Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 320

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 11: Ecumenical Initiatives
Chapter 3: Uniting the Spiritual and Physical Worlds and Liberating the Spirit World
Section 1: The Spirit World and True Parents, Paragraph 24
Section 2: The Salvation and Liberation of the Spirit World, Paragraph 04

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24  Religions until now have developed through forming relationships in the physical world after the founder went to the spiritual world. However, the Unification Church has connected the world to God's Will while True Parents are alive. On this point, we are different. When Jesus and other religious founders entered the spirit world, spirit persons came to earth to cooperate with the followers, but we are different. True Parents are alive and are spreading the Will both through people who have already gone to the spirit world and through you. The Unification Church is able to attain its goal by having substantial people on earth who move the spirit world.

That is because of our father-son relationship with God. To establish a father-son relationship, we have to share our living environment and respond to each other. If we do not, we cannot relate as father and son, because the father-son relationship means living together in the realm of daily life, where we all have the same feeling and same environment.

You must pray to have such an intimate relationship in the realm of your daily life. Our church members who attend True Parents personally say that it is as if they are living in the kingdom of heaven. In reality, all of you should advance to this position. Currently, many Unification Church family members follow this way. To do so, they pray hard and offer sincere devotion.

25  Work without complaint and with a grateful mind. When you pray like this after returning home from work, surely True Parents will appear in your dreams to teach you. Your spiritual eyes will open. If you do that, what kinds of phenomena will occur? Because you will be eager to see True Parents, you will even forget to eat. Also, because you want to see them, the sound of their voices calling you from within your mind will be audible. It will manifest to the degree that you cannot eat or sleep. Your sincerity opens your spiritual eyes.

When you pass through that state of mind, True Parents will live together with you. Such phenomena are occurring. At that time, you do not need to envy anyone, not even millionaires and billionaires. This is real. This is why I am teaching 365 days a year. I do this work because I understand these things. I understand everything, even inferring what kind of person I will meet tomorrow, and preparing for that. That kind of world exists.

Therefore, the world becomes like that, not only by your hoping for it but more importantly by your investing your sincerity. You have to invest your sincerity for that world as True Parents have done. You should invest your sincere devotion earnestly. Everything you invest will bear fruit in your life.

26  Love is eternal. Because love is eternal, the teaching that those who possess God's love have eternal life is a logical and natural conclusion. Since God is eternal, those who form an eternal first love will live eternally with God. If Adam and Eve live eternally, their sons and daughters will attach to the root of eternal love and also will live eternally. This is logical, and the Unification Church invests this power in you.

The closer you get to the root, the more you earnestly think of True Parents and the more you will be taught by the spirit world. Even if we live separately from one another, at opposite ends of the world, if you long for us to the extent that you cannot sleep and forget to eat, we will communicate with you through the spirit world. You will see everything we are doing.

27  You must truly long for True Parents. If you do, you will be able to meet us in dreams and through revelations. Such phenomena have never before taken place in the world. True Parents are directing the environment beyond time and space. How is that happening? We are doing so with the help of God. Among all antennae, God's antenna is the highest. A high antenna can beam a signal to anywhere in the world.

God informs you through the spirit world. God teaches missionaries thoroughly. Without exception, God teaches amid persecution. If someone comes to persecute you, God will teach you how to answer. A person who has had such experiences, even while dying, cannot conceive that God does not exist. A person who has experienced that within the substantial realm can live together with God to his or her very core.

Section 2. The Salvation and Liberation of the Spirit World

The gates to the kingdom of heaven

True Parents came to earth to sever the false lineage of fallen humankind. They brought victory in all stages of the providence of restoration. They removed the boundaries that blocked the connections between earth and the spirit world, and they prepared a highway that reaches from the earthly world to the heavenly world. Because of that, True Parents said that if we love them and come to love humankind even more than we love True Parents, we will be able to travel the direct path that reaches from earth to heaven. True Parents arrived safely in the original central position where they can realize God's ideal of creation. They have opened wide the gate of the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

1  God has not been able to work directly in the spirit world. Instead, God motivated angels, saints and good ancestors to perform His work. If He could have worked directly, the Fall would never have happened. True Parents are the ones who are building the bridge that allows God to be able to work directly. True Parents came to earth and are solving completely the reality of false parents. God comes down to earth on the foundation of this purification from the individual level to the cosmic level, and He is conducting His activity centering on that completed foundation.

2  At the Second Advent, the one who is coming is the perfected Adam. Provided Eve becomes absolutely one centering on the perfected Adam, she will become a perfected Eve. Mother has come and she is doing the spiritual work of indemnity to fulfill that task herself. True Parents completed the creation of Adam and Eve on the world level, so, with all men standing in the man's position and all women standing in the woman's position, we are entering the age of the ideal family in which they are equal, centering on love. Everything that blocked heaven and earth and east and west has been removed, and we have returned to the innate, original standard. Now there is only one path you must take. You have only one way to enter the kingdom of heaven; it is following True Parents. Satan surrendered, and all obstacles of Satan's world have disappeared. After you become one and move the nation, the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven will be achieved by your unity with True Parents in front of God.

3  Adam and Eve are the only son and only daughter representing countless generations in front of God. Even in our society, at the death of an only son who had come after six previous generations of only sons, the Korean government sends a gift to console the bereaved family. However, until now has anyone consoled God, who lost His only son and daughter in all eternity? Only I am comforting God, who bears the sorrow of the Fall, while He says, "Please follow me. Please follow the path I am taking." After pioneering that path, you must break down the gates of hell and open the gates to heaven. You must make it so that God can come and go at His discretion. You must completely break down the walls of hell, that place of bitter sorrow. You must liberate God. I completely destroyed the blockage of hell that has barred the way between the heavenly world and the earthly world. Now you have to build an expressway. Establish the standards for this, not only on earth but also in the spirit world. There must be standards set for the family, tribe, people, nation and entire cosmos. That will come about by men and women creating families.

4  Because the grace of the Blessing has reached from top to bottom, all the way down to earth, we are connecting to the age of the spirit world Blessing. Provided we make that heaven-to-earth connection, restoration will be possible. Until now, after a loving husband and wife finished life on earth, they became separated when they went to the spirit world. Each entered the spirit world according to his or her individual standard.

After going to the spirit world, when they pressed a video button, everything about how they lived on earth was revealed. Everything was recorded. An angel would take them to the place that corresponded to their spiritual standard. If ten members in a family had different spiritual standards, they had to separate. They could not meet each other.

Now they have been liberated from that. The ones in the spirit world who once loved each other on earth can now receive the Blessing. We have given the Blessing to spirit persons. The gate has been opened and, because of that, the liberation of hell is possible. Thus we have established the standard whereby we can say we have completed the foothold of the kingdom of heaven by creating a one-way path to the kingdom of heaven, the innate, original, unfallen world.

So we are digging up all the individuals and families that were divided on earth and weaving them together globally. After the realm of unification in the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven was accomplished by means of fitting all of them together at one time, the age has arrived when God can be liberated.

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