the Peace, Unity and Liberation of Heaven and Earth (October 18, 2002, Hannam-dong house), Ceremony for Total Unity (December 21, 2003, Hannam-dong house), Proclamation of the Foundation Day of the Unified Nation for the Liberation of the Cosmos (October 3, 2004, Central Training Center, Guri), and The Chuseok for the Liberation of Heaven and Earth (September 18, 2005, East Garden).

After the Proclamation of the Day of God's Eternal Blessing on July 1, 1991 (Chil Il Jeol), the course leading up to accomplishing oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in harmony with God was truly a pilgrimage through blood, sweat and tears.

The proclamations in this section should be viewed in the context of other significant cosmic-level events in the providence. Thus, two days after True Parents conducted the first Blessing ceremony for spirit persons at the International Marriage Blessing of 40 Million Couples on November 29, 1997, they proclaimed the Opening of the Gate to the Marriage Blessing in the Spirit World (December 1).

On May 15, 1998, they proclaimed the Liberation of Hell and the Opening of the Gate to the Kingdom of Heaven. On June 2, 1998, they said we must perfect a system to teach the Divine Principle to the spirit world. On June 13, 1998, they proclaimed the Unified Spiritual and Physical World Blessing Ceremony and held the first phase of the International Marriage Blessing of 360 Million Couples, including among them the greatest saints and most dreadful evildoers.

By means of these pronouncements and instructions, they began liberation ceremonies for ancestors on February 12, 1999, proclaimed the Day of Satan's Natural Surrender on March 21, and held the Ceremony to Proclaim the Liberation of the Cosmos on May 14.

By proclaiming Gu Gu Jeol (9-9 Day) on September 9, 1999, which signified the cosmic liberation and unification of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents demolished the walls between the earthly and heavenly worlds that had been blocked as a result of Satan's influence. The next morning, September 10, at 10:10, True Parents dedicated the numbers from 1 to 10 to Heaven through the Sam Shib Jeol (3-10 Day). They declared that this completely cleared up and restored through indemnity the ages of the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament. On October 23, 1999, True Parents proclaimed the Day of the Blessing and Liberation of All Heaven and Earth, and on October 24, the arrival of the Age of the Authority of the Fourth Adam. From the position of the perfected Adam who achieved one body with God, on November 7, they dedicated the Cheongpyeong Training Center main hall as the Cheonseong Wanglim Palace. On December 12, 1999, ancestor liberation ceremonies began.

On June 29, 2000, True Parents proclaimed the Cosmic Restoration Ceremony. On that foundation, on January 13, 2001, they conducted the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. On September 12, 2005, they inaugurated the Universal Peace Federation on the foundation of having proclaimed the Liberation and Complete Freedom of the Angelic World on April 10, 2004 and the Era After the Coming of Heaven at Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il on May 5, 2004. On June 13, 2006, they conducted the Cheon Jeong Gung Palace Entrance Ceremony and Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth.

On this foundation, on April 3, 2007, True Parents embarked on a world speaking tour and proclaimed the Dawn of the New Civilization of Universal Peace. Then, on July 8, 2010, they proclaimed that they had accomplished complete oneness with God and realized the perfection of God as God's substantial object partners—this was at the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, Who as God's Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.

On the 3rd day of the 7th month by the heavenly calendar (August 2) in 2011, they announced the Accomplishment of the Ultimate Goal of Restoration, and on the 17 " and 18th day of the 11th month (December 11 and 12), the Day to Commemorate the Highest Victory of Cheon Il Guk, they officially announced to the world the completion and conclusion of God's providence of restoration.

1  If Jesus had gone to the Roman Senate and proclaimed, "I am the Messiah!" he would not have been persecuted. The Romans could not have opposed him. Had they done so, it would have become a worldwide issue, going beyond any opposition Rome could mount. If they had opposed him, they would have suffered punishment. Therefore, I had to make proclamations. If I did not make them while I climbed up, I could have plummeted down. This is why throughout my life I have always made proclamations. I seal my accomplishments. I must seal them so the water will not seep out. Because I proclaimed the Ceremony to Congratulate the Parents of Heaven and Earth on their Cosmic-Level Victory, no one could object when I proclaimed, "God is liberated!" I had earned the right to say that. I fulfilled the liberation of True Parents and the liberation of all people, opening the age of God's total authority. Hence, Satan has no authority to deny my proclamation. He cannot accuse me in front of God. My authority has nothing to do with the dominion of Satan, which is below the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. This is why I could proclaim that we were entering the age when God is all-transcendent and all-immanent, having all authority and all power. It was necessary that I proclaim it.

2  As True Parents, we must proclaim the age when God will have dominion by love. If we do not do that, we will not be able to recover what Satan has taken away. We must anchor these moments firmly so that God may reassert His dominion of love over the realm based on accomplishments through the Principle, which Satan has controlled. If we do not anchor them into the ground, we cannot bring about restoration. It is True Parents who are returning what the false parent Satan destroyed to the standard of the dominion of heaven's love. If we do not establish such days, we cannot stand where God can indemnify the false parents destruction. Because Adam and Eve fell through false love, centering on the love of True Parents I must proclaim that we have transitioned from the realm Satan dominates to the realm God dominates.

3  I must put up signs declaring God's victories in the course of providential history. I must proclaim them. In order for people to be able to differentiate between two countries, the location of the border has to be clear, and then the existence of that border has to be announced. In the same way, True Parents must come to the place where God and Satan are fighting and drive a boundary maker into the ground. Satan cannot remove that marker; nor can God. Based on this, we are leading a movement to expand our territory, with heavenly fortune mobilizing the spirit world and the religious realm on earth to prepare the environment. These efforts will bring about the transformation of the structures of history.

4  We, as True Parents, have made many proclamations. Once a proclamation is made, Satan cannot invade it. By making these proclamations, I have come to the center. I proclaimed that I have bound together heaven and earth. Even God could not do that. If God could have done it, He would have done it long ago. Because Adam could not fulfill his responsibility, True Father, who came as the perfected Adam, is fulfilling it. Once the name True Parents is affixed, no one will be able to remove it.

5  Satan cannot block what I, True Father, have proclaimed. He must acknowledge it as an authorized fact. Once I clearly proclaim something, a boundary is created that blocks Satan, and his world cannot infiltrate that boundary. God guarantees it. Hence, I have made many proclamations and because of them Satan is finished.

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